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    it means Model Year
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    Mileage now added, how I missed this I have no idea - thanks Cableguy!
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    Thanks, it really is beautiful and our intention was to keep it for 4 years, hence taking out the extended 3 year warranty in addition to the 1 year approved used warranty, we also took out GAP insurance for 4 years too. If we were able to get rid of our other car (on contract hire) we would not even be thinking about selling this. I searched for around 6 months to find this spec, colour and mileage from a main dealer, it was outside of their usual parameters for the used car programme but it was such a nice example that they decided to sell it as an approved used car. Someone will get a fantastic car at a great price!
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    HID Kit....at breaking point with this now!

    Did they have a metal base by the way?
  6. rollsroyceman

    HID Kit....at breaking point with this now!

    I bought an HB4 kit which arrived today and I have some adapters which like you say need filing, it all just seems flimsy!? Cant get them to fit!
  7. Hi guys, new to the forum, having owned 3 e39 sports and upgraded to HID/Xenon every time I am stumped with the latest car. Its a 2003 530 touring with original standard angel eyes -Which kit do I need to get this up and running? Last time I just bought an HB4 kit and they just screwed in! now I am looking a crappy adapters that don't fit etc, please advise!?