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  1. PliSsK

    Bleeding radiator on M62

    When I flushed my coolant, drained it and topped it up and bled air out of the system on my 2001 E39 M62 using the reservoir bleed screw, I had to fill the reservoir to near spilling out of the top before the coolant started coming out of the bleed screw. Then when I tighten up the bleed screw, the level indicator on the reservoir is about 2cm above the top of the reservoir. Does this matter? This is how my indie garage left my radiator after the last coolant change they did 3 years ago. I have searched for threads on the subject and many people seem to be of the opinion that it is not harmful but the excess coolant may leak out of the top of the reservoir, and that it is preferable to remove the excess from the coolant reservoir using a syringe or turkey baster. Would you agree with this? I tried removing some excess coolant in this manner but when cold, I could not reach the surface of the coolant in the reservoir with my turkey baster, as there are too many plastic pieces in the way (syringe with long thin tube might work), but when warm, I could reach the top of the coolant in the reservoir. However, if I take the reservoir cap off (or undo the bleed screw) when the coolant is warm or hot, will this introduce air into the system? I am getting the check coolant warning coming up occasionally now even though the coolant level indicator is level with the top of the expansion tank so I assume I need to top up and rebleed the system again from cold. Cheers.
  2. PliSsK

    Radio Cassette Intermittent Functioning

    Here is a youtube video with an identical looking sat nav display / tape deck / radio to mine. The Mode and tape deck buttons are unresponsive most of the time, same for Tone and Select buttons. Tape does work intermittently. The menu screens from the right 'Menu' button all work. Tbh I never stopped using tapes, always had a tape deck in my cars, E39s, E46, etc., have some old tapes I still play, some old albums were only available on tape as it was an unpopular format for years. As the CD does work still, I'll hold off upgrading it for now until the CD changer finally dies. Any suggestions for an aftermarket option are appreciated. My original plan was to get some MP3 USB interface for the original stereo and start using that once the CD changer died but that's probably not worth it at this stage. I have Mk4 Sat Nav in boot which needs the laser fixing as it won't detect the CD anymore so am using a Garmin on the windscreen instead as it wasn't worth fixing the BMW Nav unit for that money as it would still be dated.
  3. PliSsK

    Radio Cassette Intermittent Functioning

    It depends on ur gender lol I'm not forking out for a grand's worth of ice when I need to spend £2.5k to fix oil seeping out of every seal of the engine and I'm trying to put that off and still haven't ever had the wheels refurbed.
  4. PliSsK

    Radio Cassette Intermittent Functioning

    lol E39s! I'm told they're becoming a thing and coming back in style.
  5. Everything was working normally when listening to a tape and then all of a sudden the volume is more muffled from tape, but fine with CD changer and radio. I cleaned the heads and demagnetised the tape deck but now there is no display from the stereo even when changing modes, and pressing mode does nothing most of the time, it remains in CD mode. It is possible to get certain tapes to play more than others but it requires multiple presses of the mode button. Additionally, if I push the tone button on the right of the screen to adjust the tone and front/rear balance, nothing happens. Is this something that can be easily fixed? Is it likely to be a loose wire problem? I did a coolant change a few days before and had to disconnect the battery 3 times in order to get the temp sensor to work normally after each drain and fill, and wonder if this might have caused the problem. Cheers.
  6. PliSsK

    540i M62 / B10 V8 facelift coolant change

    Thanks! BTW have you ever experienced erroneously high temp readings? I cured it by disconnecting the battery for 10 mins. Final question - is it ok to drive the car around with just distilled water or heavily water down coolant in it for short distances whilst a flush is in progress?
  7. PliSsK

    540i M62 / B10 V8 facelift coolant change

    The Comma G48 concentrate is 2x as concentrated as the ready mixed Comma G48 coolant. Does the 50/50 coolant mix recommendation apply to the standard strength coolant or the concentrate? I was wondering whether I only need 25% G48 concentrate or whether it was in fact 50% that was required in the coolant mix. Cheers.
  8. PliSsK

    540i M62 / B10 V8 facelift coolant change

    Thanks! So anywhere between 45 and 90 deg anticlockwise should be enough of a turn to unlock it?
  9. PliSsK

    540i M62 / B10 V8 facelift coolant change

    The L shaped piece seems to rotate anticlockwise up to about 90 degrees, but in no position does it seem to want to come loose and be pulled out towards the ground. I tried wiggling it from side to side. Does this require brute force? Edit: My tools were garbage, I bought a better quality spanner and pushing it in the gap meant it locked onto the right engine block drain plug 100% flush
  10. PliSsK

    540i M62 / B10 V8 facelift coolant change

    Yes you are right. Found the post in question, was a US forum, members were complaining about the left engine block drain plug being hard to access not the right one as on the RHD M62 E39. Thanks again!
  11. PliSsK

    540i M62 / B10 V8 facelift coolant change

    Ahh thanks, I need to start looking at TIS. A spanner seemed the most obvious thing to be personally as there is quite good direct access to just one side of the plug, and I can quite believe that it won't fully come out, but there are posts from members of other forums who claim they did it using regular socket extensions or wobble extensions although it is possible they were referring to an M52 engine or otherwise even though they were commenting on a thread about the M62. Cheers.
  12. PliSsK

    540i M62 / B10 V8 facelift coolant change

    Hey thanks Rosie, you are a star!! Is that from the Bentley manual? It didn't mention it in the chapter on the cooling system in the version I have.
  13. PliSsK

    540i M62 / B10 V8 facelift coolant change

    Ok, scratching my head on this one. Maybe I'll ask on one of the US forums as everyone has a V8 on there. Thanks for all the help so far. I ID'd the location of the two engine block drain plugs whilst I was down there and the right one is indeed very hard to access like many people are saying, impossible in my case without a wobble extension or similar, or perhaps using a good ole conventional spanner. I have a swivel extension but I need the swivel literally right above the socket for it to work out.