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  1. Daz Beemer

    F06 front fogs

    Hi guys anybody had problems with the front fogs not working. Took it Bmw they fobbed me off with something about sockets and is not covered by the warranty. I argued that if this is a design fault then surely it’s down to Bmw to sort it.
  2. Daz Beemer

    Bye bye E60 hello F06

    Sad to say sold my E60 530i lci now own F06 640d.
  3. Daz Beemer

    LED drl

    Ok can I splice leds onto my H8 drl?
  4. Daz Beemer

    Cylinder 2 misfire 30i N53

    So that cat needs to be replaced?
  5. Daz Beemer

    Cylinder 2 misfire 30i N53

    Hi ok yes head off new gasket de coked new injectors new disa valve coils plugs. So when I drive it like I stole it engine light comes on. But when I stop put it in park or reverse light goes off. Cylinder two misfire stored but drives fine ni rough idle. So today I gave it the same beans light came on didn’t go off till I turned engine off. Now I’ve got catalytic converter conversions 2.
  6. Daz Beemer

    Cylinder 2 misfire 30i N53

    Had the top end rebuilt so no carbon. Thanks for all the info guys.
  7. Daz Beemer

    Cylinder 2 misfire 30i N53

    Had dme checked but I hear what you say about that mosfet transistor. I’ve had burning oil smell a few times could be the ccv or hoses. Failing cat. I can take it to the limit it’s fine but as soon as I boot it, cylinder two misfire.
  8. Daz Beemer

    Cylinder 2 misfire 30i N53

    Hi guys. Ok I keep getting cylinder two misfire. I’ve changed everything. From vanos solenoids coils plugs and all 6 injectors. This is costing me loads. 530i lci N53
  9. Daz Beemer

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Going to have a loo at a 65plate 435d grand coupe msport. Any thoughts guys?
  10. Daz Beemer

    The Dreaded idrive problem

    Mine flickers like ke crazy goes all haywire. Still have all functions working. My indi told me some card had gone inside. So started trawling internet for a used ccc and got put off. So ok now hat weather is here pressed my ❄️ and amazingly idrive is all good. So I think from now on ❄️ will be on. Happy days. Or is it all the more reason to get the 435d
  11. Daz Beemer

    Ignition coils

    Has anybody fitted the red high perfomance ones?
  12. Daz Beemer

    Comfort seats.

    Thanks for the info.
  13. Daz Beemer

    Comfort seats.

    Just wondering guys my comfort seats don't have the heated buttons on consule. Do you think the seats might be heated but Bmw being Bmw wouldn't have fitted them if not ticked in optional extras?
  14. Daz Beemer

    Hello & Sat Nav question

    Look in nav settings I think it's called north something two options if I remember can't say for defo not in my car.
  15. Yes it's also fun to drive with them in the up position