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  1. SJL

    Replacement Windscreen

    Looked at Autoglass for my sister's mini when she was visiting from France and picked up a huge crack - was also very unimpressed - she used the dealer in the end. Did you use UKcarglass for a standard or a heads up windscreen ?
  2. SJL

    G31 LCI discounts

    I got a little over 16% off list with local dealer .... think Carwow might have given me slightly more
  3. SJL

    My Dilemma

    My approach also .....
  4. SJL

    New Deliveries

    Advised my car was "released to transport company" end of last week - anyone any idea how long that takes to get it to the dealer ?
  5. SJL

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    Think you have to drop down to the 520d for RWD with LCI now, but 540i is only available x-drive, hope to have my 540i x-drive in a couple of weeks !
  6. Seems something misaligned with the bonnet and NSF wing at the front corner also .... but otherwise bodywork looks great for the mileage ....
  7. SJL

    Bought another e39- again

    Looks great ....
  8. SJL

    Brakes Upgrade

    Doesn't sound right to me .... have you asked the dealer to check them ?
  9. SJL

    F10 fuel gauge.

    On some pumps I get some "backing up" of the fuel, where I need to let it drain down before continuing, particularly when close to full. In extreme cases I cannot fill at max flow at all and have to hold pump handle trigger half way down - a complete pain.
  10. SJL

    G31 Rust

    Recyclability requirements on modern cars don’t help .....
  11. SJL

    strange noise and horrendous tyre wear

    Could it be a bearing issue ? I had an noise issue on my F11 which I felt was bearing related but the service department repeatedly described as uneven tyre wear, despite my replacing all the tyres. However the MoT tester used by BMW (not sure if internal or external) noted a worn ROS bearing!
  12. SJL

    Car insurance prices

    535D MSport - currently LV £472, max NCD, no claims, renewal on 25th £490 but can find around £400 online with AA.
  13. SJL

    New F10 Owner

    Nice colour and the black grills make a big difference !
  14. SJL

    New Deliveries

    That's a long wait, was it your choice ?
  15. SJL

    Thule Wing Bars

    Do you have something in mind ?