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  1. Toughguyhuh

    BMCables INPA problems

    You tried using the BMCables version of INPA? The one that came with the cable? They tie the 1-click software they supply to their cable, perhaps something to do with that. You may need to start INPA from their loader.
  2. I'm putting my E39 530i SE Auto Saloon back to stock so I have this full set of H&R lowering suspension kit up for grabs. It's currently fitted but will come off when sold, funds used to replace with OEM set. It's 4 springs and 4 shocks with plates etc. Not sure how long they've been on the car but they don't look ancient, most likely done around 10k miles which was when the previous owner had a lot of work done on the car. Unfortunately I haven't found any records of the fitting in the paperwork. Think it's this kit https://www.autodoc.co.uk/h-and-r/15745083 as the part numbers match up. They're £590 new. I'm looking for £280. PM if interested, I'm in Surrey but happy to post if necessary. IMG_3425.HEIC IMG_3426.HEIC IMG_3427.HEIC IMG_3428.HEIC IMG_3429.HEIC IMG_3431.HEIC IMG_3432.HEIC IMG_3434.HEIC IMG_3435.HEIC
  3. Toughguyhuh

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Very good job waitee. Nice to see so much attention to detail.
  4. Toughguyhuh

    E39 540i Sport Tyre question

    *looks at waitee's profile to see where he is located* No location. Damn.
  5. Toughguyhuh

    530i Refurbishment - End of Year Report

    Now that is a beautiful example! It's got to be a keeper. I'm also refurbing my E39 530i, although mine is an SE and not the looker that yours is and has some serious work still to be done on it. Interesting that you had the gear selector switch replaced - I was thinking it could be the cause of my limp home mode issue and I found a guide to opening it up and cleaning/repairing it. Unfortunately that wasn't the fix but it was a very easy procedure and cost nothing. I guess my point (if I have one) is that even if you're not a "weekend driveway" mechanic you can generally find a solution and a fix to most issues with your E39 from the forums without having to resort to a garage. That's what makes these cars so great to me, the blood, sweat and tears that we put into them. As they say, it's not a project car if it hasn't got your DNA on it. Now I'm going to print off a picture of your car and hang it in my garage for my poor girl to look at...
  6. Toughguyhuh


    Isn’t that what the clinical trials are there to prove? When everyone is vaccinated then it doesn’t matter if it prevents transmission or not, the virus can’t take hold and incubate/replicate. And the alternative is? I’ve seen my livelihood decimated for close to a year now, from a thriving business to no work at all. And I’m just one of millions. Even if this vaccine is only partially effective it needs to be used, we can’t have another year of lockdown. I’m definitely having it, although I’m 30 years too young for the current group.
  7. Toughguyhuh

    Hairline crack in original radiator plastic inlet

    It makes all the difference having the lock tool and skinny spanner!
  8. Toughguyhuh

    Hairline crack in original radiator plastic inlet

    I find that once it's loose I can just spin the fan blades to get it off, same for mounting it. Then just a quick nip with the 32mm locking spanner set. Saw that on Youtube and it's saved me heaps of time.
  9. Toughguyhuh

    E39 5HP19 transmission faults

    I'm after a bit of advice regarding troubleshooting the limp mode issue in my E39 with 99k miles. I bought it cheap as a project car, knowing there was a fault and since it's not my daily driver I'm not under any pressure to sink a lot of cash into getting it back on the road. The codes it's giving are: 31 - EGS Sympton, gear monitoring 36 - EGS Gear monitoring 4 (P0734) I have already dropped the sump and given it a new filter, gasket and oil. The oil that came out looked nice and clean and the magnets didn't have much in the way of shavings. I'm fairly certain hasn't been changed previously, since I have all the service records from new and there's no mention plus a couple of the sump bolts were properly corroded and seized. I tested the solenoids in INPA and they all seem OK, but anyway these are deactivated when in limp mode and out of limp mode it goes into every gear. I also dismantled and cleaned out the selector switch to eliminate that. The gearbox temp when I've had a run in the car gets to 97 and holds, which I believe is normal. Reading around suggests an issue with the manual selector valve as it's relating to 4th gear which seems to be where the problem becomes apparent. There's a distinct slip when changing into 4th, either up or down. You can turn off the car, turn it back on and the fault indicator goes out, but when I reset the error memory I can readily recreate the same fault code after some driving. After a particularly long test drive this morning, I had some issues going from P to R, first time that's happens - it was a really rough change. Does this sound pressure related? So my next step will be to open the box up again - but that's where I need some pointers based on above. Where to start looking?
  10. Toughguyhuh

    Another Newbie

    Hi Russ, this is a good place to start, there are some really helpful and downright nice members on this forum. If he hasn’t already, your son (and you) should definitely look at the YouTube channel M539 Restoration. This guy is crazy about older BMWs and has some really helpful videos showing a lot of the typical works needed on E series BMs.
  11. Toughguyhuh

    Finally got an M5...

    Silverstone my favourite colour on an M5. I’m super envious of you! Maybe one day...
  12. Toughguyhuh

    DPF continual regen?

    I’ve got the same car as you and 10k miles more. Not had any issues with DPF regen but my mileage habits are different to yours. I would start by getting yourself an OBD or ENET cable and ISTA software for diagnosing, rather than Carly. There are service functions with live data in ISTA which might shed more light on the problem.
  13. Toughguyhuh

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I got a cable on Ebay which is switchable to allow you to work on older or newer BMWs. Search for BMW USB OBD K + DCAN DIAGNOSTIC CABLE GT1 EDIABAS INPA DIS SSS NCS CODING ISTA The seller sends two DVDs which have the software and their own "1-click" installer so it's really easy. You can find the cable cheaper and download the software free from many places but I didn't want to waste time and effort on it so this worked well for me. Just don't expect much in the way of support from the seller - I've had a couple of cables from them over the years and never received a reply to questions.
  14. Toughguyhuh

    Which 3 cars - lottery win

    * E39 M5 * Alfa Romeo 8C * Porsche 918 I'd get the M5 first, but my wife would say we would need to finally get a 7 seater - does the Rolls Royce Cullinan come with 7 seats??
  15. Toughguyhuh

    BMCables INPA problems

    I found that using the software that BMCables supplies, I sometimes have to manually start the IFH service manually. It should be in your system drive under EDIABAS1/Bin/IFHSRV32.exe and run it as Admin. You won't get any support from BMCables (now BCables).