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    bmw 530d 2004 msport
  1. Jonathan Azzopardi

    I Drive service menu

    I tried doing it from the cluster but its not letting me. today I'll try again maybe i am doing something wrong
  2. Jonathan Azzopardi

    I Drive service menu

    The bad thing is that i cannit reset the service lights
  3. Jonathan Azzopardi

    I Drive service menu

    Hi all, anyone has ever had this problem Everything in I drive works fine but service menu sometimes is ok sometimes is blank.Can anyone help pls
  4. Jonathan Azzopardi

    Blank screen e60

    Service requirements sometimes comes like this. Doesn't let me reset service things. Anyone here had the same issue pls. Tks
  5. Jonathan Azzopardi

    wheel size front fitment

    Hi I have a bmw e60 msport and was thinking of buying a set of 20 inch alloy wheels .My question is can i fit 10 inch wide on the front with a 38 offset thanks in advance
  6. Jonathan Azzopardi

    big mileage e60 530d

    when i bought it stil had everything in place but now it had the swirl flaps removed DPF delete and a stage 2 remap from elite remaps , next on the list is to remove the EGR
  7. Jonathan Azzopardi

    big mileage e60 530d

    Hi steve , its good seeing that there is at least more than one Malteser on the forum , maybe one day you come here in Malta for a holiday we can meet each other
  8. Jonathan Azzopardi

    big mileage e60 530d

    Duncan - thats what im hoping that its a bonus , even when i took the car for a ride and even took it to my mechanic for inspection and for mot test , even without telling them about the mileage they told me that it looks that is has less mileage than written on the clock as it is in very good condtion
  9. Jonathan Azzopardi

    big mileage e60 530d

    Tks guys for your help , i will try taking it to someone with a decenet computer and will start from there
  10. Jonathan Azzopardi

    big mileage e60 530d

    Tks Tuvoc will try it as soon as i get some off from work tks again
  11. Jonathan Azzopardi

    big mileage e60 530d

    Hi guys and good evening everyone, Sorry for my English. I have a question that may be stupid and maybe not. I have a 2004 bmw e60 530d with marking 185,000 miles , but the guy whom \i bought from says it only have about 90,000 as when he bought the car from the Uk (I am from Malta) he took the car to someone to increase the mileage so he can pay less registration tax ( yes here in Malta the REG tax for UK imports with less mileage is very expensive). What i need to know is there any thing i can do so i will know the real mileage of the car or at least the time when the car had the mileage increased and by how much was it increased thanks in advance for any help
  12. Jonathan Azzopardi

    New member from Malta

    Hi hope you had a great stay here in malta, and as you said good weather very bad roads
  13. Jonathan Azzopardi

    New member from Malta

    Hello all i am Jonathan from Malta and my car is a bmw 530d 2004 m sport
  14. Jonathan Azzopardi

    Coilovers on the Cheap

    i had pro sport on my previous bmw e36 with no problems at all for 5 years and have them again on my bmw e60 for 2 years now
  15. Jonathan Azzopardi

    installing some upgrades on my e60

    Hi I am new to this forum and would like to know a couple of things about installing some upgrades to my BMW if possible.First i would like to ask if i can install the large screen instead of the normal small one i have and the dvd slot as well instead of the single cd i have at the moment ( that only reads normal cds an no mp3s ). Second thing is if I change the whole kit mentioned before would i be able to connect maybe an ipod or an AUX input ? And the last question is i would like to fit auto closing mirrors , is it possible ? My car is a BMW e60 year 2004 msport thanks in advance