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  1. welshpug

    Windscreen required

    when I had autoglass replace my screen they came and checked what type of trim was fitted, ordered oem trims and came back out when they had arrived. only cost me the excess, why would you pay from your own pocket on top?
  2. at least the wind didn't take it the other way onto the windscreen, been there
  3. welshpug

    Road Tax

    what's road tax?
  4. not quite, the ecu will pulse the injector a desired length of miliseconds and number of times a stroke as set by the map, given a known injector size. put bigger ones in and the ecu has no way of knowing and will deliver more fuel. that's IF the 530 units flow more.
  5. welshpug

    Full brake/pad service due

    ecp own pagid aftermarket, and jurid I think, so they arent the oem equivalents they used to be. i doubt the brakes will be worn out after only 22k miles though, tons of meat left on mine after 50k, granted its an E34 that doesnt have tc by brake.
  6. no, as road tax has not been a thing since 1934.... vehicle tax no, most of my vehicles are pre 2001 so 280 odd, just a bonus that my 2003 daily diesel vw is less.
  7. 1 because its faulty, probably cost more than the vehicle is worth (in their eyes) to rectify. 2, no, only speedometer is required.
  8. welshpug

    Running an e39 M5 using e10

    if you're in the uk then you wont have put E10 in the tank yet, despite what the sticker on the pump says, we haven't passed the 1st of September yet so the refineries haven't shipped any...
  9. welshpug

    Running an e39 M5 using e10

    i doubt changing from 5 to 10% Ethanol will make that much difference.
  10. welshpug

    525TDS Stalling, out of ideas, any help?

    just a thought, check you have the overflow valve fitted. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HG82-EUR-11-1993-E34-BMW-525tds&diagId=13_1430 part 27, its built into the banjo on the return line from the pump, essentially a small pressure regulator for the low pressure feed side of the system.
  11. welshpug

    525TDS Stalling, out of ideas, any help?

    does this engine still run the Bosch VP37 mechanical/electronic fuel pump ? if it does, and it has been apart, it may well be that the head needs moving, its probably idling super low when you get it running, all the symptoms sound like not enough throttle being actuated in the pump for a given pedal position. look at the pump and find the 4 torx screws that secure the top to the main body, these are in slotted holes, loosen them and move the head forwards, tighten the screws and see how it idles. idle speed should be 770 +/- 50 rpm.
  12. would these be available to order from BMW in grey? they are e39 sport 17x8 wheels I believe
  13. welshpug

    bbs style 5 rc090 centre caps in grey

    1 093 531 is the number on the wheel, I have seen 36 11 1093531 on the internet though. these are grey not silver.
  14. welshpug

    bbs style 5 rc090 centre caps in grey

    I'll try and find them shortly!
  15. welshpug

    Best practices after buying a used E39?

    service the gearbox if its an auto.
  16. welshpug

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    cut out a big chunk of the rear of the drivers side sill, far from the worst I have seen posted here, but still a fair old chunk! I do have a sill panel to chop a piece out of however the middle of the jacking point support needs repair also, as well as the inner sill and the closing panel in the wheelarch onto the end of the sill.
  17. welshpug

    Drive shaft bolts

    quite likely to be dealer only, they come with the thread locking compound already on them I'd imagine, like flywheel bolts etc. in my experience though if they are cleaned and fresh thread lock applied and tightened to the appropriate setting they will be fine to re-use.
  18. welshpug

    Pubs shut, takeaway recommendations

    pubs open over here..
  19. welshpug

    tailgate strut balljoint.

    after a price for 2x 41218120964 please
  20. welshpug

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    my handbook says 1450 I'm sure
  21. welshpug

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    how is an M5 250 kilos heavier than my diesel touring?
  22. welshpug

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    a few weeks back I fitted the Rc090 back on with two new tyres, fitted a track rod end and did the tracking. taxed and insured it it hunts/surgesn on light throttle which I dont recall it doing when auto, swapped the TPS and no change, it has been sat 2 years + though..
  23. welshpug

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    this amused me, the E34 really isnt that heavy, a very brief google suggests they are 65 kilos lighter than an E36 M3.
  24. welshpug

    Upside down side view camera image

    i guess its not possible to turn the camera then?
  25. so the DW10 psa engine, I'm sure the flexi is not part of the dpf on that age, only the lager euro 6 engine. I'd get under and have a peek myself.

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