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  1. some people are a wiz with wires, he's just a cnut with cables! still funny to watch
  2. rustos

    lets have a poll.... the best 5er

    e39 for me, gotta be one of the classic bmw's
  3. rustos

    Flooded engine / bore wash

    my 325i is prone to bore wash as well, mis fires, check engine light the lot! it got worse after i replaced the ccv and pipe work. looks like high oil use can combat this issue lol just dont swich it off cold
  4. rustos

    X5 mid

    hi could you give me a price for a e53 mid part number: 65826914608 many thanks
  5. rustos

    e53 sat nav/radio

    ive got me a 3.0i sport in black but with an orrble hearing aid beige interior lol
  6. rustos

    e53 sat nav/radio

    just picked up a x5 all good so far. but it has a dynavin satnav cd/radio ipod dock thing fitted, that's all well and good if you're tech minded lol my question is this, what do I need to re-install the bwm wide screen radio or even a e39 mid with the tape player on top? many thanks
  7. rustos

    Why Do V8 E39s Leak So Much Oil?

    mine is not too bad (touch wood) just the power steering pipes so far
  8. rustos

    These ratchet straps fell off a lorry...

    do you have an after picture? its not going to end well lol
  9. rustos

    Lemforder vs Meyle

    you have a point there, as i type this on my Chinese made keyboard connected to my Chinese made computer looking at my made in china monitor that all seem to work remarkably well and I like Chinese food too lol
  10. rustos

    Metal sounding rattle

    I had a horrendous rattle on mine when in drive and held on the brakes, sounded like the gearbox was going to fallout. turned out it was the heat shield over the rear box, no fixings left holding it up! fixed and no more rattle, worth a look on your car yes?
  11. rustos

    Electric cars, good or bad?

    watch the cost of electricity go up if electric car ownership becomes widespread our lovely government would miss all that fuel duty £££££
  12. rustos

    Engine Overheating = Oil Loss?

    if hot enough a engine could seize up! not nice
  13. rustos

    BMW Storage Heaven Must See!

    I would love to work there
  14. rustos

    BMW E39, it's not perfect, but,,,,,,,,,

    close lol
  15. rustos

    BMW E39, it's not perfect, but,,,,,,,,,

    group hug everyone! just feel the e39 love your motor looks good! is that grey or light blue?