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  1. Tomrx7

    Aircon kmv shut off valve

    are there differences in compressor variation numbers, according to real oem mine is 64526917859 but looking about there are 03 04 05 numbers at the end of the part number do these make a difference, the first picture is from a 2004 and the second a 2006
  2. Tomrx7

    Aircon kmv shut off valve

    may just buy a secondhand compressor can get 1 from the bay for about £50, if I buy the selonoid for £58 and pay the labour to fit it I may find the compressor still doesn’t work and have to pay again so might be a better option to get a working second one
  3. Tomrx7

    Aircon kmv shut off valve

    so is this the likely culprit that needs replaced
  4. Tomrx7

    Aircon kmv shut off valve

    Well got it regassed no difference still comes up with that fault code it did come up with the pressure sensor code but that went away after deleting the codes but the kmv one came back, wondering if it’s many the control valve in the compressor
  5. Tomrx7

    Aircon kmv shut off valve

    Hi, That I don’t know, would like to know what the code refers to first before paying for a regas then having to empty the system if some valve needs change, is there a gauge or some sort of indicator in the system that shows the gas level
  6. I’m stumped with this one can’t find a thing on google carly code 009c7c kmv shutoff valve hope someone knows this aircon code, my aircon isn’t cold and I hear the heater vents adjust when you press the aircon button
  7. Tomrx7

    '05 525d No Power

    I would do a couple of force regens first to see how that goes then as someone mentioned before look for the reason it’s not regening itself , you could pay someone to clean it but if the existing problem remains you end up in the same situation again
  8. Tomrx7

    '05 525d No Power

    If you have paid the extra for dpf in Carly then yes you can it worked for me in the past on a previous e61
  9. Tomrx7

    E39 535 has issues when warm

    you really need to get codes read it can be umpteen things from a sensor going bad to idle control valve stuck to a problem with the gearbox you,l be peeing against the wind otherwise
  10. Tomrx7

    '05 525d No Power

    on Carly if you go into settings and turn on additional obd it will read bit more if you haven't already done so
  11. eicher discs and pads!!!!!! you would be better off using your ladies dishwashing sponges as pads and Frey bentos tin lids as discs put a full set on my 530i lasted 2 weeks and were causing judder fortunately ecp took them back and swapped them for brembos, no issues with them
  12. Tomrx7

    Bluetooth fault and others

    No it doesn’t hence why it’s greyed out Ecu not present, wish it did tho I have ordered a most bypass aswell to be on the safe side
  13. Tomrx7

    Bluetooth fault and others

    no I didn’t radio etc seems to work fine these are the only codes I have
  14. Tomrx7

    Bluetooth fault and others

    Cheers kind of suspected that, I have removed the mulf today and it doesn’t seem to have an affect on anything else it not being there, just trying to work out if the can id2 fault code is related,
  15. Hi folks Got a kmv shut off valve error code 009c7c when I clear it it stays away till the air con button is pressed, the air con doesn’t blow cold and not sure if it’s empty or not is this possibles new compressor time or is the valve repairable