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  1. Iain525

    Temp Gauge Help!

    Don't forget the dash gauge isn't really calibrated, its an indication. So we have no idea how much hotter it's running. If you're really worried my suggestion would be a proper temp gauge fitted to monitor exactly what the water temp is. But sounds like overkill.
  2. Iain525

    Temp Gauge Help!

    35 quid for a BMW stat if you want to try it. I fitted one in my touring and it's bang on half way. Sent from my ANE-LX1 using Tapatalk
  3. Iain525

    Temp Gauge Help!

    I'm not convinced point an IR thermometer at a piece of engine is going to be that realiable or useful, especially without a measurement pre thermostat change. Happy to be proven wrong! Sent from my ANE-LX1 using Tapatalk
  4. Iain525

    Temp Gauge Help!

    I know where you're coming from, when I first noticed it sitting differently I was concerned there's a problem but now don't bat an eyelid. My 2nd 525i does sit bang in the middle with a new genuine BMW thermostat. Could be ours open at a diff temp, eg 92 and OE are 88/90?
  5. I first test fitted it into my 525i saloon and it doesn't have the same problem. However the seatbelt on that one is reversed (clasp nearest door). The estate has a conventional clasp in the middle of the car. Also fits fine in the E34 touring front seat. It's just like the rear belt needs an extra 2 inches.
  6. Cheers Duncan. Wonder if it's a funny design seat that eats loads more seatbelt then. Having only ever experienced one I wouldn't have considered that! Sent from my ANE-LX1 using Tapatalk
  7. 1994 e34 touring 525i. Fabric interior nothing fancy Recently started needing a rear baby seat but finding the rear seatbelt is about 2 inches too short to make this feasible to use. Anyone else found similar or had problems with baby seats?
  8. Iain525

    Temp Gauge Help!

    Mine used to be bang on middle. About 5 years ago I did similar servicing and it's been just above half ever since. Not a problem IMO
  9. Iain525

    E34 525i SE - Opinions Sought

    The later M50 VANOS engine is lovely, at 100k should be reliable if it's been maintained. Perhaps just the usual waterpump change required if not done. Definitely scope out the sills, jacking points and rust starting to set in on bottom of doors - the latter is cosmetic only but depends what you want from it. For 3k I'd hope for no rust showing though.
  10. Iain525

    E34 - Dashcam - 12v switched power Sources

    Tapped into glove box light wiring. Made an adapter that sits between the light and plug I think (was a while ago!) so no cutting. Light charging plug is an excellent shout though. Would be ideal.
  11. Iain525

    E34 front bumper trim

    L517 AFX Thanks
  12. Iain525

    E34 black doorcards

    Good afternoon sir. It'll be non wood to suit a cloth interior - current doorcards are black vinyl and a cloth insert in the middle.
  13. Iain525

    E34 black doorcards

    Wanted, set of black E34 doorcards in good usable condition. For a touring if it changes the rear doors at all
  14. Iain525

    E34 front bumper trim

    Hi, price on a BMW E34 front bumper trim please. Front right (UK drivers side). 1994 E34 525i Touring. Pre-facelift (narrow grille)
  15. Iain525

    €4.89/£4.12 for a replacement key :)

    Good find! Bargain (unless it snaps in your barrel then not so bargain)