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  1. starbuck88

    Oil Leaks and ABS warning

    Heated seats and suspension can be sorted for much less than 4 grand and the risks of an 'unkown' car. If you're handy on the spanners and look out for a good pair of front seats...Sreten on M539 has added heated and electric seats to an E46 didn't look all that complicated to me.
  2. starbuck88

    Not a great day :(

    That certainly doesn't sound like a stuck lifter that sounds like something flapping about
  3. starbuck88

    Headlight adjuster saga and thanks to a member

    Hold one of the bulb connections and wiggle, if the internals all jiggle about a lot freely, you need to do the adjusters, if everything feels solid and firm then its something else. If the level sensor goes, (xenons) front or back the car will point the headlights down. Here are 2 videos that I made when I did mine: Before: After, you can see how solid it all is... Hope this helps
  4. starbuck88

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Small but satisfying... Before Quick clean with a new leather brush (only cleaned before with microfibres and it obviously never did a good enough job)..as this is how it came out. Very impressed. Can't wait to do the entire interior with it.
  5. starbuck88

    E39 Restoration, M54B22 to M54B30 swap

    Was the valve stem seals a definitive diagnosis without anything else being tried out? I say that as my M54B30 I noticed was using oil when it was idling, never when running, revving etc. I could do a 600 mile trip and it use no oil. Yet if it was sat idling at MOT test or in traffic, I'd get the bong of doom saying check oil level. I changed the CCV and it now doesn't use a drop, unless I drive very enthusiastically near the redline quite a bit (which I think is to do with stuck oil scraper rings etc).
  6. starbuck88

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Bought a new old stock battery and a house charger, a PAYG Sim and a general tidy up on the Motorola V50 in the car that I've never used or bothered to put a sim in since I bought the car a few years ago. I'd like a new housing for it, or at least a new top to the clamshell with motorola sticker.
  7. starbuck88

    Aux/Pusher Fan Not Working - M54 530i

    Managed to get a bit more time last night to diagnose. At the weekend I only had a few minutes spare to test the voltage and quick fault code read. At the weekend I cleared all the fault codes. I re-scanned on ISTA and got this... Woop, finally it had thrown up a fault. I could then call up the ECU functions and try to activate the fan..... Where it then did this: So there we go. Fubard fan.
  8. starbuck88

    Jacking Points

    Lucky you, I've had my rears welded and the fronts aren't looking the best. Like you say, protect them and guard them with your life haha.
  9. Hi All, Strange one, or maybe it isn't. The short story is, A/C didn't work due to low refrigerant (last A/C gas in all the documentation appeared to be more than 11 years ago), All vac'd, pressure tested, leak tested and filled and now it blows lovely and cold. However, this has highlighted that the AUX fan does not turn on. Whilst sat in traffic for a while, I felt this horrendous vibration, checked the Coolant temp and although the needle was pointing straight up, it was rather warm, the vibrating stopped when the a/c was turned off, turns out the line on the drivers side that runs past the wheel well was shaking violently. When driving the coolant temp came back down but I left the A/C off. Next drive out with everything cool, A/C worked with no vibration again. I think it over heated and the vibration was the high pressure (I believe the pressure coincides exactly with temperature). So that points to 2 'issues' with the Aux Fan, Not only does it not come on when the A/C is on, it also doesn't come on when the coolant gets to a certain temperature. The viscous fan is obviously more than capable of keeping the car cool, as long as the A/C isn't on because I've had no issues in over 3 years with overheating etc. This is the diagnosis so far, the aux fan seems to rock left and right every 10 seconds or so when the A/C is on but never actually carries on spinning. There are no fault codes listed for anything related to this (ISTA). This is the later PWM style, I have so far taken off the connector and can confirm there is sufficient power (12v with car off, 14v with car running) and the PWM wire, you can see that fluctuating on the volt meter (I don't have an oscilliscope but reading forums etc as long as there is 'something' happening when the car is running (with a/c on) it appears to be sending the signal properly). I believe with the PWM fan you can't just give the connector 12v and have the fan spin you also need to feed a pwm signal which I can't do... (I can't seem to find where in ISTA to force the fan on, any ideas?). Does anybody have any further things to try, look for before shelling out what appears to be an extraordinary amount of money on a new fan assembly? Kindest Regards
  10. starbuck88

    PDC question - do modules go bad?

    Brilliant, saved to my watch list!
  11. starbuck88

    PDC question - do modules go bad?

    £12 each? Ebay Jobbies? Or is this the Landrover OEM Part that also fits our cars?
  12. starbuck88

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Is that reflector from behind the glass xenon lens?
  13. starbuck88

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    When rebuilding the rear areas on mine, I've not reinstated the jacking pads yet. I'm in 2 minds tbh. I have a small hydraulic jack in the boot with a rubber pad on it incase of a flat. I have zinc primered and dynaxed the interior of the sills and done zinc primer with POR15 for the exterior. I plan to keep the car long term so I know without jacking pads it's not OEM.
  14. starbuck88

    Are halogen hella headlights the same case as xenon

    Firstly thank you both, this is great and what fantastic support. I admire @e34m525i that you are willing to help people who want to DIY themselves, proper community spirit that! Much kudos sir. @Ray112 That dipped beam output looks quite frankly mental! This may seem dumb. How do you make it so that the Bi-Xenon function works? Is there additional wiring? Do the original high beam lights come on too H7 bulbs iirc?
  15. starbuck88

    Are halogen hella headlights the same case as xenon

    I admit that getting someone else to do your adjusters is money well spent. I have the harder non opening type and I managed to replace my adjusters all through the rear holes, there was a lot of swearing, cut fingers and took a good few hours to do them but it is doable without splitting. Well worth the effort in my opinion if the rest of your lights are in good condition. Only issue with mine now really, is I keep polishing them to crystal clear and it seems they go back cloudy faster every time. I'm debating whether to go crazy with the DA and then lacquer them, or just buy new lenses and spend an afternoon cutting the old ones out. @e34m525i are you able to tell me what bi-xenon lenses you use, I'd be interested in converting to bi-xenon but I am a hands on type of guy and would love to do it myself for the learning experience. Appreciate if you cannot.