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  1. SJL

    New Deliveries

    Ceramic coating added today:
  2. SJL

    New Deliveries

    Very nice - I particularly like the black grill with the blue ....
  3. SJL

    F11 Black Kidney grills

    Sold I’m afraid - to the silver car pictured above !
  4. SJL

    New Deliveries

    My wife’s new mini also delayed a couple of weeks - more or less same story - should be at dealers next week ...
  5. SJL

    Annoying G31 issues

    Think you have a problem there - works well for me - if the oncoming light levels and rear from cars ahead are consistent enough seems to drop to permanent dipped mode !
  6. SJL

    F11 Black Kidney grills

    Looks very smart !
  7. SJL

    LCI now or next year

    Had my LCI 540i for about a month now - no issues so far, most annoying thing is the clicking rear windscreen wiper
  8. SJL

    Fresh meat

    Looks great .... still miss my 540 E39 ...
  9. SJL

    New Deliveries

    That will please the Mrs ... her new Mini is due in under two weeks ...
  10. Anyone know how to get the navigation system to avoid single track roads - mine is set for fastest route but seems to love single track roads - didn’t know there were so many around here ! Never had this issue with the F11 .....
  11. SJL

    F10 535 D Ambient lighting

    Is the overall brightness of ambient lighting controlled by the dimmer near the light switch ?
  12. SJL

    F11 Black Kidney grills

    It was March 2016 build
  13. SJL

    New Deliveries

    Looks very nice - especially the colour in your pics. Took me a while to get my seat right but it's great now ....
  14. SJL

    F11 Black Kidney grills

    Any interest in these ?
  15. SJL

    G30 540i when did production end?

    Think it was dropped when the LCI models we introduced. Last Pre LCI production was June or July so there are a few later than March around. The G31 Estate is still available in a 540i version.