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  1. OzM535i

    Parts quote please

    02 Self-locking hex nut M6 4 07147153450 03 Rubber washer 4 51121886299 04 Clamp 4 51711922599 05 Washer-gasket 4 51711916637 06 Foil left M TECHNIC 1 51712231667 06 Foil right M TECHNIC 1 51712231668 07 Gasket left M TECHNIC 1 51712232389 07 Gasket right M TECHNIC 1 51712232390 03 Hook SCHWARZ 2 51161946206 04 Cover SCHWARZ 2 51161964319 05 Hook SCHWARZ 4 51161973901 06 Cover SCHWARZ 4 51161973905 09 Support 2 51421969335 11 Support left 1 51161978155 11 Support right 1 51161978156 10 Letter "M" rear 1 51141946169 Letter "M" front 1 72601312802 Illuminated leather shifting knob M-SPORT/6-GANG 1 05/1994 25112227662 Hello could i please get a quote on the following thankyou Osman.
  2. OzM535i

    Tool kit

    Quote for the following if still available- 71 11 1 115 329 thanks Oz.
  3. OzM535i

    E34 part

    E34 petrol flap hinge believe this is the part number 51171928197 thanks Osman.
  4. OzM535i

    E34 bbs alloys

    Looking for a set of e34 bbs wheels with or without tyres can collect in or around London or posted thanks Oz.
  5. OzM535i

    E34 x4 bbs style 5 15” with tyres £100

    I’ll take these can you send me payment details
  6. OzM535i

    S38 valve tool

    Hi could I get a quote for the following- bmw s38 valve adjustment tool 83300490495
  7. OzM535i


  8. OzM535i


    Quote on Alpina badges if still available p/n- 5100048 rear badge p/n- 5100047 front badge
  9. OzM535i

    E34 extended leather

    Bump still looking
  10. OzM535i

    E34 extended leather

    Yes sorry I’ve got complete centre consoles need door cards, handles, dash etc
  11. OzM535i

    E34 extended leather

    Looking for any parts related to extended leather please pm me with what’s available
  12. OzM535i

    Identifying gearbox

    In that case I think I have the g260/5, the engine will be using motronic 1.3 and going in a e30. I'm getting the m5 clutch cheaper than the m30 so thought it made sense just wanted to confirm it will fit in the g260/5 as some of the reading I have done suggests it won't
  13. OzM535i

    Identifying gearbox

    I have a m30 gearbox which is a getrag 260, part number on the gearbox is 2600105091. Would anyone know any info on this box? i want to use a m5 clutch with this box but have heard the clutch wont work with a 260/5 and im not sure whether this box is a 260/5 or 6 the box has holes for the two reference sensors and has a waffle pattern on the casing.
  14. OzM535i

    Fuel issue

    Is it getting spark? just a thought but what about the two sensors in the bellhousing