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  1. stevewilley

    time for my E39 to go !

    well sold today by first person to view it ! £1650 !
  2. stevewilley

    time for my E39 to go !

  3. stevewilley

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Taken for MOT passed no issues now listed on Ebay
  4. stevewilley

    time for my E39 to go !

    taken car for MOT today passed no issues and now listed on Ebay
  5. stevewilley

    time for my E39 to go !

    Assume paying £10 to advertise to people that already have one ? would love to keep it but , no room really for another car as mine is sitting outside next door !!!! , will be paying tax on company car so extra expense whether use there fuel or not ! and i have another toy i use at the weekends that as great as the E39 is cant beat this ;
  6. stevewilley

    replaced pads and discs but still got brake judder ?

    fitted new discs and pads and it solved issue no judder at all now !
  7. stevewilley

    time for my E39 to go !

    lol ! thanks Guys ! well when you apply for a job "sometimes" there car policy is set in stone and this one is ! (no real choice or allowance mores the pity) but i need a job more than i need to choose a car ! just sorting MOT in next week or two and then prob be listed on everyones favorite auction site ! drove it Sat to give it a run (as sat there for over a week) gutted !
  8. stevewilley

    time for my E39 to go !

    well my time with the excellent E39 is coming to an end ! i only purchased as i left a job that had a company car (Oct 2013) so need my own car , i have now got another job that has a company car so have no requirement for my own now ! always wanted an E39 with para alloys (the best IMO for this car) and have to say the E39 is a fantastic car and even on a 2001 with 130k on the clock the 525i is a quality car super smooth powerful and handles a dream well done BMW !!! learnt a lot on here thanks everyone for your help and advice ! i know i cant advertise on here (not a gold member) and i'm not but its for sale as soon as i have the time to deal with the endless idiots and timewasters on the normal sale sites
  9. stevewilley

    Front ARB bushes ?

    Hi All posted about this before and trying to narrow down have a clunking noise going over bumps at low speed , so far the garage have checked everything 3 times (as i had new pads and discs and thrust arms and bushes) both front struts have been removed and top mounts good as too the bearing and top nuts are tight , both ARB drop links been replaced , and both thrust arms (banana ones) been replaced my brake wobble as gone all together but i am still left with this clunking sound at very low speed over uneven surface ??????? jacked it up today and every thing seems tight and good as garage have confirmed , but i did notice that the anti roll bar bushes when car jacked up you could fit the tip of your finger in the hole at top as suspension was dropped as no weight is this right ? or are the bushes shagged ? is there a way to test them as pulling at the bar and it seemed solid as too with pry bar ! 2nd Question how hard are they to fit ? heard the O/S is hard due to heat shield ? what is involved ?
  10. stevewilley

    Sanding down headlights

    same as you tried every cleaning product even toothpaste as folks had said how good it was never really made any difference so i broke out the wet and dry , think i got 1500 and 2000 water with a drop of fairy in it for lube and went for it and it worked a treat finished by polishing with glass paste for windscreens (i know the lens is plastic) but all i had at hand !
  11. thanks struck lucky i guess as the guy i got from local to me never advertised it as having all the above just an SE , i just knew i liked the colour the seats and wheels and i myself had no idea it was a high spec until now and yes it all factory fitted and for £1000 ! not sure on suspension but the Merc 2012 c250 sport i handed back as my company car handled like a boat compared to this ! this E39 truley does feel a way better car on handling and ride than the merc i had the E39 does not have any body roll the merc was terrible for it ! even put the air con on today (never put it on since i had it too cold outside) and its ice cold ! just dont spend your whole budget on the car it will need something in the first few months mine was FSH and well cared for but i still ended up having to shell out for wheels refurb £250 rocker cover gasket £60 fitted track control arms £150 pads and discs £100 Engine service £100 front tyres £150 and other odds and sods so over £800 ! all in the first few months ! so like the others have said hold £500 back to account for things that may need attention !
  12. i've not long got my E39 and like you always liked the E39 but never had one or knew the finer detail between the models and i was on a budget as i lost my job and compnay car and wanted something that looked great for little money and all i remembered from the early days that the M54 6cyl engine was always meant to be the pick but that will be subjective ? so when i purchased mine i had none of the info i have now picked up from this forum but i knew i wanted less than 150k miles FSH and full leather and facelift as wanted angel eyes "O" and para alloys as always thought these looked best on the E39 , then when i started looking i relised that the sport model had black plastic bumper trims and for me i did not like this and prefered the colour coded look ended up with a FSH (BMW) 126k SE facelift with full sport tan leather black roof lining and sunroof and para alloys and the colour i wanted Topaz so although an "SE" it has all the elements i wanted and i paid £1000 !!!!! and it came with full mot and 3 months tax ran it since Oct and replaced discs pads suspension arms rocker cover gasket and had the wheels refurbed i get between 26 and 36 MPG depending on how i drive it and with 190 BHP it goes very well enough for me anyway ! so hit all the car sale websites and if you search around and not just discount a car on title like "SE" it may have the elements you want in the car ?
  13. annoying hollow sounding knocking noise going at low speeds over potholes or uneven surface sounds n/s front to me ? had the car in a number of times where a pry bar has been used to check all bushes and ball joints etc... even loading the wheel back up on the car lift to check , both front suspension units have been removed (to fit new arms banana upper arms replaced along with brakes) they removed as they could not drop the hub , but this confirmed that the upper mounts were OK on the shocks car drives fine and i hear the noise more when cold ? it steers drives and stops fine and only hear the sound at low speeds over uneven surface etc.. so brakes , new arms and bushes , upper mounts good and every bloody arm ball joint had pry bar on it and the garage has siad everything is good ? so given the above is there a common issue that affects E39's like this even though a mechanic cannot find fault ?
  14. stevewilley

    replaced pads and discs but still got brake judder ?

    ok so thought i would share my update ! replaced the discs and pads today with new ones and my brake judder has gone , the other disc's i fitted a few weeks back did have disc run out the only highlight of this is that this highlighted the fact my upper track control arms (banana ones) the bush's had gone fitting news ones reduced the judder but not all , the new discs and pads have got rid of the judder all together ! if anyone is interested i have front calipers (working) and rear discs/pads/calipers (working) that you can have for free !!!! will fit any e39 with 296mm front discs
  15. stevewilley

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    new discs and pads ! and judder gone !