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  1. E39Goose

    F11 BMW wanted

    Hi, i appreciate its a non-existent car I am searching for, it’s just getting as close as I can You never know though!
  2. E39Goose

    F11 BMW wanted

    Dudes and dudettes. I am starting to look around for a new car, an F11 to be precise. wanting to gauge what’s out there. Please let me know what is out there, my ideal spec is as follows, but understand this is a bit ambitious! 535D / 535i F11 (Touring) M Sport facelift >70K miles Exterior colours: med Blue Grey Interior colour: Black Prof Nav HK sound M Sport Package VDC Nice to haves: Pano LEDs HUD etc etc Let me know! Thanks, Dan
  3. E39Goose

    Advice on selling a car....

    Are they two different colours? What is the grey on the left? Sophisto grey?
  4. So, sorry I'm just trying to understand, so a 'standard' car doesn't have either of these, or you could spec a car with variable dampers, or upgrade further from that to have the adaptive drive? How would I know looking at a car what it has out of the three? Thanks, Dan
  5. Car I am looking at buying, a 2012 535d F11 is shown as needing a recall on the DVLA website, assume it's for this? Is it a take-to-BMW job?
  6. Hi guys, Please excuse me ignorance, on the F10 / F11 six pot diesels, what Is the difference exactly between a car with and without adaptive suspension? What are the pros / cons? Is it worth having? Thanks, Dan
  7. E39Goose

    GSF codes

    'VIP60' for 60% off parts
  8. E39Goose


    Hi all, Been on the forum a bit already but not really been posting. I'm Dan, 32 and from Nantwich, Cheshire. Currently own an old 320d, but on the hunt for a F11 with 3 litres of silky goodness.
  9. E39Goose

    F10 535i Service advice

    Well since looking at this car, the 535i, I have found a 535D which is exactly what I am after, but again the service history is sketchy. First three years of it's life, it never received a service!
  10. E39Goose

    F11 BMW

    I've actually found one that fits the bill, but the service history is a bit sketchy and my instinct tells me it's not the one, plus it's the other side of the country. Dan
  11. E39Goose

    F11 BMW

    Ooops! i meant 535i and 535D, apologises. Ywah would like the upgraded sound if possible. Dan
  12. E39Goose

    F11 BMW

    Hi guys, On the hunt for a new car if anyone is aware of one that might fit the bill. I appreciate this is really specific, but I'm just outlining my ideal car. Getting somewhere close to it would be good enough for me. F11 Touring BMW 535i or 535D Grey or dark blue Pro Nav / adaptive suspension and a few other extras would be nice An LCI model Dark coloured interior Split rear seats (a must) Sub 70K mileage Solid service history Wanting to spend 14K ideally, but can go up to 16K Like I say, different colours or non-LCI models for example may be considered, just let me know what is out there! Appreciate my budget is low given the car! I have seen one for sale but had spent the first three years without a service Thanks, Dan
  13. E39Goose

    F10 535i Service advice

    Absolutely understand, not in it for the MPG, doesn’t bother me. But even so, that seems reasonable MPG given the engine! Going to have a hard time finding the spec I am after with this engine! Thanks, Dan
  14. E39Goose

    F10 535i Service advice

    Thanks for the comments and links guys, much appreciated. just out of interest, you guys that own a 535i, what MPGs are you seeing in the real world? Obviously it’s not going to be amazing, but I’m just interested. Thanks, Dan