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  1. Jaak Kõivistik

    Swivelling Towbar Problem

    Now is my turn to ask help from here- i got one towbar to fix what has el. motor burning damage and thus im looking for working electrical motor for towbar. As i can see that some guys replaced entire towbar with used-ones so hopefully they are ready to sell parts from broken towbar or entire broken towbar to me. Please send PM to me if you want to sell it.
  2. good day Jaak


    im in need of your 3d printed part for the bmw X3 electronic towbar. Actually i need 3. Can you assist.


    email h.broderick1@gmail.com

    shipping to south africa





  3. Hi, do you have for sale parts needed to repair an electrical towbar for an bmw f10???

    How can i bay?

    Can you also help me with the steps to follow on how to disassembly the towbar?

    Thank you in advance

    Best regards

  4. hi Jaak, thanks for all the good information regarding towbar hook problem, I now have similar issues and I dismantling to check gears. If it turns out to be broken, I can order a new one from you.


    BR. Tom K 

    1. Jaak Kõivistik

      Jaak Kõivistik


      Yes i can provide neccessary part.

    2. Tom Kristian Hvaal

      Tom Kristian Hvaal

      hi, that's great, I'll contact you as soon as I've dismantled and seen what's wrong. thanks



  5. Hi there, My electronic tow hitch had stopped working, I was told I can buy the gears from you? can you help me? I live in South Africa


    Kind regards

    George Merricks

    +27 82 859 9303

  6. Jaak Kõivistik

    Electric swivelling towbar problem

    When light is green then it means everything is OK :) Unplug the adapter from socket and then it should start to fold back, if not then micro switch inside the socket is stuck, plug in adapter and and then remove it again and press the button.
  7. Jaak Kõivistik

    Swivelling Towbar Problem

    I was asking from Westfalia these gears and the answer was that this is against the agreement with BMW and they wont sell these (even if they could) and i think this is part of strategy that weak link should broke down and due that BMW could generate few thousand per each hitch.
  8. Jaak Kõivistik

    Swivelling Towbar Problem

    86€ with postage fee
  9. Hello Jaak,


    hope you can help me too. Like the other member hooker59 I would like to have such a car part for the electrical Trailer Hitch in the BMW E 61 which has broken on my car.


    I also tried to purchase it from the manufacturer Westfalia to get this part. They wouldn't produce it anymore I was told.

    I read you make this gear from  varoius materials and so want to ask that i can by / order 1 or 2 peaces.


    From Aliminium would be the best. I would pay over Paypal. or something else.

    Please ccould you tell me if it's possible?


  10. Hallo Jaak,


    i mean this one - pleas look at the JPG File. I hope of a positive Message from you. Payment is no Problem-need only Contact Addy from you. It would be really great if you could help me with that.


    Thanks a lot





  11. Hallo Jaak,


    i hope you can or you want help me. You know about the Situation of the little gear for the electrical Trailer Hitch in the BMW E 61 car which ist often broken. I run all the ways, and alos to the producer Westfalia  to get this littel Part. All Instances are blocking. I read you make this gear in Aluminium and so want to ask that i can by / order 1 or 2 peaces. I woul pay over Paypal.


    Please wood you give me a Feedback if its possible?


    Thanks a lot



  12. Jaak Kõivistik

    Swivelling Towbar Problem

    What can is say- i wish i could have same possibilities back then when my car towbar was broken (Y).
  13. Hi Jaak


    After reading the threads, I think I have a broken gear problem on my 2009 E91 with a factory electric folding towbar. Before I get someone to remove the gearbox and check, you might be able to confirm whether the parts you manufacture fit my car?


    Thanks in advance.



    1. hooker59


      Hello Jaak,

      through a research on how to repair the gearbox of an electric towbar from a BMW E 61, I came across your address. Is it still possible for you to get the gear which breaks from the original manufacturer (Westfalia)? I have not opened the gear yet because I want to know beforehand if you can still get the gear or gear set from you. I would bye the gear from you on easy way if i can have a Contactadress / eMail Addy.

      Thank you for a feedback from you


  14. Jaak Kõivistik

    Swivelling Towbar Problem

    Yes, sure- PM to me.
  15. Hi Jaak.  I too need one of these gears like Boban. I have a 2009 530d E61 with a stripped plastic gear, as the photo. Would it be 86GBP to post to the UK? Either brass or SS whichever you would recommend.   Kind regards   Ray