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  1. Mr GTiR

    E60 Winters 17"

    I'll have a set once I sell my 530d M Sport - the car is being sold with the its 19" Spiders.
  2. Mr GTiR

    New member here! 530d auto msport

    You have two bulbs per head light. The inner light is your xenon and the outer ring is a normal light/bulb.
  3. Mr GTiR

    Too soon to fit winter tyres?

    Im waiting till Nov before putting mine back on.
  4. Mr GTiR

    Curry Hook

  5. Mr GTiR

    Best fuel to use

    Shell V Power for both my cars.
  6. Mr GTiR

    Rear puddle lights

    Anyone fitted rear puddle lights where the car did not have them as standard? Is the wiring already in the rear doors or does new wiring need to be fitted?
  7. A daft question but what's the difference between the two in a LCi 5 series?
  8. Mr GTiR


    OP - nothing with that overtake, spot on. Yep same here.
  9. It works off the ABS sensor. Once the computer has been reset, it knows the rolling radius of your tyre. If it goes down then the rolling radius changes and this will trigger the alarm. This is how I understand it to work. Best thing to do is check and set your tyre pressures as recommended by BMW (see the inside of your B pillar) and reset your computer. If it goes down again then you have a problem. Check which tyre has gone down and go from there. I had this problem with mine when I first got it. The previous owner had a puncture repair and over time the "plug" or repair come loose and was letting my tyre down very very slowly. This drove me nuts until I worked out what was the problem. I had the tyre on and off a few times, pressure tested, the full works until we noticed the "doggy" repair.
  10. Mr GTiR

    lighted door handles on E60

    + 1 Also, did anyone find end caps with built in lights for a E60??
  11. Mr GTiR


    Won't be free till Mid Aug now
  12. Mr GTiR


    Sorry can't do 21st as its Fathers Day and my boys will have something planned for me.
  13. Mr GTiR


    Top man, cheers for the clarification
  14. Mr GTiR


    Thanks for the reply but i'm getting confused. While doing a search on here I got the part number 65412160344. Which part is correct or is there different versions depending on model and/or year of manufacture?