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  1. Lee_523i

    Official BMW part number help needed please.

    Yeah,i sort of figured that out after trying 2 types and wasting time.Should have gone to spec savers.
  2. Lee_523i

    Official BMW part number help needed please.

    P.s I have checked the number to confirm the part BigMan,and it is indeed the correct part,within 5 mins of reading your post i found one on e-bay,used but guaranteed to be working for £20! Result! Thanks very much again both of you for your help.
  3. Lee_523i

    Official BMW part number help needed please.

    Thanks very much for the replies guys,appreciate it.I,ll follow your advice,thanks again.
  4. Hi all. I have a 2000 v reg 523i 2.5l and i am having trouble trying to find a genuine bmw camshaft position sensor (intake side). After market ones do not seem to agree with the car,have tried 2 different ones but the obd scanner keeps showing the error code saying its this sensor.I have delayed starts which keeps putting the car into safe mode,and i have to keep re-setting the codes to get from a to b + plus i keep getting the engine light on also. Does anybody know the official bmw part number for this part? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  5. Lee_523i

    Poltergeist messing with my stereo

    If its a poltergeist,maybe you should ask for the priest next time it goes for a service
  6. Lee_523i

    Weird cam sensor..

    I think there is something wrong with my new cam sensor, every time the prime minister pops up on tv the damn thing goes haywire! Hmmm....
  7. Lee_523i

    Irishmans bmw

    My mate paddy next door took his bmw for a service today, its still stuck in the church door !
  8. Lee_523i

    Thick wife?

    I thought i saw my wife,s name today on a loaf of bread at asda. My mistake,it actually said thick cut.
  9. Lee_523i

    A little joke...

    Why did the condom fly around the room? A-It was pissed off
  10. Lee_523i

    Slow rev drop? 2002 525i

    I have the same issue to and ive been scratching my head on this one. Throttle response to revs seem to be out of sync,a lag.Maybe someone can shed some light on this issue.
  11. Lee_523i

    Wheel bolts- Tight as hell!

    Might be worth using some wd-40,or failing that,apply some heat with a blow torch or similar.
  12. Lee_523i

    Noticed today 2.0 98 e39 temp gauge went to red...

    I had that issue once,turned out to be a partial blockage in the cooling system stopping the radiator from doing its job properly.After flushing with a hose and a good clean,it solved the problem,although i may have been lucky. Good luck.
  13. Thanks ally,i think i,ll pop open the cluster anyway so i know what i need to buy.I,ll post any info of relavance on here in due course in case anybody is interested.
  14. ok, i,ll read the full post next time.
  15. I assume your spark plugs are ok? I know its a lame question,just an idea. Hope you get it sorted. Regards Lee