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  1. NWJW

    What is this relay for.....

    Thanks chaps, I thought I'd update this in case it's of help to anyone in the future but that relay is for the secondary air pump, upon inspection of the pump with a multimeter it was reading a dead short, the main fuse for pump (fuse #107 50A) in the hidden fuse box under the drivers seat had also blown but obviously not quickly enough hence the smoke and fire! Regarding the ABS and T/C lights remaining lit and the lack of engine starting I found that fuse #31 (10A) in the glovebox had also blown, this fuse (as you may have guessed!) is for the control signal to both the ABS and fuel pump relays, I assume the wiring on the secondary air pump relay shorting out caused it to blow. Some research has revealed that on the 540i the secondary air system can be removed entirely without triggering the engine warning light (but will still log a code) so I've tidied up and heatshrunk the damaged wiring and left the pump disconnected for the time being and the car seems to be running perfectly (touches wood!). Apparently the secondary air system is only there for emissions purposes to warm the cats up quicker when the engine is cold.
  2. ...and why has it decided to catch fire!? (I can't upload pictures straight onto here for some reason?) https://www.flickr.com/photos/150540716@N05/51136329214/ I started the car and within a minute the cab had completely filled with smoke which seemed to be coming from behind the dash, I quickly disconnected the battery and had a poke about but couldn't see anything obvious, I then reconnected the battery and had no more smoke but did notice that the abs and t/c lights are staying lit with the ignition switched on whereas they usually go off after a few seconds, I tried starting it and it turned over and coughed and spluttered but wouldn't fire as if it was out of petrol. I then remembered about the compartment underneath the n/s pollen filter and whipped the lid off to reveal the above and below; https://www.flickr.com/photos/150540716@N05/51136330824/in/dateposted-public/ So, does anyone know what this relay is actually for and why it has decided to self destruct? Thanks in advance. The car is a MY2000 540i by the way.
  3. NWJW

    E39 M5 2002 Gearbox/parts

    I can't help with any new parts but I do have an M5 gearbox here that I'm thinking of selling (and a used but good DMF and clutch!), I bought it with the intention of converting my car to manual but my plans have now changed. I was told that the gearbox was removed from a written off 2002 car that had covered 60,000 miles but I have no way of proving this unfortunately, however, the input and output shafts spin freely and smoothly and there is very little slop. Make me an offer if it's any good to you!
  4. NWJW

    What are Alpina doing to their wheels??

    What an awesome looking car. The Alpinas not bad either.....
  5. NWJW

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Good news on the oil leaks, or lack of! Also, the timing chain tensioner, I've had a few M62 engine'd e39's now and I've done it on it all of them as it's so cheap and easy to do, it made them all a lot quieter on start up. Oh, and be prepared for scary noises the first time you start it after changing the tensioner as it takes a few seconds for the new tensioner to pressurize with oil.
  6. NWJW

    £300 for spar plugs change E39 540i M62??

    If I've read that right that right then the garage wants to charge you £650 to change the rocker cover gaskets and sparks plugs? IMO, that's very, very expensive, it shouldn't take someone experienced with engines more than about three hours to do the work at what? £50 an hour? A set of rocker gaskets are about £35, spark plugs are £6-£7 each and if you allow about £20 for the little rubber washers on the rocker cover bolts that only comes to about £260 tops. Even allowing for the garage to add their mark up on the parts I wouldn't be happy paying much more than £300.
  7. NWJW

    BMW e60 m57 problem

    Did the mechanic check that the vanes in the turbo aren't stuck and/or sticking before fitting the new actuator? In my experience turbo actuators rarely fail of their own accord, the variable vanes within the turbo itself wear and/or get sooted up and jam, this puts extra strain on the actuator and it fails. You can check this easily by popping the actuator lever off and moving it back and forth through it's full travel, it should move with no resistance whatsoever, if it sticks at certain points or is stiff then there's a problem with the turbo vanes and fitting a new actuator won't cure the problem.
  8. NWJW

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    The valve cover gaskets are the main source of oil leaks on these engines, they leak for fun! Leaking lower sump gaskets are pretty common too but easy to sort, you could be unlucky and have a leak from the timing cover which is a bit more involved but I'd be very surprised if you have any H/G issues.
  9. NWJW

    2006 bmw 525d E60

    It could be a failed injector. Does the car smell of diesel at all? Or idle unevenly and/or misfire? Also, have you had the fault codes read?
  10. NWJW

    E39 Granada 530D

    There's a link to the build thread for the Granada in my post from a few years ago; https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/124430-m57-mk2-granada/ :)
  11. NWJW

    Brake discs.

    Also, I may be teaching you to suck eggs here but hit the disc around the hub rather than on the braking surface and it'll soon come off.
  12. NWJW

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    I don't know how I missed this thread but I've just had a look through it all and I have to say, top work sir! I've done a lot of similar jobs to my 540 recently and know how much hard work is involved so it's always nice to see another one getting some love.
  13. NWJW

    Suspension refresh. Advice please

    ^^This, I replaced most of my suspension a few months ago and afterwards the car felt quite crashy, I put it down to the lowering springs I fitted but earlier in the week I finally got around to having it 4 wheel aligned and the car is now a lot smoother.
  14. NWJW

    My E39 540i

    I think that was me, welcome to the forum.