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  1. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Gave mine a well overdue wash then took it for a blast across the moors and got it all dusty again.
  2. NWJW

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Today I found out that my rear window that didn't work has now mended itself, this is useful as I've also found out that my air-con that previously was icy cold now isn't.
  3. NWJW

    auto gearbox repair guidance

    Sounds like the gearbox just needs a service to me, not a rebuild.
  4. NWJW

    'M' Insignia on Front Door Mouldings

    My 2000 535i sport had them, my M5 had them too except they said 'M5' rather than 'M'.
  5. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I normally get the pistons moving with a large flat head screwdriver whilst the calipers are still bolted on and then push the pistons in the rest of way with a big pliers wrench once I've taken the pads out. Unless you've got some particularly stubborn pistons it usually works a treat.
  6. NWJW

    Custom Exhaust Recommendations

    Prospeed exhausts in Cardiff fitted a cat back system on my 535i, Charlie the owner really knows his stuff and did a superb job, I told him how I wanted it to sound when I dropped the car off and he got it spot on, the car seemed to have more torque after too. He charged me a very reasonable £350 which I thought was a bloody bargain considering the craftmanship involved. And Worcester to Cardiff's only an hour and a half if you get your toe down!
  7. NWJW

    E60 520d to 530d engine swap

    The thing is, it's not just the engine you'll be changing, the gearbox is going to be different, you'll probably need to change the diff as the ratios will be different, the engine/box mounts may be different, the exhaust will obviously be different, different cooling system and possible differences in the pas pipework etc and then you've got the electronic side of things with different wiring looms and ecus which will require coding. I'm not trying to put you off but it's going to be a lot more work than taking one engine out and putting another in.
  8. NWJW

    E60 520d to 530d engine swap

    It can obviously be done, how easily I don't know, surely it's easier just to buy a 3.0 in the first place?
  9. NWJW

    Y208 Y** E39 540i

    Well, it turns out my cars got a twin, locally there's another 540i in Oxford green with a beige interior on style 37 alloys, what's the chances of that in a shitty little town in the valleys?
  10. The engine is probably worth double that, my mate sold a 4.4 non vanos lump a while back for £700 within days of advertising it and that was just the bare engine, he got another couple of hundred for the manifolds (same as an M5 on a non vanos) and ancillaries. On the other hand, I can't work out why the v8 manual gearboxes seem to go for a grand or more, I know they're rare but it's just an old manual 'box all said and done, e60/90 six speed manual 'boxes can be picked up for £300!
  11. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sport bumpers (especially rears) seem to be very hard to come by I've found, have you looked at the aftermarket bumpers? I had one on my 330d and it was a good fit and decent quality.
  12. NWJW

    E39 535i

    I had a 535i Sport for three years, the longest I've ever owned a car! I only sold it as I'd bought an M5, but yes, a 535i is excellent value for money, much cheaper to buy and insure than a 540i from experience. Having owned a 535i and a couple of 540i's the only noticeable difference I've found is the torque at low revs, the 540i has a good chunk more which makes it feel less 'lazy' but for overall performance there really isn't a great deal in it, I've also had an e46 330d which was remapped to 230bhp so you'd expect it to be quicker than a 535i but it wasn't, the 535i would've walked away from it at higher speeds. IMO all the 535i bad press comes from people who've never driven one, they're good cars.
  13. NWJW

    Lovely white E30

    Saw a very tidy white two door E30 parked in Tredegar this morning, had a private plate starting with 'MAZ', I wish I could've taken a picture (was driving) as it was very nice indeed!
  14. NWJW

    And it's goodbye from him too.

    I had a Sierra with a carb'd I4 twin cam and it was flatter than a flat thing and the timing chain rattled like a b*stard, I found out after that the carb on it was off a 1600 CVH which probably didn't help.... .......And on the other hand, I had a Granada with the same engine in EFI form and that car shifted, it had bucketloads of torque, a particularly hard shift into second one day during a 'spirited' drive smashed the diff all over the road, I scrapped it after that..
  15. What an absolutely beautiful machine!