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  1. Mo_1986

    Headlight options for pre LCI Halogen E60?

    Change to lci halogens, cheaper than the xenons but still has the projector ball.
  2. I did once run 35 tyres on the rear but it jacked the car up quite a bit and the speedo went out slightly.
  3. Not the greatest pictures but the car is now about 7mm lower at the front and rear 5mm. The ride is still very comfortable at low speeds but when you put your foot down, in the corners theres hardly any roll. Well impressed with the h&r's.
  4. Mo_1986

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Finally getting the evo back up and running after 2 years
  5. Mo_1986

    e60 LCI - Retrimmed Sport Steering Wheel

    I've got a normal sport steering wheel on my 535d, how much would you like for the swap?
  6. Mo_1986

    e60 LCI - Retrimmed Sport Steering Wheel

    Hi, Have you swapped this out?
  7. A mate of mine has sachs shocks and hr springs on a 530d and the ride is superb. Plus I've already ordered the sachs stuff
  8. Yep based in Surrey, JD Motorsport ltd.
  9. Thanks, I'll stay well clear of autodoc, didn't realise they were that bad. I've found a seller on ebay for front and rear shocks with the correct part numbers so fingers crossed thats all good.
  10. Im gonna go with sachs, i've found them on autodoc and found the ones (with m technology). Don't know why the other ones come up anyway with my reg, I'll get some front and rear top mounts too. Thanks for your help.
  11. Ill definitely change the top mounts and any other bushes that don't look good. Have done the front control arms etc already. Looked at koni shocks and they're like £130ish per corner, so I'm not going for that, are there any other good quality ones to go for? Also the h and r say 35mm but thats for se on my msport it'll drop like 5mm which is good enough for me.
  12. I think h & r are 35mm so should be ok. While changing the shocks and springs is there anything else you'd recommend to change?
  13. Reviving an old thread. Where did you buy the koni shocks from and can you use lowering springs? Im looking for shocks for my E60 535d m sport but theres so many different ones and which is right for my car Springs I've decided to go h&r as they are brilliant and don't sit too low.
  14. Mo_1986

    530d vacuum pump replacement

    Did you diagnose the leak just from the ticking noise as i seem to have similar issue. Also how much was the part?
  15. Mo_1986

    Intercool charge pipe

    Hi. Its on pretty normal, don't think it's possible to over tightening it, my car is a remapped 535d.
  16. Mo_1986

    Intercool charge pipe

    Hi, Old thread, when connecting the pipe to the top, what connector would you use. Twice in the last 4 years the connecting plastic clip has cracked but the hose is fine.
  17. Sorry I didn't map this myself, a friend who is a xhp dealer did this for me. He did say he'll try and transfer the pack over to me so I can have a play.
  18. I've gone with stage 3 on my pre lci and after 100 miles it seems really good. D is smooth and changes gear slightly earlier, more responsive when accelating and drops gear quicker. S is faster and still smooth, I've not edited anything torque wise and only added gear display. If my driving feel etc is fine, should i change torque limits or am i fine as i am for now?
  19. I'm gonna hopefully get this done tomorrow from someone local, will try the stage 3 first for 100 Miles or so, if it's too jerky in town driving ill go for just stage 2.
  20. I've heard it can be done on an iPhone now but i dont have all the cables etc, I'm thinking of just going to someone local. But unsure whether to go 2 or 3 plus my car is pre lci so would like the gear information when in D.
  21. How is stage 3? Would you say its too aggressive in town? Im not going to be installing it myself so i gotta make the right choice so i don't have to pay twice
  22. Has anyone done this on a pre lci e60? I'd like to know if I'll see what gear i'm in. Also what stage would people recommend, i have a pre 535d mapped. Mostly town driving so lots of stop start with some spirited driving.
  23. Mo_1986

    535d Rear Silencer Flap Operation

    I've removed mine from the backbox, the flap i believe closes when the car is doing a regen? Under the bonnet where does it disconnect from and did you just put a screw in it?