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  1. Iain525

    €4.89/£4.12 for a replacement key :)

    Good find! Bargain (unless it snaps in your barrel then not so bargain)
  2. Iain525

    E34 1991 525i non start

    Yeah I'd say the same. Lights dim a bit. My video: https://youtu.be/DboiPE9uINg Can't start it anymore but don't recall it ever doing it hot. Does it with a known good battery but previous times a jumper hasn't made a difference. Think I'm going to check earth's next.
  3. Iain525

    E34 1991 525i non start

    1991, BMW E34, 525i M50 It's been intermittently not starting for a little while now. Always left it, or charged the battery, and next time i've come to it it has started. Now it's not.... Battery freshly conditioned and sitting at 12.5v. Key in position one goes down to 12.2. Key in "start" position goes to 11.8v (and the dashlights dim down) but it doesn't even attempt to crank over. No noises from starter solenoid either. Just tried a fresh battery from a working car and exactly same behaviour. Where do I start diagnosing?! Starter motor?
  4. Iain525

    E34 525i 1994 running cold

    Hi @Flandy! Fan feels good, exactly how Haynes describes when cold (tiny amount of resistance) and can stop it with my hand when running cold. No A/C, so no extra fan to my knowledge.
  5. Iain525

    E34 525i 1994 running cold

    1994 BMW E34 525i Touring Noticed the temps are staying at around 1/4 or lower, so I've changed the thermostat with a new genuine BMW 88C one (matching original). When trying to run it up to temperature to get it all bled/checked over the temps are still taking forever to even rise past the blue. Heaters are warm, rad top hose is warm but bottom is cold. Radiator is stone cold to the touch. What should I be looking at next?!
  6. Iain525

    E34 thermostat

    Sent via Paypal
  7. Iain525

    E34 thermostat

    Hi, price on a water thermostat please! 1994 525i Touring (M50 vanos). I think the right part number is 11537511580, feel free to correct me Thanks
  8. Iain525

    Headliner fabric source?

    How about grey flock? The electrostatic process.
  9. Iain525

    E34 touring boot cover pins

    Hi, can I get a price on the BMW E34 touring boot load cover pins (the ones that push into the liner to clip it closed)? Believe part number is 51478149029 Thanks
  10. Iain525

    Subwoofer wiring

    Nice work it's tight getting wires up there!
  11. Iain525

    e34 red rear lights legal in uk

    Yep I did it on mine years ago with tint spray. The indicators flashed red. Not ideal.
  12. Iain525

    Subwoofer wiring

    I don't remember exactly how I did mine but I put it down the drivers side
  13. Iain525

    E34 fuel flap hinge

    Please advise if this price is still valid and I'll send over Paypal payment today. Thanks in advance.
  14. Iain525

    E34 fuel flap hinge

    Hi can you please give me a price on TWO fuel flap hinges (including postage) for a BMW E34 525i 1991? I believe part number is 51171928197 Thanks in advance
  15. Iain525

    Alpina replica bumpers

    Sounds promising on the fitment front then. Totally get what you’re saying about the cracking issue though. Was just quire tempting at 150 posted.