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  1. OfftheGrid

    Intravee Switch vs. KCA 410c

    Richard - thanks for the reply. I am a bit confused over the last sentence. Do you mean I would not need an "Intravee" Switch to connect to a tuner module? I expect it is possible I would have two 420i's and a Sat Radio but that is all. Would you advise the Intravee Switch in that scenario?
  2. OfftheGrid

    Bluetooth / ULF compatibility list?

    Gents: Here is a link to the BMW Compatibility Checker. I note that it is UK based so it may use European specs. Any ex-colonials may need to be aware of that. Also note that I bet it uses the spec. of the Bluetooth module installed at time of build. If you have updated the module you may need to cheat and put in a different platform/build date. http://www.bmw.co.uk/en_GB/topics/owners/mobile-devices/compatibility.html
  3. OfftheGrid

    Bluetooth / ULF compatibility list?

    And from the BMW Manual: "BluetoothTM Enabled Phones Ideally all phones that are BluetoothTM enabled should work with the ULF system, however not all phones utilize the same profiles and therefore may not be recognized by the ULF System. A list of recommended BluetoothTM enabled phones is available from your BMW Center." Available part numbers of the Bluetooth ULF from BMW 84 21 6 934 552 end of life 06/03 1st generation 84 21 6 938 610 end of life 10/03 2nd generation 84 21 6 934 961 end of life 03/04 3rd generation 84 21 6 950 089 end of life 06/04 4th generation 84 21 6 945 387 end of life 01/05 5th generation 84 10 6 955 522 end of life 10/05 6th generation 84 10 6 969 268 end of life 04/06 7th generation 84 21 6 958 358 end of life 05/06 8th generation 84 10 6 987 546 end of life 9/06 9th generation 84 10 6 980 130 end of life 11/06 10th generation 84 10 9 133 329 end of life 01/07 11th generation 84 10 9 145 007 end of life 05/07 12th generation 84 10 9 154 358 current production 13th generation Gents: I managed to find this - unfortunately it looks like a still from a piece of software but perhaps someone smarter than me can track the original source down: http://www.bimmernav.com/pdf/matrix.pdf
  4. OfftheGrid

    Bluetooth / ULF compatibility list?

    Hmmm....this could be a bummer. I rented a 3 series over Christmas and the Nokia synced fine - and this was overseas. (Also worked in a Dodge Charger in Atlanta). I'll need to see if I can work out what the part was in the 3. Dammit. Thought it was too easy.
  5. OfftheGrid

    Bluetooth / ULF compatibility list?

    Oh man, I was just about to order a Bimmernav retrofit. I have to use a Nokia Lumia 1020 for my work (dictate). The retrofit kit uses the 13th Generation ULF module part number: 84 10 9 154 358. Does anyone know if these will be able to communicate with each other?
  6. OfftheGrid

    Intravee Switch vs. KCA 410c

    Gents: First, thanks for keeping the Intravee threads alive! Second, I have a 7 series E38 2001, with Mk IV Nav. and widescreen. About to retrofit Bluetooth from Bimmernav. At the same time I install the Bluetooth I intend to install my Intravee II along with a brand new KCA 420i and a KCA410c. The 410c is so that I can add at least a satellite radio and possibly other future goodies. However, for some reason I never spotted the Intravee switch and I am very attracted by its small size due to how I intend to install. I managed to purchase a broken BMW CD player. I have gutted it, and will be putting the Intravee(s) and the KCA(s) inside with the Intravee serial cable inside the hinged lid. I'm doing this for aesthetics and I understand the Intravee knocks out the BMW CD player. Is that correct? (If anyone is interested I will post pictures - well I thought it was a cool idea.) What, if any, are the pluses and minuses between the Intravee Switch and the KCA410c as I do not mind changing horses midstream? (I also know I can sell my 410c for a profit!). Thanks OfftheGrid

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