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  1. OzM535i


  2. OzM535i


    Quote on Alpina badges if still available p/n- 5100048 rear badge p/n- 5100047 front badge
  3. OzM535i

    E34 extended leather

    Bump still looking
  4. OzM535i

    E34 extended leather

    Yes sorry I’ve got complete centre consoles need door cards, handles, dash etc
  5. OzM535i

    E34 extended leather

    Looking for any parts related to extended leather please pm me with what’s available
  6. OzM535i

    Identifying gearbox

    In that case I think I have the g260/5, the engine will be using motronic 1.3 and going in a e30. I'm getting the m5 clutch cheaper than the m30 so thought it made sense just wanted to confirm it will fit in the g260/5 as some of the reading I have done suggests it won't
  7. OzM535i

    Identifying gearbox

    I have a m30 gearbox which is a getrag 260, part number on the gearbox is 2600105091. Would anyone know any info on this box? i want to use a m5 clutch with this box but have heard the clutch wont work with a 260/5 and im not sure whether this box is a 260/5 or 6 the box has holes for the two reference sensors and has a waffle pattern on the casing.
  8. OzM535i

    Fuel issue

    Is it getting spark? just a thought but what about the two sensors in the bellhousing
  9. OzM535i

    New e28 owner need help

    I have ordered up a new temp sensor, the idle sensor is that the idle control valve? ive been reading online about a temperature time switch so will check this today also i believe i have a intank transfer pump which doesnt seem to be working as i cant hear any audible sound from it will check sensors first before i decide to fork out for the transfer pump
  10. OzM535i

    New e28 owner need help

    Hi guys thanks for the help, i tackled this today and the passenger side mechanism was completely seized so i have ordered up some new parts but i now have a separate issue with the car. The car starts up fine when first started but once warm it cuts out like the key has been turned off, ignition lights stay on ive changed the dizzy cap and rotor, plugs, tried working coil from e30, jumped the dme and fuel relays but it still does this im stumped i am leaning towards the reference/speed sensor could these have an intermittent fault occur? I've cleaned up the earth points but i read about an earth strap on the rear of the head i couldnt see one i may just be blind but does someone have a picture they can upload
  11. OzM535i

    e28 parts

    Hi quote for the following please- Holder: 35211151288 x1 Lever: 35211154814 x1 Bush bearing: 35211154813 x2 Rubber boot: 13541272472 x1 vent hose: 11151276485 x1 Hose: 13711261370 x1
  12. OzM535i

    New e28 owner need help

    Is there a specific make to go for? just called gsf and they have febi bilstein is this ok
  13. OzM535i

    New e28 owner need help

    Thanks Duncan i have been searching the forum and came across a few threads regarding the "Brake Bomb", i will give the linkage a try but if it fails is there somewhere elsewhere besides the dealers to source the brake bomb i.e the likes of gsf,ecp etc?
  14. OzM535i

    New e28 owner need help

    is it a hard job replacing the mechanism? would you have the part numbers cant find them on realoem
  15. OzM535i

    New e28 owner need help

    Hi im new to the e28 and have just bought a m535i, the car has been parked up for the best part of 6yrs. The problem i have is the brake pedal is very stiff(no brakes at all) the pedal has very little travel and when depressed there is a bar going across the bulkhead that flexes really badly, it seems to be seized on the passenger side but i cant really see where its connected there. Just wondering if this is a common problem and if there is a diy fix? Thanks in advance Oz.