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  1. SJL

    Old Stock

    Good result - LCI important as some LCI models have lower tax then predecessors, but other than that actual build date not that important so long as warranty/servicing/connected drive run from date of purchase ….
  2. Still no sign of the update ……
  3. SJL

    Old Stock

    Think new orders are delayed due to global chip shortage so a new order could be a long wait ….. but not acceptable behaviour by the dealer ….
  4. I’ve run the Thule wingbars alone and not noticed any noise ….
  5. No OTA update so far for me - still 07/2020.54
  6. SJL

    Appreciating Asset?

    Under the BMW PCP deals you can usually terminate early without penalty so it's question of finding the time with the right balance between market value and balance outstanding. Essentially they both reduce over time but the curves can be quite different. Looks like OP has a 4 year deal but was planning to terminate early after 3 years .....
  7. SJL

    Trailer Lights

    Hi Andrew, What was the build date of the G01? ,my G31 with FF towbar was late August, Good to know there are options if problems are encountered. Lighting boards for sailing boats a have a tough life and I think LED would be more reliable long term … Many thanks for all the info ….
  8. 540i is still available for the LCI G31 (Tourer) ......
  9. Yes that’s it ...
  10. Does this help ? I have a G31 540i LCI car from last year if you are thinking about latest model and have questions ...
  11. Not sure if your changing a plug or a socket but a whole new plug is only £7.49 ... https://www.screwfix.com/p/maypole-mp128-13-pin-european-trailer-board-plug-12v/80486?_requestid=392127#_=p
  12. SJL

    BMW digital car key on iPhone

    I think you need iPhone 11 or later - does not work with my iPhone X .....
  13. SJL

    Trailer Lights

    Thanks for the reply, I have factory fitted setup which works fine with incandescent lamps so concerned LED will be a problem ...
  14. SJL

    Ivory White leather & kids?

    Could be as I had light grey in my E39 540 tourer for 14 years with no noticeable transfer. The Cognac has really grown on me & the Mrs, she wishes she gone for the mini equivalent now .....