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  1. @RegLocal Hmm... they do look alike, don’t they?

  2. RT @influxmag: How many wheels does a car have? https://t.co/CIzhuqFDIs https://t.co/5GhbOIvXeK

  3. @MttRbnsn I accept no responsibility for that.

  4. @darren_moss @Jim_Holder ????

  5. @m_plewes Who cares? I have.

  6. @jkbhesketh Is that a goat?

  7. @FernandoFleece One of these? Lift up the cover and take a look... https://t.co/0Ewt4DkIkV

  8. @evoAntony I have a similar pic from the Espace! Much fun was had ???? https://t.co/3rxY9praZ5

  9. @beardybaer Because it isn’t a wide load.

  10. Am I overdressed for a Wiener Schnitzel? https://t.co/SGtTx7dait

  11. Some lovely words (and a video) on a twin test I’m gutted to have missed out on. https://t.co/Gy9MLbg2fE

  12. @coreplugs @timpitt100 I don’t need core plugs.

  13. @timpitt100 Citrine yellow paint and a quartic steering wheel. It's everything I desire in a car.

  14. My garage rent is going up. Might have to sell the car. https://t.co/dDLwi2xZeK

  15. @Matt_Kimberley Ha! I was wondering if it's an Uber driver...