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  1. mejinks

    6hp19 Reverse dodgy

    It started doing it at 99k, but because the car had been serviced at a non BMW dealer, they wouldn't even entertain the idea that it was faulty from manufacture. They wanted IIRC 2.5k for a new gearbox plus £800 for the oil. They must have been expecting me to say yes as when I told them that I would just take my car home, it took them an hour before they would release it back to me. It drove fine home. Reverse worked. I took it to a gearbox specialist who is no longer in existence and his response was "Back again?" Apparently, BMW had taken my car to him to diagnose and he was going to fit a recon gearbox for £1100. When i went to collect my car, it was stripped down, which is why it took so long. Fast forward 45k miles later and reverse feels weak, so I bought a kit frome ebay. It was supposedly a proper filter and lifeguard 6 oil as I had heard about the cheap chinese junk and wanted a proper kit. It was about £300 iirc. Anyway, recently, there has been a smell of burning oil when I've driven up a slope, although no big puddles of oil under the car and I can't see any obvious leaks. Do I get a filter and sump from BMW and get the oil changed again or is it a new mechatronic because reverse comes back once the engine is switched off and on again? Failing that, does anyone know an auto specialist near Swansea?
  2. mejinks

    6hp19 Reverse dodgy

    car is on 156k at the moment. I have inpa, what code am I looking for? Is it under functional jobs?
  3. mejinks

    6hp19 Reverse dodgy

    Hi guys. I've got an odd issue in that when the car has been driven for a while, engaging reverse seems to be very weak and will sometimes slip, giving the red cog of death. Sometimes, turning off and on again gives reverse again, but not always. When driving from cold, reverse is never an issue. I had the gearbox oil and pan changed about 10k ago, maybe less. Any ideas?
  4. mejinks

    Handbrake adjustment

    Well that makes more sense. I have been looking at 1, 11, 5 and 6 o'clock as thats what the yank sites allude to. I could see the spring, but not below it. If it ever stops raining here, I might go out and take another look. Cheers guys.
  5. mejinks

    Handbrake adjustment

    Hi all. I have a e60 530i and for the life of me, can't adjust the handbrake. I took the wheel off, but can't find where the adjuster is. Can anyone she some light please as there seems to be lots of conflicting info.
  6. I've been following this with interest as its something I waas thinking of having done. I had a replacement less than 10k ago with an apparentlt genuine ZF one with proper Lifeguard 6. My box has started acting weird in that when its hot, reverse is very weak and sometimmes slips altogether. Ive also had a burning smell if I've stopped on an incline. Whats the score with this? Will a fluid change and new sump cure it?
  7. mejinks

    Help. Car will start (sometimes) but dies

    530i petrol The ECU is in the engine bay. Going to check that shortly. I cleaned up the ground points and battery terminal.
  8. Im having a nightmare with my 53 plate e60. I think I have an odd electrical issue as if I leave the battery disconnected over night, in the morning, the car will either start and idle fine or start then die. If it starts, it either dies shortly after driving off or after it has warmed up. Before it dies, the interior light comes on dimly and then it just dies, this could be after driving fine for a little while. More often than not, the car wont restart. Ive noticed that my drivers side rear light cluster has failed. Not one bulb is working, even though they all look fine. Pressing the brake pedal sometimes turns the interior light on. I disconnected the light cluster in question, but the car still wont start. When it did this previously, I disconnected the battery and left it 5 minutes, then reconnected the battery and tried to start it. As soon as I got to position 2, there would be a loud thump from the rear like somebody kicked the bumper. I took the car to an indy and they were baffled as it started and ran fine for 20 minutes. I have tried several different batteries including a 1350cca monster. The other day, it had been sat for a few days and I went to start it and it fired up, I drove down the motorway for a few miles and the steering angle sensor warning came up and the indicators didn't automatically cancel. It then told me the boot was open and the car gradually lost power, eventually stalling. I have disconnected the ibs, but this hasn't stopped the gremlin. Does anyone have any ideas to try?
  9. mejinks

    Coolant amount?

    Good point.
  10. mejinks

    Help! Cannot reverse

    I had the red ring of death at just under 100k and the BMW dealer wanted £2.5k to replace the box as even though they raised a Puma case, BMW decided it wasn't warranty work. I decided I wasn't going ahead with the work and had to wait nearly an hour for the dealers to "put it all back together" which I found odd. Anyway, I thought I would get it home in limp mode, to find that the car drove absolutely fine I took it to a transmission specialist who asked why I was bringing the car back. Apparently, BMW had taken the car to him asked for a quote on a replacement box, which he had quoted them £750 for a recon box and BMW would have charged me £2.5k for the privilege. Anyway, he told me that the filter had cracked and it was leaking oil, so he topped it up and told them to be careful with it. I got him to change the filter and do a flush and touch wood, I'm 48k miles further on with no complaints.
  11. mejinks

    Coolant amount?

    Same here. This is also the colour supplied by Sytner for my M54 530.
  12. mejinks

    Yes... Another battery drain posting

    Mine started cutting out at really inopportune times such as on the motorway. The engine would start and then just die straight away until the battery had been flattened. I noticed that when I went around to the boot, the driver side hazard light wasn't flashing as brightly, but taking off the positive and giving it a minute, then reconnecting allowed me to carry on my way. It was only reading these forums I wondered if I have a faulty IBS, so I disconnected the thing and have been problem free for two months now.