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  1. R9SWN

    Staggered v Regular

    yeah imagine... I think i am just going to go for the squared set up, with some spacers on the rear so they fill the arches properly, i phoned rimstyle about the wheels i want and they don't make them staggered so im pretty much stuck with them all the same size lol. Thanks guys
  2. R9SWN

    Staggered v Regular

    So i am thinking of changing the wheels on my 520d (E60) currently has a set of Spider's which were spec'd from factory and are staggered of course. But the time has come and i fancy something different. I was looking online and there is many places looking to sell me a set of 4 wheels all the same width. The questions are, can i run these safely? would i need spacers on the rear? and what is the benefits of staggered rims?? Any info or experience you have would be greatly appreciated
  3. R9SWN

    Wheel sealant

    well the 2 questions. Is it difficult to apply? and what kind of money is it??
  4. R9SWN

    Wheel sealant

    Just got my wheels back from the powdercoaters and they are looking fresh and i wanna keep them that way, can anyone recommend decent wheel sealant?? Think i have some poorboys stuff somewhere but unsure if anyone really rates that anymore. cheers
  5. R9SWN

    Mesto Handheld Foamer

    Found this to be really good for the money, good spread and thick as well. I just need to work on getting the mix of foam/water but would definitely recommend this for people who don't have any access to a P/W with foam attachment Excuse the shoddy camera work and the fact its on a vectra, as the BMW had already been done and needed to make a video. Video.mov
  6. R9SWN

    Show me your E60 5 Series

    Ebay there GE or something not the usual team heko ones everyone buys. good depth, fitment and quality. and i honestly have no idea what the engine is how would i tell?
  7. R9SWN

    Show me your E60 5 Series

    Heres my 520d LCI m-sport only changes are kidney grills, front wind deflectors,LED plate bulbs & put my plate on should soon be fitting some HIDs in the projectors and a chrome twin exhaust in place of the drab one on it! opinions welcomed
  8. R9SWN

    Mesto Handheld Foamer

    Just wondering if anyone on here has used or had any experience with the using a hand held foamer instead of the usual Pressure washer attachment one, seen a few different reviews on D/W (mostly good but the odd person cant see past a karacher) but after a youtube search it does seem to get a decent spread/foam if you get the mix right. http://www.mesto.de/en/home/products/pressure-sprayers/mesto//drucksprueher/foamer-7.html I have one en route so will happily post up my findings and let you all know how i get on
  9. R9SWN

    Sash's 530d LCI M-sport

    Space grey with some clean bright silver wheels is always a winner in my eyes! And with the white LED number plate bulbs the back end looks 100x cleaner