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  1. Turniphead

    M52 528i expansion tank

    Well my fix didn't work. Old tank had swollen with the mating surface so new tank was too loose to fit. A terrible design BTW. So I need a new radia.... oh hang on. 115 000 on the clock. ...I recognise this time in an e39s life. Yep, a complete new cooling system. I'm off the road for a couple of days, 'til my parts arive.
  2. Turniphead

    M52 528i expansion tank

    Doing mine today. Same leak from same place. Must be that o ring. New tank just arrived and yes I had the same trouble getting the correct tank. Thanks for your post. There's very little on how to remove this type of tank.
  3. Turniphead

    Second hand tools

    On the subject of tools - I've just bought one of those yellow-with red LED-airbag reader/resetter tools from ebay. Bargain at £15. They were £40 not long ago and come complete with the big round underbonnet plug adaptor. They work very well too, I can coirm.
  4. Turniphead

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took it for MOT. Passed with one advisory (tyre - bought on way back from MOT station). Don't ya just love it when that happens.
  5. Turniphead

    Best Brake Pads from Euro...

    I have Eicher discs and pads on the front of my 528i. Much the same as oem quality. 7 months now. Bedded in nicely, good, minimal, wear and great stopping power. Have tested them from high speed downhill stops - no fade. Last set - mintex - nearly killed me there. You do get a small sache of grease with pads but not enough. Buy spare copperslip grease. If worried about possibility of brake squeel then chamfer leading edge (of any brand) of pad.
  6. Turniphead

    Chime going off when braking?

    Could have air (or contaminates) in the system which, under braking, compresses and looks to the sensor like a low fluid level. Otherwise, I'm out of suggestions.
  7. Turniphead

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Readied mine for mot. I have a new found admiration for my 18 year old 528i. Performed faultlessly on our hols to Devon. Was shocked to see 40mpg on the motorway. Normally see 27mpg on a mainly motorway commute of 30 miles round trip. The economy obviously comes when the engine reaches optimum temp. Just shocked to see by how much! Also - before I forget - those yellow ebay airbag reader/reset tools have dropped to £15! A bargain considering they have the under bonnet adaptor thrown in. Work well too.
  8. Comma is pretty decent stuff. A lot of motor factors swear by it.
  9. Turniphead

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Gave my 528i a look over today, general maintenance, etc. Getting ready for my holiday - a 300+ mile drive to Devon. 18 years old (the car - I'm just a tad older) and still trustworthy enough for the journey.
  10. Turniphead

    Lost internal indicators/hazards and external reverse lights

    LCM is behind the plastic trim to the right of the drivers footwell where it meets the door.
  11. Turniphead

    What ' Don't' you like about your E39

    Though rust is mostly absent, if Audi can galvanize their cars then so could BMW. The climate control buttons are out of a lucky bag and the cup holders are only strong enough to hold empty paper cups. The wash/wipe tubing is made from sugar glass and why have a Light Control Module at all? Too many 'modules' where a switch would do. Simple is efficient. The passenger detector for the airbag is made from spaghetti mesh and the original water pump is from a chinese washing machine. The dashboard LED pixels only do Russian morse code. ...Great cars though.
  12. Turniphead

    disc and pad options

    Update on cheap £47 Eicher discs and pads. After 4 months I have no issues whatsoever. Nicely bedded in, no squeeks, much like oem performance. Drove a friends 528i with oem brakes and couldn't tell them apart. No fade or anything to worry about. Normal amounts of brake pad dust. Can easily set abs pulsing in emergency stops. At 5000 miles hardly any wear to pads. Discs nice and evenly bright. Impressive for their cost.
  13. Turniphead

    Right main-beam stuck on - fixed

    Update - still working fine. I think I can call this fixed! £2 fix (if you just buy 1 mosfet) for what BMW charge £500 for!
  14. Turniphead

    Windscreen washer fixed e39

    Just another update. The standard clear Halfords tubing becomes softer with engine heat and comes off the connectors to the jets. Need to be shoved on as far as possible whilst still pliable to prevent this. Small zip ties may help.
  15. Turniphead

    Installed new ccfl angel eye rings

    Wow! They do look good. Looks like the car was made with them fitted as standard. Very tasteful indeed.