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  1. euclid

    Coolant Leak - Urgh. Help!?

    With engine cold try to pressurize the cooling system. If you don't have a proper pressurization system with the fittings, disconnect the small dia vent hose of the radiator and use a bicycle pump with a check valve. Not very easy to get this done but at least you don't need additional equipment. When cold, you can easily locate the point of leakage.
  2. euclid

    Diesel fuel filter replacement

    At first glance they look like damaged screws but looking closer thet were built like this. Probably to avoid overtightening? These need some sort of special tool to tighten. I had the clips replaced since i couldn't think of any other way.
  3. Tried today to replace the diesel fuel filter on my E60. Removing the fuel filter was fairly straight forward. Reconnecting the hoses however on the new filter was another story! The hose clips can be loosened using a flat screwdriver, but cannot tighten due to the shape of the screw. The outer face of the screw is circular so you cannot use any sort of hex tool either. The only solution is to have them replaced. Has anyone run into such clips? How can you tighten them?
  4. euclid

    Goodyear Eagle or Michelin Primacy?

    I did 40k miles on those. Like every tyre you try on these cars (rears), they become very noisy after about 4-6k miles. The Michelins were very quiet at the beginning but became very noisy after that. Grip was good. One think I noticed is that the side walls became cracked after about 1 year, even though it was a fresh tyre. That was probably superficial since I didn't lose any tyre pressure. I think the Michelin has more silicone than rubber. With the Eagles, I just had them fitted, so I'm happy for the moment. Sidewalls look more robust.
  5. euclid

    Goodyear Eagle or Michelin Primacy?

    I had the Michelin Pilot Sport 2 on the rear (275/30R19) and just fitted a set of Eagle. One positive thing I noticed on the Eagles is that the rim protection is much better compared to the Michelins.
  6. euclid

    E60 injectors

    The trick with the injectors is that when these diesel guys say they had them replaced, they either mean the mechanical needle valve or the solenoid, never both! I'm not sure how this specific one is designed, but 99% is a Bosch, so this is how it works. Have them refurbished and you risk ending up with the other part being damaged shortly after, have them completely replaced and you spend a lot of money! For some reason, refurbished/tested injectors tend to fail shortly after.
  7. euclid

    Please I need immediate help

    Could you attach the codes?
  8. euclid

    N47 oil leak.

    I think (but not sure) that this is the chain tensioner retainer.
  9. euclid

    N47 oil leak.

    Sorry I missed the "above". As Andrew said it's probably the timing chain cover.
  10. euclid

    N47 oil leak.

    Crankshaft oil seal probably. They seem to have a lifespan of 70-90k miles.
  11. euclid

    N47 timing chain part list

    There are various kits out there. - Get the BMW genuine kit - Select the kit with all sprockets and all 3 chains. The price difference between the 1 chain and 3 chain kit is rediculous. - All gaskets, tensioner, guides, etc are included in the kit. - May also want to replace the crankshaft oil seal, depending on the mileage. - Thermostats - Any hoses that are about to give up
  12. euclid

    Increased Battery Discharge

    Just to update all those interested on this subject... Received the D-Can cable and relevant software from Cableshack and registered the battery using INPA. The Increased Battery Fault seems to be gone. Of course it was intermittent before (7/10 times during starting). I hope the fault is gone forever! There is indeed a lot of BMW software on the Cableshack disk, but I'll need some time to become familoar with all these. Even did manage to install VMware software on Windows 7, with some trial & error. Everything seems to be working fine.Thanks to Jimmy for his support on this.
  13. LCI document attached E60_LCI_Detailed_Changes.pdf
  14. E60s and F10s suffer from the same timing chain issues. I have an E60 520d since new, and decided to go for the chain replacement, just to be on the safe side. It cost 2500 euro for 2 chains, 1 sprocket, tensioner and 4 guides. I did that outside UK so it cost me more. In the UK it's cheaper, usually less than 1000 pounds. I've had no other issues with the car (touch wood) and I'm pretty happy with it. M47 engines have other issues and not as powerful as N47. The LCI car is better overall. If you can do that however, go for a 6-pot (525 or 530d). Much much better, more extras, lots of power.