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  1. euclid

    Vibration between 55 & 65mph

    Could be a number of things, but the most probable: - Flat spots on the tyres. These won't show on the balancing. Even if tyres are new, these could be present. - Unbalanced brake disks. - Bad shock absorber
  2. euclid

    E61 LCI diagnosis help

    I've heard those lines so many times when someone tries to get rid of something so bad "it's very simple" etc. As Deviant said, get him to fix it first and then consider buying it. Otherwise stay away!
  3. euclid

    Discs keep warping

    With the vibration present ONLY when the brakes are applied (especially during light braking), it is a disk warpage problem. Provided of course the wheel bearings have been checked and are good. Disks can be very tricky. If the material of the disk is not homogeneous, they can be perfect when gauged or machined, but warp when warm. When cool, they return to their original shape. Material not being homogeneous is very common in castings.
  4. euclid

    Discs keep warping

    Two reasons for this to happen. 1. Wheel nuts not tightened evenly (very remote) 2. The disc material is garbage.
  5. That's interesting! So from this graph it seems that alternator voltage should never go below 14.0V.
  6. euclid

    Effin' Autodoc

    PayPal is not like it used to be! After building a reputation, they lower cost.
  7. Regardless of IBS, voltage output should stay within 13.9-14.4V. If the alternator is good and the regulator is functioning properly, that's what the output should be. IBS is actually controlling the disconnection of consumers sequentially, if the battery voltage drops under certain thersholds.
  8. Regulator range 13.9-14.4V
  9. Probably the voltage regulator (within the alternator) has reached its end of life. They usually go up to 100k miles. It's a fairly easy replacement if you want to do a diy. You can either get a completely new voltage regulator or just replace the brushes.
  10. euclid

    Effin' Autodoc

    The investigation will drag until the deadline to start a case at PayPal expires. So open a case asap.
  11. euclid

    Effin' Autodoc

    Had a similar experience. Shipment arrived in 6 weeks and half the parts were missing. Other half were damaged. Autodoc wouldn't accept liability. Stay away!
  12. euclid

    Diesel brake servo.. Please read!

    Can you pull that check valve off the servo? In my case that valve won't come off to the point that if I pull harder it will break with half of it still in that servo.
  13. euclid

    Brake fluid change, how do you do it

    Easy... https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/BMW-E60/96-BRAKES-Brake_Bleeding/96-BRAKES-Brake_Bleeding.htm
  14. euclid

    windcreen washer fluid in main tank.

    Not a big deal for the short-driven distance. However, you'll need to drain the coolant and top-up with antifreeze (ethylene glycol). Windscreen washer has about 10% alcohol, which dissolves ethylene glycol in the long ran, rendering it ineffective as a lubricant. To drain the coolant just unscrew the radiator drain plug and let it drain. You won't drain all of out, but most of it will be drained. Top up and vent through the expansion tank.
  15. euclid

    Diesel brake servo.. Please read!

    Thanks GoNzo