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  1. DomXUP

    iPhone mp3

    Hi all Just read an old post on updating to ios7. Excuse my lack of knowledge but am I correct in thinking that you would simply plug your iPhone into the adaptor in the glove box and you could scroll through your music list on the dashboard screen? As the only way I can play music from my iPhone is to plug into the AUX on the rear of the centre consul, which obviously means to change tracks your messing about with your phone all the time! If I plug my phone into the glovebox adaptor it's says product is not supported or something like that.... Would an iPod work with it? Thanks in advance....
  2. DomXUP

    Melting rear light cluster

    You can buy a new light bulb cluster with the modified earth bonding and plugs etc from BMW, costs about £30, obviously a very common fault if you can buy this kit off the shelf.
  3. DomXUP

    Melting rear light cluster

    Seems ok now! Could've done without the problem... Was driving around in circles though cos I couldn't indicate right.... It blew the lot.... Although it seemed to be the fog light that was the problem... It should've blown a fuse... It didn't it just melted... That's not good....
  4. DomXUP

    Melting rear light cluster

    New to these cars so excuse my lack of knowledge... But I had it serviced a few weeks ago... New oil and filters for everything known to man... My mate said it's in my head but I'm pretty sure the computer said I was averaging 35mpg before.... Now it's saying 30mpg... I've not changed my driving style... Although maybe I have and I've just not noticed.. I must admit to "giving it some " now again for that torque kick.... Would you recommend a re-map? Is it worth the money?
  5. DomXUP

    DAB Radio

    I have the same problem All BBC nothing else.... In a 2007 model...
  6. Ok so I've decided to get rid of the swirl flaps early next year after hearing some horror stories! If I do this will it effect the performance or mpg in any way? Also my rear right hand side light cluster melted the other day! Alarms going off all the way down the M62..... Got it sorted wasn't too expensive... Is this likely to happen to the left hand side or is that problem fixed?
  7. DomXUP

    New kid on the block with a 530d m sport

    My 535d was cheaper to insure than my last car... A 1.4 VW polo that was only worth about £600 ... £40 cheaper. Crackers...... How does that work out?
  8. DomXUP

    Newbie just saying hello

    Thanks for the info! My car runs fine at the moment, but what would you recommend I do to avoid this possible swirl flap problem? Something else I'm unsure about is all the computer trickery and alarms going off for service requirements, do I really need to go back to bmw to get rid of all the alarms? Pay them a fortune just to change the oil etc? Not that the alarms are going off at the moment but I'm sure they will at some point?... I've never had a car like this before and I'm used to changing the oil myself on a cortina or something similar....buying new oil and a filter from halfords, whilst splashing out on a fue orange air freshener whilst I'm there! Not used to owning an autobahn car......
  9. DomXUP

    Newbie just saying hello

    No I'm not at all to be honest!!!! That's why I joined this forum! I've heard the story's but not really clued up at all on the swirl flap issue etc? I've just made the transition from bikes to cars.... Hope your not about to tell me I can expect a mass of problems? I only intend on keeping it a year or two then swapping it for a newer model. It's got full service history and has 60k on the clock..... Not happy about the price of tyres! But I knew this before I bought it.... Loving it though does everything I want. And it's surprisingly good on fuel for its size. I've had ford fiestas that have drank more fuel in the past.....
  10. DomXUP

    Newbie just saying hello

    Hi all. Just joined the site and thought I'd say hello! Just bought my first BMW, a 535d after deciding to give motorbikes a rest due to a massive smash a few years ago. Decided it was time to treat myself to a nice car, wanted one when they first came out but couldn't afford one.... Thank god for depreciation!!!! Dom....