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    BMW 530D E60 - 320TD E46
  1. Doesn't work, Somebody have a OBD2 adapter working in your BMW diesel 1998-2003??
  2. If I solder pin 7 and 8, I'll get it to work?
  3. Hello, using the search, I found this topic. I have the same problem. BMW E46 2.0 diesel, year 2001. Not connected to the ECU. My dongle is ELM327 WIFI. Somebody know one dongle (Wifi or BT) that run correctly in E46-E39 diesel before year 2004. (sorry for Spanish):
  4. Hi! My name is Sergio, I'm from Spain, exactly of Madrid. I have registered thanks to my friend Alsi (Jorge) I have a BMW 320td Compact E46, with many equipment and reprog with arround 200hp. I put some pictures: Also, my father have a BMW 530D Auto E60, have many equipment, 218hp and Euro3 (Without FAP):