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  1. chris116

    Faulty relay?

    Fuel pump is u/s according to the breakdown guy, relay / fuse are OK. Will be getting it transported next week.
  2. chris116

    Faulty relay?

    Could do with your thoughts on something. My E39 M5 wouldn't start this week, was turning over but not firing up. Only fault code was 01 fuel pump relay, also couldn't hear what I think is the fuel pump like I normally can with the key in position 2. New relay ordered yesterday (from BMW), collected today and swapped over. Could now hear the pump with the key in position 2 and no relay fault code. Car started fine but died after about 4-5 seconds. Same as before now in that it is turning over but not firing with a fault code present again for the relay and can't hear the pump in position 2. Checked the fuel pump fuse, looks ok (Does the link at the top of the fuse appear broken if it has blown on the blade type?). Does this sound like a faulty new relay? I ordered another new one when I picked it up this morning so I would have a spare in future so that will arrive early next week. Will probably call the breakdown people tomorrow and see if they are any help. Anything obvious that I've missed or any thoughts before I call them?
  3. chris116

    Fuel pump relay

    Hi, Could I have a price for a fuel pump relay for an E39 M5. Part number I believe is 61357892976. Thanks Chris
  4. Hello Piper, What's the condition of the Nussbaum trim, any cracks or scratches?
  5. chris116

    Air bag recall

    Got mine in the post today.
  6. chris116

    Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    I really must phone round more places next year, paid well over a grand the last 3 years. I think the last claim on my history will drop off next year so hopefully it will drop by a fair bit.
  7. chris116


    Out of interest have the screens on your cars got any marking on them? Mine currently has no marking but all other glass is marked as BMW. I'm wondering if i have a non BMW one fitted at the moment. New one should hopefully be fitted next week, only took 4 days to turn up after being ordered.
  8. chris116


    Hello all, Windscreen needs replacing on mine due to catching a couple of fair size stone chips right in the drivers eye line. Not ideal with the MOT due in a couple of weeks! Having look at the parts on realoem before speaking to someone tomorrow and I just want to double check a few things. Am I reading it correct that the first one (697) has the green stripe at the top but not the rain sensor? The second one (698) does not have the stripe or the rain sensor yet is the same part number as the fourth one which it says is for GB but with the rain sensor? My car does have the rain sensor so can I either go with 698 or the climate comfort one (699) as both show the rain sensor? I'm tempted to try the climate comfort one, does it actually make a difference, has anyone on here got any experience of one. Finally any idea what the sealing part shown is? (798). Would one of those need to be ordered as well? Thanks
  9. chris116

    High oil usage

    Mine was doing something similar last year, I was putting about a litre a month in which was about 5-600 miles. This was on a 2002 with 130k. Had alot of work done on the engine at the end of last year (rod bearings, timing chain guides, vanos service) and it seems to be using much less now. I did mention the oil use when I dropped it off at CPC and Phil did say that was quite high. Have done 1k since and it doesn't seem to have used 1/4 of a litre yet. Suspect it was a seal somewhere but no idea where it was leaking from.
  10. chris116

    Seat desirability.. E39

    Black heritage would be my first choice. Have never been a massive fan of the two tone colours myself.
  11. chris116

    Silverstone - blue or silver?

    Does anyone know if an M5 in Silverstone should have the colour listed as blue or silver? I'm interested in a car that is described as silver in the ad, HPI also lists it as silver. Yet from the pics I'm sure it's Silverstone which is a blue. No colour changes listed on the HPI check either. A bit confusing. Mistake on the V5 perhaps? Haven't seen the car yet so don't know what's on the V5 and don't know the VIN yet so can't check it in a decoder. Pic from the ad is below. Pretty sure this is Silvertsone
  12. chris116


    First post so hello to you all. Hope to have an E39 M5 at some point in 2014, currently reading lots of topics on them.