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  1. SJL

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    Certainly my problems started after an iOS15 update on the phone, but deleting the connections on the car and remaking them fixed that (had to reboot the car OS so I could delete one of the connections so something in the car had an issue) Looking forward to an OTA update - still on July 2020 version of ID7 ..... others received an update in the spring .....
  2. SJL

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    Not yet - but was not using CarPlay mode connection ...
  3. SJL

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    Hold the volume buttion in for around 30 seconds ... wait a bit and press again
  4. SJL

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    Second phone could not copnnect either Reboot of the car OS allowed the existing connections to be deleted and recreated which solved the issue. No need to do anything on the phones
  5. SJL

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    Will check another phone tomorrow, AirPods work fine with the phone (iPhone X btw)
  6. SJL

    CarPlay, calling & iOS 15

    I seem to have lost all Bluetooth connectivity between my iPhone and my G31 - can’t even delete and recreate the connection … Any ideas anyone ? iOS 15.0.1
  7. SJL

    Photos of the 3 Pre LCI Grills

    I agree with E39mad about chrome on white cars (even though that’s what I currently have) think the cerium grey looks best …
  8. SJL

    Appreciating Asset?

    Great looking car …. Not too many around either
  9. Any one else with an LCI G31 still waiting for an update - I’m still on 07/2020.54 ?
  10. Thanks - downloaded ….
  11. SJL

    myBMW App - iPhone V 1.5.0

    Connected drive has stopped working for me.
  12. SJL

    Towbar DIY Installation G32 (G30/31 similar)

    Not sure it’s helpful, but my previous car, an F11 535d was listed without its factory fitted tow bar and a couple of other items, think the dealers are pretty lazy about getting the specifications right ….. think I would call and ask them to physically check the car if you are seriously interested as it’s not that obvious …. I would think it likely a few of them would have had the option.
  13. SJL

    BMW Sytner (Leicester)

    Ordered cognac seats in my G31 - very happy with that choice ….
  14. Entered it into realoem parts finder …….
  15. Anyone else with an ID7 car still waiting for the OTA update ? I wonder if the fact that the last 7 digits of my VIN are not unique causes an issue …. (A 2000 E46 320 has the same as mine)