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  1. Eddy555

    Intravee Switch Potential Fault

    Yeah I thought it could be a config thing, and I asked him if he'd changed any configs, but apparently the installer had fitted them before so was confident it wasn't working... I'm almost certain I'd checked all 3 inputs when I was having issues with a connector, but I couldn't swear to it. I've had a look at the bottom of the board and the soldering looks fine (neat little board actually)
  2. Eddy555

    Intravee Switch Potential Fault

    Back in March 2017 I bought an Intrevee Switch from ToysInYourCar.com for my E39 which worked fine for me using 2 channels. I've since sold the car and removed the switch and sold it separately on eBay late last year. However the buyer has since come back saying that "it only works on 2 of the 3 channels, the 3rd channel fails to operate". So I've received the unit back and refunded them for it. As I have no way to test this does anyone know someone that would be able to test and rectify any faults with the unit?
  3. Eddy555

    E39 Buying Guide

    Not been taxed since October last year according to the Vehicle Check app :(
  4. Eddy555

    E39 530i Sport - Auto Selector Sticking

    Yeah, it would have to be a replacement part of some sort. Doesn't look like you can get parts for the selector though :-/
  5. Eddy555

    E39 530i Sport - Auto Selector Sticking

    Aha yes that makes sense, I wondered why that was on there, it fell off while I was playing about (I put it back on again, but it's probably not much use). Will looks at how I can fix that.
  6. Eddy555

    E39 530i Sport - Auto Selector Sticking

    I'll give that a go tonight thanks. Playing around with it the yellow metal prong seemed to move across out of alignment as it pulled down from N to D. I can't see why it's doing that.
  7. Hi This morning I had trouble selecting Drive and it took a little wiggle to the left to allow me to select D. After taking off the cover it looks like something's wrong with the selector mechanism as the yellow metal prong seems to get misaligned before it gets to D. I can't see anything obvious that's broken. I've made a quick video showing the misalignment of the selector going into D below. Does anyone know what's happened here and how I could fix it? I remember on Friday I went into Sport OK, but then the stick didn't fully engage back across to D and took a little persuasion to get it back across. Cheers for any advice in advance.
  8. Eddy555

    Intravee Switch Source Selection Issues

    Finally got the chance to hook up to IV2 and change the setting. Works spot on now thanks, shows Aux 0 instead of Net 3 and display makes more sense on the MID, I may have a slight connection issue with one of the Ai-Net cables which maybe causing some of my problems, but it seems to be working fine now I've reseated the connected into the IV2. Thanks again.
  9. Eddy555

    Intravee Switch Source Selection Issues

    Brilliant, thanks for the info, I'll give this a go
  10. Eddy555

    Intravee Switch Source Selection Issues

    Tried running with Aux on the trip to work this morning, it plays the audio fine, but eventually shows No Source. After the 20 minute trip I can still switch back to the iPod. Maybe it's OK now. But it would be nice to have it show the source is Aux though. Is there a way of doing that? In the log file attached to my first post it seems to suggest there is no Aux input setup on the switch SWFW: OP MODE 1 - 3 Net, 0 Aux SWFW: AUX MODE 1 - Normal
  11. Eddy555

    Intravee Switch Source Selection Issues

    Today it appears to be working. I got in the car, changed to Net 1 and the iPod was found fine. Then this evening it could switch between either inputs several times with no issue (Although I wasn't playing anything on the Aux input). One thing I can think of is that if I play the Aux for over a minute and maybe the iPod powers down maybe it can't seem to find it again until I power up the car after rest. Just a theory but I'll try this out when I get chance.
  12. Eddy555

    Intravee Switch Source Selection Issues

    Hi Richard, Thanks for the reply 1) I had the KCA-420i into port 1 and the Aux into port 2. I've switched the Aux to port 3 and the result is the same, I can hear audio but it's not showing it as an Aux and I can't reliably switch between inputs. 2) I can't seem to access the About for the Switch. Looking at the manual this only seems available on the UI mode 5 and 6, and as I'm running a MID I'm running UI mode 4 that doesn't seem to have that option. About just cycles through information related to the IV2. I've just gone to the car to get this info and it wasn't finding any sources and there was a feint clicking coming through the speakers, about every second or so. I unplugged the output on the switch and plugged it back in and the iPod worked, I could switch the the Aux on Net 3 (although it was showing Src:...) and could hear sound. I managed to switch to Net 1 again and play the iPod and then switched back to Net 3/Aux but now I can't select Net 1/iPod. Nothing happens. It's all a bit strange.
  13. As shown in the attached diagram I've been using an Intravee II on my car for several years now and it's been a really solid device. I recently purchased an Intravee Switch to allow me to add an AUX input to the system. So new to the system are the Switch, a new AI Net cable and the Aux input cable (Shown in green on the diagram) However I'm having problems getting it to select the different inputs. Sometimes it doesn't seem to find any sources, and other times it can find all sources and I can switch to a different Net input, but Src:Aux is not showing up on the MID when I select the Aux input although I can hear it playing fine. However sometimes it won't let me switch back to the iPod, and pressing select on the MID for input Net 1 does nothing. I'm running the latest firmware (fw-app-256 - extras V6.02-7508.blf) and have flashed it again with the Switch connected. It also works fine when I remove the switch from the system. What could be wrong here? Intravee V2 Log.txt
  14. Sorry, very slow reply but anyway I use this place http://www.auto-technik.co.uk/ Have done for a few years now and have been very pleased with the service they've provided.
  15. After a lot of faff looking around I ended up getting it done at my local BMW specialist. Good price and seems to be working fine so far. Think it cost around £150