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  1. strongbow

    Pixel fixin'

    I have replaced the odo pixels board with one from ebay. It was not too difficult as it came with detailed instructions. There was one scary bit when you have to drill out a part of the existing plastic but if you take your time it is not a bad job. Cost about £25 as far as I can remember and it is still working 5 years later.
  2. strongbow

    Emissions Failure

    Hello, Has anyone got any ideas on the following, I have done a search but can not find anything like it: My car required a fair bit of work after failing its mot. This work included removing the exhaust. I took it back for retest today and it has failed badly on emissions both CO and HC, the emissions test on the mot before the work, was well within the limits. My question is, what could I have done while removing and refitting the exhaust that could cause such a change in the emissions? Hope this makes sense, Thanks.
  3. strongbow

    Fuel Lines

    Hi can I have a quote for the following please 16112228839 fuel feed line 16122228814 rear fuel feed line 16132228831 carbon vent pipe rear It's for a 2001 e39 m5. Many thanks, Alan.
  4. strongbow

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    Hi, I installed an Eonon unit about 2 months ago. It was £350 with the extension wiring and OBD2 adaptor. The wiring takes awhile but the connections are really simple. So far I am really pleased with the set up. The sound quality is much better than the original and it works with the CAN BUS so the steering wheel controls function, I have ordered the reversing camera but not fitted it yet. It is basically like having an android tablet in the dashboard. I ended up getting a pay as go 4g dongle for the data side of things as tethering to my phone was draining the phone battery quickly. Only time will tell how reliable it is but at the moment having Spotify, Google Maps and bluetooth handsfree phone control is a major bonus for me. If you need any more details let me know. Cheers.
  5. strongbow

    Wiper mechanism

    Recently had mine fall off leaving the wipers stuck halfway across the windscreen. The arm is easy to change and if you are in the UK it’s only £11 from euro car parts. If you do want to remove the actual wiper arms I would recommend a wiper arm puller as mine were stuck on. It’s a cheap tool that works really well, got mine off of amazon.
  6. strongbow

    Battery dead

    I had a lot of problems with flat batteries as the car is not used much. I installed a ctek battery monitor which bluetooths to a phone and lets you know when it is getting low and needs a charge. Much better than my old method of waiting till it wouldn't start!!
  7. strongbow

    10w60 oil - cheap

    It is worth signing up to Euro Car Parts, they sometimes have short flash sales with big discounts. I have saved on oil and a battery this way. Got to keep an eye on your email though as the sales normally only last 12 hours.
  8. strongbow

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    Looking amazing. I need to do much the same to my one. What sort of money should I budget?
  9. strongbow

    Any Aircon experts around?

    The leaks are normally really small. On mine there was UV dye in the old gas which I think is quite common. I got a UV torch off of eBay and it was fairly easy to find because the dye sprays all over the area around the leak.
  10. strongbow

    Any Aircon experts around?

    Hi, Unfortunately it sounds very much like you have a leak and there probably isn't any gas left in the system. The pressure test involves putting the system under a vacuum and seeing if it can hold it for 30 minutes, if it can't then there is a leak and the machine will not put an gas in. The compressor pulley will spin freely when its not working. It operates on an electric clutch that engages when the system starts. The 5 volts is a reference voltage that is used to control all the engine sensors. You really some gauges to see if there is any pressure in the system and go from there. There is a guy on youtube call ScannerDanner that has some very good air con repair videos as is well worth a look.
  11. strongbow

    Air-Con Pusher Fan dead?

    Well worth it to not use your air con till you replace it. Without the cooling fan it tends to over stress the air con leading to leaks, well that's what happened to mine anyway. The aftermarket one I went for was cheap but it is noisy outside the car. Also fitting a second hand one didn't work out too well, it only worked to three weeks and it's a major pain changing them. From what I read these fans are a bit of a weak point but air con at this time of year is sooooo nice.
  12. strongbow

    How to confirm sticky caliper?

    The best way to find a sticking calliper is with an infra red thermometer. You can get them from eBay for about ten pounds. It will tell you disk temperature without having to touch them.
  13. strongbow

    Battery light flickers on acceleration

    Not sure if it is the same set up on your car but on mine I had the light sometimes flicker and sometimes come on fully. I tested the charging system and everything was working normally so I just ignored the light. After awhile the car started misfiring and all sorts of weird electrical problems happened. It took weeks to find out that on cars with an electrically controlled thermostat engine coolant can seep up the wiring and comes out on the computer terminals. I know it sounds impossible and I didn't believe it could happen till I found it. The thermostat wire connects right next to the battery monitor wire so as these started to short out through the coolant the battery light is the first sign. Over time mine got so bad the shorting actually burnt out the computer earthing system which caused all the weird problems. Anyway to come to a point, if you have an electrically controlled thermostat then have a quick look at the connectors that go in to the computer which is under the passenger cabin filter box. Seem to remember it has four screws to remove on its lid. Seems like yours is more likely a real alternator problem but no harm in checking the computer as it very nearly finished my car.
  14. strongbow

    Battery light flickers on acceleration

    If you can't find a reason for the battery light coming on then make sure you check the connections to the computer for moisture. This has happened to me and the mystery battery light was the first sign.
  15. strongbow

    Which ABS sensor?

    I got the super cheap ones off of eBay and they have worked fine for over a year now.