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  1. Chris Margetts

    G31 540i and Winter Wheels/Tyres

    I have a 540 and went with 2nd hand 664s 19s. Had them painted metallic grey as they were badly corroded. Winters were pricey for staggered rears. 300 odd. Okay for fronts. All in all id say cost me 1500 for the lot. Do like them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Chris Margetts

    F10 - opgrade brakes, to...?

    Well it came with the 530d power kit. So don’t see why you couldn’t order it... http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=XB52-EUR-03-2013-F11-BMW-530d&diagId=34_2129 I think thats the one i had. Dunno whether you can just buy the calipers direct or they limit you to the power kit. http://www.matlawrence.com/images/bmw/powerkit.pdf Listed here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Chris Margetts

    F10 - opgrade brakes, to...?

    I had the power kit fitted on my old 530d. Check realoem for the powerkit. That had bigger calipers and disks in the kit. Big upgrade and worthwhile. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Chris Margetts

    First wash

    Looking good!
  5. Chris Margetts

    Winter Tyres - PDC Failure

    Well I can confirm you can just fit the new wheels and the car will pick up the sensors... My particular problem was that they forgot to put the sensors in the wheels when they refurbed the alloys They took them back, stuck in the valves and chucked them on the car, everything perfect. Phew.
  6. Chris Margetts

    Winter Tyres - PDC Failure

    Hi. Yep did all that. Thinking one or more sensors are broken....
  7. Chris Margetts

    Winter Tyres - PDC Failure

    Hi, Hoping for knowledge on here before I have to go to the Dealer. Had some 2nd hand 19s 664Ms that were in pretty bad nick, allegedly the tyre pressure sensor was working when they were took off a G30. Got the wheels refurbed and then winter tyres put on them (run flat pirellis). Stuck them on the car today, on resetting the tyre settings it got to 19% and then paused for a good 10 mins and then threw up a PDC failure. I'm guessing the sensors in the wheels are either faulty, broken or whatever - they've been refurbed and new tyres so could have happened anywhere. OR I have to do something else to tell the car I have a new set of wheels? The wheels haven't probably been used in about 4 months against a car... (been sitting in my garage whilst I saved up the cash for the tyres and refurb). Read a few posts indicating that the system is self learning and should just detect the car - is this right? Do the wheels have to be coded to the car? Thanks (and apologies if answer elsewhere I did look...) Chris.
  8. Chris Margetts

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    yeh pretty good. Both channels go to the same image file which took me a while to figure out. Dealer never gave me the manual but I found it on the web. Ah sure as you know, BMW knows how to charge!
  9. Chris Margetts

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    I've the BMW Advanced eye 2. Works well enough and looks OEM. Pricey however - I think mine was 450 fully fitted. You get front and back to a 32gb card. Has parking modes and crash sensors probably like all of them.
  10. Chris Margetts

    Specification Advice

    I have poplar wood and it goes well with dark car and ivory seats. Random shot included.
  11. Chris Margetts

    Real world mpg and range

    I get 30.5 in 540 g31 on 20s. Do eco pro most of the time and generally stick to 60-80 regardless of road hardly do any town driving if none at all. Was hoping for mid 30s but only have 3k on it so may improve. 90 euros to fill up at the mo. Ow!
  12. Chris Margetts

    Joining the G31 Crowd

    yeh agree.. its all about risk. Travel 100 miles to work, would rather be equiped in winter tyres in terrible weather than not. Misses chuggs around town barely getting above 40 in any weather, so we don't bother with winters in her car.
  13. Chris Margetts

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Mine gets the full works every 3 weeksish. Snow foam, 2BW, the lot. Wax every 6 months or so (although I tried Auto Finesse Power shell with my rotary and it seems to be going okay so far). I would love to do more but life gets in the way. I would much prefer for it to stay dirty than let someone hand wash it with water they have used for 30 other cars - ala most of the car washes round my way. Inside gets done weekly in both cars.
  14. Chris Margetts

    Connected Drive update

    Quite - used it once since I got the new car just to see what I could do... since then nada.
  15. Chris Margetts

    Off work, sponge out!

    Looking good