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  1. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That's interesting, I've just looked at my emission test printout from the last MOT, fast idle CO; 0.0%, HC; 0ppm and natural idle CO...... 0.0%....! The probe was definitely in the exhaust as I was there, I suspect the slight blow I have further up the exhaust system may have something to do with it.....
  2. NWJW

    Ford Capri...

    I've said before that I found my mk3 Granada very close to an e39 in terms of comfort and built quality, I'd say it took Ford until the mk4 Mondeo before they built something comparable. I've also said before that the only reason I now drive a BMW is because Ford stopped building RWD cars, I'd have another Granada in a heartbeat.
  3. NWJW

    Ford Capri...

    I've always thought that Ford could have made a decent Capri replacement when they owned Mazda using the MX5 chassis, stick a retro coupe body on like they've done with the latest Mustang and offer it with a 2.0 4 pot or 3.0 V6. Job done.
  4. NWJW

    Replacement spring for E39 boot lock

    As above, had this happen to me on my M5 and a bit of persuasion on the original spring with a pointy nose pliers did the trick. I thought then and still do now that the fact the whole mechanism relies on a shitty little spring to work properly is bloody madness but there we are..!
  5. I reckon Mark at MJF is right, my spare wheel well was filling with water and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from until I removed the bumpers to fit sport ones and found that the gasket on the vent underneath the rear bumper on the drivers side rear corner had completely disintegrated and was allowing rain water to flow freely into the boot. In my case it had also caused the sheet metal underneath the vent to rot away thus making the problem worse but a bit of action with the grinder, rust remover and sealant seems to have cured it.
  6. NWJW

    People do the strangest things.

    A couple of weeks ago, whilst driving the Missus' Picanto, I was looking to join a dual carriageway and a Focus in lane 1 kindly moved over to lane 2 to let me off the slip road, which I acknowledged with a wave and flash of the indicators, I then accelerated up to 70 (easier said than done in a Picanto!) as I joined the main carriageway whilst Focus man was passing me in lane 2, then, for some reason, Focus man seems to take exception to this and cuts me up, I'm in a 1.0 Kia so I'm trying to maintain whatever momentum I can so don't slow down and swerve around him at which point he brake checks me and gives me the two finger salute as I pass? I can only assume he was expecting me to keep plodding along at 40mph and let his much superior Focus and ego pass me or perhaps he thought I was trying to 'race' (in a car that has a whopping 66bhp!)? Weird...
  7. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Haha yeah, had a bit of a bargain I think.
  8. NWJW

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Picked this little lot up yesterday; ^^ That's a six speed manual 'box, dmf and clutch from an M5, the plan is to work out what other parts I need for a manual conversion, source them over winter and carry out the conversion in the spring. Expect questions, lots of questions..... P.S. Anyone done an auto to manual conversion on an e39 that can give me any tips (don't say sell your auto and buy a manual....)?
  9. NWJW

    E39 528i Sluggish and NOT Kicking Down

    This is why you should always read the codes before throwing money at it changing parts.
  10. NWJW

    E39 528i Sluggish and NOT Kicking Down

    Sounds very much like a bad cam sensor to me.
  11. NWJW

    Getting sick out of seatbelts...

    I think you'll have to follow Jeremy Clarkson's advice and write the car off sadly...
  12. NWJW

    Your retro Fords

    ^^ With the mk3 Granada I've always thought that the pre-facelift front end looks much better than the more rounded front end of the later models but the tinted rear lights and boot panel of the later models looked much better than the quite plain looking back end of the earlier models. Coincidentally, my last Granada was a pre-facelift but I fitted the later style rear lights and tinted the front indicators to match, I still miss that car and wish I hadn't scrapped it but the diff had smashed itself to pieces, it was rotting and worth bugger all at the time so off it went to be made into bean tins...
  13. My last Sierra had no ABS, no traction control, no power steering, relatively skinny tyres, very short gearing and lots of torque, if you weren't careful with it, it WOULD catch you out, and that was in the dry! If you wanted to drive it quickly you had to grab it by the scruff and drive it, it wasn't forgiving at all if you got it wrong, it was bloody good fun though!
  14. I'll be honest, I do have a quick google if I think I know something but can't 100% remember but I'm usually right (not blowing me own trumpet or anything....!), years and years of reading car mags when I was younger has had some benefit.
  15. I doubt the engines would feel all that different, the high compression engine may feel a bit more eager to rev but I doubt there's a huge difference in the power delivery. We only had the 2.8 and 3.0 engines in v6 flavour in the Capri in this country and as far as I know the 2.8 engines all had the same compression ratio, the 3.0 was available in low and high compression but it was only the Transit that was fitted with the low compression version (I think). How do I know all this crap......?