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  1. leonfr

    Thigh support

    Hi , Just need some info please , my son is in the process of buying a 420d m/sport coupe from car shop Doncaster , we viewed the car on Friday great car but thigh support would not click in when out and kept coming out all the time , they said they would order the part and we could pick up the car today , only now they are saying Saturday at the earliest , so my question is , is it an easy repair or does it mean a new support , thanks
  2. leonfr

    Chipex paint repair

    Repair used by some smart repairers chipex.co.uk
  3. leonfr

    Chipex paint repair

    Has anyone used chipex ? I have a few stone chips and have been to a few smart paintwork repairers and they tell me to use a touch up as this is what they would do , never liked touch ups but looked at chipex and it looks ok .Have also been told to touch chips up and get a machine polish to get rid but not convinced !
  4. leonfr

    Brake Pads

    Try car parts for less ,looks like ecp under another name !
  5. leonfr

    Brake Pads

    Got Brembo front discs and pads and a wear sensor cable from ECP with discount code for £130 .
  6. leonfr

    Brake Pads

    Can you see if it has outer clip without taking the wheel off ?
  7. leonfr

    Genuine BMW E60 Brake Kits

    Can you give me a quote for front discs ,pads and wear indictor cable please , 2009 520d m/sport e60 , posted , thanks
  8. leonfr

    Brake Pads

    Looking on Euro car parts for some brake pads for the front , there are two types listed one set excluding wear warning contact but prepared for wear indicator and another set saying prepared for wear indicator does anyone know which ones I want cos euro car parts don't unless I have old ones which are still in use , car is 2009 520d m/sport lci business edition ,
  9. leonfr

    Which Battery

    4 years warranty
  10. leonfr

    Which Battery

    Yuasa YBX3019 higher amps than the one that was on .
  11. leonfr

    Which Battery

    Just had new battery fitted , coded and registered fo £130.80 and all my problems have gone , the old battery start capacity was down to 56% so according to the tech as it got worse it would start shutting things down .
  12. leonfr


    No paperwork for mine either so ring BMW who confirmed it had been done !
  13. leonfr

    Which Battery

    £105 + vat fitted and coded for new one !
  14. leonfr

    Which Battery

    Just started a couple of weeks ago , the battery that's on it apparently has been on from new so 9 yrs old ,a varta so must be past it now , so how do you check the things you mention or is it a dealer thing ?
  15. leonfr

    Which Battery

    So if I replace like for like will it still need coding to the car ?