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  1. problemchild

    my 2009 E60 525d manual

    cool - i think its a great spec'd car i'll take a look at autotrader and the for sale section and see what they are going for JJ
  2. problemchild

    my 2009 E60 525d manual

    not been around for a while but after getting the E60 up to scratch with the standard issues - mostly all linked to the DPF and all my work to fully understand and share that pan range issue and fitting some of the @baus prototype halos and doing my guides - it's all been pretty much plain sailing. but i think its time to move the car on now I don't know if the E60s are holding their value or not though or if its worth holding onto them mine is one of the most recent E60s in msport business nav guise 525d met grey with shadow chrome cream leather dark roof HDD radio system and quire rare that its a manual (i think) but its now old, got 140k miles (tbh it only had 110k when i bought it in 2013) and is need of a bit of TLC just wondering if its even worth selling and if there is a market for these. Thoughts JJ
  3. problemchild

    Rear Light Melted Connector

    I contacted BMW and had no response back JJ
  4. problemchild

    Rear Light Melted Connector

    Yeah that’s the plan but I know a lot of people were getting them fixed for free just don’t know if anyone has recently did you just buy the connector? solder and heat shrink? JJ
  5. problemchild

    Rear Light Melted Connector

    SO i know the fault and i've seen the posts..... just wondering if anyone has had them done as a warranty/recall recently? if not i'll DIY it I've booked a call back from BMW Bristol to see what they say JJ
  6. problemchild

    '05 525d No Power

    Should just do the inline £5 Renault 5 thermostat in the top hose fix the car wont regen with faukt codes so use Carly every 500miles to clear codes and request regen good luck and well done at fixing JJ
  7. problemchild

    Stalk Noise

    It bugs me too - was gonna pump a bit of contact grease behind it - or a blob of vasseline JJ
  8. problemchild

    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    Any bolt to the metal body is a ground the bolt that holds the fuse box in place can be used JJ
  9. problemchild

    SE/M Sport Confusion

    Isn’t that standard? i think that’s only where my 525d MSport Business has them. as stated above, would be an expensive way to do it. winder if it was registered incorrectly OR was a pre registered 550 SE and when someone wanted a 550 msport the dealer just specced it up rather than ordering a new 550 and having the SE sat around depreciating JJ
  10. problemchild

    SE/M Sport Confusion

    What makes you think it’s an SE? JJ
  11. problemchild

    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    When wiring my dash cam it was not possible to source an ignition live in the fuse box i tapped into the wires in the rear cig lighters and ran wiring along under the centre console then up behind the glove box. Doing it this way would future proof proof any other uses and avoid battery drain JJ
  12. problemchild

    Stopping debris getting into the air filter

    You want a filter for your air filter? let the filter do the filtering and check it more often? my induction kit on the Brabus gets a regular clean as it’s always full of flies ha JJ
  13. problemchild

    530d belt snapped.

    Diesels take longer than petrol cars to get up to temp - should be fine JJ
  14. problemchild

    530d belt snapped.

    When my belt snapped it was because the water pump had seized make sure everything moved freely JJ
  15. It’s not about opening the stat quickly - it’s because all the other stats have failed open because they are piss poor over engineered expensive cack i dont know what the coolant circuit is around the gear box or how it works off the main coolant but if it’s designed to have a different operating temp then I agree the top hose solution wouldn’t work. But then it must have its own pump etc? otherwise it’s all the same coolant on the same circuit and just because it’s a R5 thermostat - doesn’t make it crap at doing its job. That’s like saying a standard house thermostat is terrible because you haven’t bought a £300 Nest system. JJ