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  1. Just call them, all e60s have the battery recall I'm sure.
  2. Yep, they sent a letter a while ago that i ignored, then heard a few stories of cars catching fire so booked my car into my local. When i ordered parts from cotswolds off here even they mentioned the outstanding recall which was nice of them. Anyway they never tampered with any of my mapping coding etc just did the stage 3 work overnight and i drove a brand new 330i.
  3. Mo_1986

    Debating xHP flashfool gearbox tuning

    Is your car pre lci?
  4. There are none that match the bulbs made by baus I'm afraid.
  5. Mo_1986

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Its a 3 series Or was that for the e39s and f10s
  6. I wouldn't say it was a slow car off the line it is quick, 2L turbo 250bhp, but compared to my car it is a lot slower. The diesel torque pulls so much harder plus my car is remapped.
  7. Technology is great it was only a 2l turbo, my car feels lightening quick now.
  8. All sorted and gave this back.
  9. They're just sorting a 330i for me now.
  10. Just took my car and after 2 hours got a call to say they are keeping it for the full stage 3 treatment so parts are required.
  11. Nothing reset or anything right? Did they tell you what work they carried out?
  12. Are they not just putting some grease on like they have done with the others on yours?
  13. Did they do any software updates? I'm hoping they don't really do much with my car as I have loads coded wired etc I too also have the rubbish S216A Hydro Steeringservotronic
  14. Got mine booked in next week, said they can do it while I wait, no courtesy car