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  1. rrm

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    How do you reboot the car os?
  2. rrm

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    I would try resetting your network settings on your iphone. Note: you will also loose all stored wi-fi passwords.
  3. rrm

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    Any other phone connect? can you use Bluetooth headphones with the phone that won’t connect?
  4. rrm

    Maps for Evo 2021-3 now out

    Nice one, started the download. Last few days as my car is now 3 years old.
  5. I would check what the AUC warranty covers at that mileage, there maybe exceptions, also if you plan to keep the car purchasing the extended warranty will be more costly due to mileage. Personally, I would not consider it due to high mileage. R
  6. rrm

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    Hi q96169we, Thanks for the response. I'm iDrive 6, should have put that on the original post. After further testing of this, several attempts to remove phones and re-pair I managed to get sound from front speakers only now. Streaming from my music on the phone is working fine as is streaming from Youtube. My other phone (setup as a 2nd phone in iDrive) is a Samsung and only connected via Bluetooth is having the same problem. Sound only from front speakers. Also confirmed with another IOS14.7.1 iPhone XR sound via front speakers only. Did not test the Amazon music any further. R
  7. Hi just wondering if anyone else having problems since upgrading to their iPhone to iOS 15? 1. calls only come through front centre speaker 2. Amazon music app - unable to connect those are the ones I’ve noticed so far. Raj HK system,G30 520D Msport, 2018
  8. rrm

    Replaced informatics head unit?

    Hi, Thanks for that, yes I should have done that. However not that bothered about the personal settings. It's my Service History that is really concerning me R
  9. rrm

    Replaced informatics head unit?

    Got my car back yesterday, really annoyed; all my settings are gone, no biggy I can restore radio buttons seat memory etc. But my service history has disappeared? The option to view service history isn’t even there anymore.
  10. Hi all, trying to work out what the informatics head unit is / does? Apparently mine had a fault and is being replaced. I had intermittent problems with iDrive (Apply play particularly) and seat memory loss. They updated the software but still experienced issues. Will this resolve problems? thank R
  11. rrm

    M Sport gloss black bumper trim

    Ok, mines still at the dealers, they are replacing my trims under warranty. Just worried that the replacements will also fade. Hope they have upgraded the finish
  12. rrm

    BMW Download Manager

    Thank you. Why BMW hide it is beyond me.
  13. rrm

    BMW Download Manager

    Hi all, I replaced my computer and no longer have the BMW Download Manager on the new computer. I want to download the latest maps and put them on to the pen drive as I used to, but I cannot find the install files for the download manager on BMW's website. Any help with a link most appreciated. Thanks RRM
  14. rrm

    M Sport gloss black bumper trim

    Agree, the front end would have suffered some natural usage wear and tear. I won’t say it’s particularly parked facing the sun, mixed really.