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  1. I get that Dan. But pointing out religion etc etc isn't t really needed ed here... Hence why i don't bother with this forum no more. London was a total mess in 1993 when the IRA decided to bomb it. We didn't ban Irish people or Catholics... We accepted and understood it was a small group of Cunts. So why the topic around Islam, Muslims, Moslamics
  2. No just trying to say who what what where...how did he get right there.
  3. How's things everyone? Been a while Still the same old shit in GD i see lol Grumpy old men bickering, love it
  4. Westminster has more CCTV cameras than any other city in the world... Where is the footage? Food for thought... And don't say out of respect to the policemans family. What about the millions of other footages they released.. Where's the respect gone? Pssshhhht! Blame the "Moslamics" as usual
  5. Hi bitches Bloody Mosalamics
  6. Shaz H

    The 535d is going lower tomorrow

    FK’s are not that great. Go for Pro Sport if you’re looking for budget coillies. 2 of my mates have them with no issues and another I know had them on 4 years until it needed replacing.
  7. Shaz H

    100k miles so whats next.

    I’m on 117k now and haven’t done any of the above apart from a full service and brake fluid change Will keep a list of to do’s
  8. Shaz H

    The 535d is going lower tomorrow

    Surprised you’re getting a good with the Eibach. Mine didn’t make a difference and the rear lifted even higher lol so switched to coil overs, slammed to the floor still on factory links and arms
  9. Shaz H

    Anyone know this 520d? Milton Keynes

    Thanks Mick - appreciate it mate. Addiction never stops
  10. Shaz H

    Anyone know this 520d? Milton Keynes

    Agreed - my slow daily turned into a show daily at the time, it was the only thing I could get insured on. In a much better position now but I'm too attached to let go of this gold digger...
  11. Because you asked nicely
  12. A bit directed that comment wasn’t it… The same principle can be applied to all race, religion etc. Why haven’t the Christians done anything to stop the Paedophile vicar from wearin the dog collar? Why this, and why that. I can open a can of worms easily… Pointing fingers at a community and stating ‘WE’ should have done more is bolox mate. How do you exactly what the community have done or haven’t done? Oh wait…the ‘media’ haven’t told you so the Muslim community are to blame because we didn’t stop this fool. OK. Hey mate, This thread is one of those reasons lol I sign in for the time in months and see the same old racial/religious tension and think why am I bothering. My opinion isn’t gonna change no one’s mind set but I am not gonna sit here and keep my mouth shut. As for pics – it’s such a chore uploading on here lol Oh and I’ve wrapped the daily to this In other news, my car has made it on here http://pbmwforum.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/bmw-festival.html?m=1
  13. Shaz H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Wrapped it Vlady, wanted to colour change but thought I'd wrap it for now. maybe in 2 years i'll respray it
  14. Shaz H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Been a very long time yes indeed! 2016 has been quite busy for me. Bought an apartment, moved in, colour change on the e60, had a baby, went to a few shows, sign into the forum, check the general discussion thread, and the same old racial/religious tension…ah well nothing changed I guess Finally met the famous Tristan at the RWB Porsche build was a good little meet and I’ll post up some pics when I get a chance Also caught up with Pete (711jrp) and a few others at Gaydon Anyway a few pics of the daily