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  1. Toughguyhuh

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    These are must-have. I've been surprised just how much I've used this since I got one a few months ago. Interior trim, exterior trim, wheel arch liners, etc etc etc
  2. Toughguyhuh

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    What kit did you use for the VANOS? X8R? this is on my list to do as well.
  3. Toughguyhuh

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    daparto.de is also a good place to look - they are a comparison site for car parts suppliers, so you can compare prices against different suppliers. Very good search facility too as it picks up on BMW part numbers and offers OE and OEM parts. Autodoc are one of the suppliers on Daparto. +1 for Autodoc although I haven'y ordered anything from them since the Brexit transition ended so I can't say how that affects extra charges etc. now.
  4. Toughguyhuh

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Replaced both air springs since the car has been dropping over the last month or so. Both sides were perished with cracks. Used Dunlop springs bought on Ebay. Incidentally, 74k miles
  5. Toughguyhuh

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally managed to get the broken splined bolts out of my 530i’s exhaust manifold. In the end I got some MAPP gas for my gas torch and heated the flanges up red hot, then as they were cooling I smacked the studs repeatedly with a hammer. About 1 minute of bashing each and they popped right out. Any suggestions on what to replace them with? I want to avoid putting new splined bolts in and use something which will be a bit less difficult to get off in future.
  6. Toughguyhuh

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Perfect, been waiting to get a second one. Ta!
  7. Toughguyhuh

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Looks like a well made upgrade. Is it cast alloy or machined? I checked and cleaned mine a couple of months ago and it was actually remarkably clean, just a tiny bit hesitant to turn but after a few movements by hand it felt fine again.
  8. Toughguyhuh

    Car ramps!!!(What do you guy use and recommend)?

    I made up some criss-crossed CLS feet with wider pieces on the base and a kind of cradle or slot at the top, one for each wheel. I jack up the front, place the feet under the tyres, drop the jack, then repeat at the rear. It gives me around 0.5m clearance under the car and is very stable. For wheels off jobs I keep the jack in place. Works very nicely if you can't use the ones that Norseman recommends...
  9. Toughguyhuh

    Torque converter queries

    Have to say I agree with JasonH's comments and doesn't sound like it's a crank pulley issue and unless you have a burnt rubber smell as well as the bad behaviour it's not likely to be that. Wasn't aware of the EGR symptoms, that's interesting to know. The vibration sounds like prop shaft bearing, especially if it increases with speed.
  10. Toughguyhuh

    Torque converter queries

    +1 for Sussex Autos If you do go down that route then find out if you will get your original TC back, as often you will get a refurb from another vehicle. I had a similar issue when I had my E61 530d and also suspected the TC, but it turned out to be the crankshaft pulley, relatively cheap and easy to fix.
  11. From the BMW part number that INPA shows, you should have an MRS4. In this case you should check that when you select your vehicle, you are selecting the correct version of MRS from the list (I don't have my rig to hand right now so I can't check what it available). Depending on the version of INPA you are running, the options may be different. Basically, INPA seems to be trying to read an ECU that isn't in your car, you need to select the corresponding ECU. Incidentally I'm on MRS2, she works much better than MRS1.
  12. You're trying to diagnose so I would say this section is the right one! Usually when I've had the Error_ECU_Rejected message, it's because the incorrect version of DATEN is being used for the year/model. I don't know your setup and there are so many different setups and versions out there, but you should also check the version of MRS you have against what is being selected in INPA first. Seems like INPA is being told to address an MRS that doesn't match what you have.
  13. Toughguyhuh

    E39 5HP19 transmission faults

    I don't know the history, unless I trust the file of receipts for previous work - where there is no record of any transmission work being carried out. Also, when I first replaced the trans oil it looked as if the pan bolts had never been removed, no evidence that anyone had been in there, so I'm working on the fact that the transmission was untouched from new. The correct number of clutch rings are present and correct, I guess they must be worn but I don't have any measurements to work from so it's just assumption at the moment.
  14. Toughguyhuh

    'Normal' air suspension failure symptoms

    Mine has started to drop overnight and I noticed some strange behaviour - it seems to be worse parked on my flat drive than parked outside my office (also flat). There must be some gradient difference but it's strange how different it is, also how much more quickly it deflates on my drive. Anyway - question! I've seen the cheap ebay bags and I've seen the more costly Arnott bags. But I've also seen the in-between Dunlop bags. Anyone fitted them? Dunlop is usually a safe bet so was interested to know.
  15. Toughguyhuh

    E39 5HP19 transmission faults

    The overhaul kit finally arrived from the US. I had to pay £9 customs charge and around £30 VAT plus Parcelfarce added a handling fee but all-in it came to around £230. That's about £140 less than the best price I got in UK which was £368 delivered, so I guess a 3 week wait from Remco US isn't unreasonable. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I suddenly have a lot of work after many months of nothing at all, so it's going to be some time before I get the overhaul done but I'll tackle it piece by piece as I get time. I still have to get the studs out of the exhaust manifold before I can fit everything back together...