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  1. Xcore

    Ibs fix?

    First gremlin has reared it’s head on mum 535d! Car wouldn’t start, battery was fine so unplugged the ibs and it fired up straight away. How much of an easy fix is it? thanks
  2. Xcore

    Pre lci xenon halos?!

    Hi all! One of my pair of side light halos has gone down, anyone recomend an led replacement for both sides? iv read that in general they are all pretty poor due to the design, but the mtec v3s are marginally better then the rest, but at 80 quid they arnt the cheapest! Anyone recommend some similar performing ones for a more reasonable price? Seen afew sets on eBay does anyone have any first hand experience thanks
  3. Hi all! Picked up my first 5 series after having an e90 320d afew years ago until the timing chain stretched. its a pre lci m sport and so far I’m loving it. any recommendations for mapping near Surrey?! Is it worth pulling out the swirl flaps? Been quoted 150 by a local garage. But how hard is it to diy? is it actualy worth gutting the dpf? and lastly anyone recommend some decent quality gloss black kidneys? seen afew on eBay ranging from 15 quid to 30?! many thnaks
  4. Xcore

    Show me your lowered e39....

    How much of a ball ache are front springs to fit? Iv got a se spec touring and it's rediculasly boatlike
  5. Xcore

    vw golf r32 mark v

    Had a 4mo, well specced, poor mpg and power, if look at ed30 Gtis for power and mpg
  6. Xcore

    530d tuning box's

    So... I know these arnt the most popular things but I'm thinking about one for my cheap run about 530d. Any recommendations?! Flame suit on! Thanks
  7. Xcore

    Milestone for my E39!

    My e39 530d just hit 216k and I'm getting it mapped soon!