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  1. kilty1

    What do you think E60 530D 2006 DPF

    That's what I paid, £1k deposit and 6k on finance, some other poor sucker will get landed with it.
  2. kilty1

    What do you think E60 530D 2006 DPF

    I have just bought a Subaru Legacy estate 2.5 petrol awd. 2004 for the snow Paid cash to stay finance free for a while as now possibly moving house, trying to get a new mortgage will be easier with no other debt. Dealers name did start with that and finished with park cars.
  3. kilty1

    What do you think E60 530D 2006 DPF

    Final update. Car returned to dealer "not fit for purpose" Got all my money back in January including all additional expenses spent on car., oil etc. Plus additional goodwill payment. Black Horse were certainly fair, just took a while.
  4. kilty1

    what else would I need to press bushes

    I would recommend something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/11PC-COLOURED-WHEEL-BEARING-RACE-SEAL-DRIVER-SET-INSERT-BEARINGS-PROPERLY-/200937189369?pt=UK_Hand_Tools_Equipment&hash=item2ec8ca2ff9 Need to keep bearing dead straight when pushing. Many more available at stupid prices. This was a cheaper one I looked up for you
  5. kilty1

    What do you think E60 530D 2006 DPF

    Well I disagree with you. Not all car sales people are "2 bit people". Bought my daughter a Cooper S from independant a few months back, the brake pads and disks and tyres needed done all replaced with new and car fully serviced. The timing belt tensioner gave in after a couple of days, thie independant sent it to BMW as his mechanics put their hands up they were not confident enough for this job. full honesty and no giving it a go. My wifes Jag was the same all new parts and tyres fitted plus fully serviced from independant. So I do not miss trust all sales peolpe when it comes to buying cars. But there are a bad few. In your opinion were then do you buy a car, main dealers "over inflated prices", privately "sold as seen" then you would have to use small claims court if car is u/s. There are still some good people in the world even if they do sell cars for a living. As for the finance wait and see.
  6. kilty1

    What do you think E60 530D 2006 DPF

    Update: My finance company are sending out an indpendant inspector to my house to have a look at the car before the weekend. They have spoken to the dealer and he has told them car is fixed and has done all he can and completed all repairs. I informed Finance company car was too dangerous to drive after great advice from FIVE-OH about the diesel getting into the oil. Explains the pungent smell from engine and exhaust and why oil level rises even though it is smoking badly. Hopefully be looking for another car soon. (BMW off course) will update soon.
  7. Well youve got £500 for repairs and £1500 left for fuelout of you 3k budget, bonus!
  8. kilty1

    Car Thefts

    How do the insurance companies view it as they drove off with keys in hand. I bet a few of them try to make claims very difficult. Both your house and car insurance will rocket. Just need one with tracker to get stolen giving police a push in the right direction.
  9. I apologise my mistake my 320 tourer did not have a lip on boot. It was one of the other ones that done my back in along time ago. Good car had two 316 (2.0d) and 320d roof rails another good option when looking for an estate.
  10. kilty1

    Car Thefts

    I would like to warn all members about a gang of Eastern European or possibly Russian that are stealing 2-3 cars every night. They keep moving around to stop police catching them. I know of 5 cars stolen in my own street in the last 2 months. 12+ in other surrounding streets.irst 2 were BMW mini and Mondeo both from same house. The keys have all been stolen from the house, some have not locked there doors others have had windows smashed, fishing rods used special tools to open house doors to then get keys. Through my work I have heard another work member had his wifes and daughters stolen (Kilsyth)and many more stories within the last 2 months Glasgow Airdrie, Kilmarnock of multiple cars taken in Central Scotland alone. Another car taken about 3 weeks ago just outside Falkirk. His brand new 320 (white) he heard house window getting smashed ran downstairs in his pants and outside heard his car starting, car keys taken. He jumped onto bonnet as doors locked, guy in car shouted at him in a european language. gave him the finger and then drove through the neighbours front gardens knocking him off. The theifs are dropped off by a third car, 1-2 get out car leaves then 1-2 other cars are taken. (aprox 3 min) 3-4 am What really annoys me is the police are keeping it very quiet. (Embarressed) or getting close to catching them. Do not leave your keys in the hallway, window sill or within view take them upstairs with you. If your door has a eurolock leave key in lock fully turned inside house. Stops them using tools from outside door lock. But will not stop them smashing window and turning key. If its that rife in Falkirk area it must be major and all over the UK. Thinking of buying a combination key safe, will slow them down giving me time to get downstairs with my metal baseball bat as they are now getting more agressive taking people hard earned assets. Then leaving you with huge insurance premiums for the next 6 years getting your no-claims back.
  11. Hello After driving estate company cars for over 20 years as service engineer I would suggest Passat or Mondeo as second, 2.0d both drive and handle well, plenty of space, easly to load flatbed boots, parts easily obtained and not overpriced. The BMW tourer is a pain if you need to lift in or out heavy items due to the lip at rear of boot, the old V40 also had this problem. (unsure on new model) Drove a volvo 850 for a week needed a petrol tanker to follow me. The X type 2.0 estate (2.2d is a lot better with higher mpg) is also pretty good. Flatbed boot 40+mpg (I have a lead foot, time is money) oem parts well priced. (bought my wife 3.0 sport xtype 8 years ago, still going but starting to need repairs. Hope this helps
  12. kilty1

    What do you think E60 530D 2006 DPF

    Thanks for this it explains a lot and I will be seeking full refund, unless it gets repaired at a BMW (specalised) or Garage all at their expense. I will post outcome.
  13. kilty1

    What do you think E60 530D 2006 DPF

    Asmall independant car dealer. Does sell a lot of top marques. My car has 111k on clock.
  14. kilty1

    What do you think E60 530D 2006 DPF

    I will certainly name, after resolved. Its a de'aler between Cumbuslang and Rutherglen near Glasgow. Had to use dealer as only had 1k deposit and neaded finance. Now makes me think why I didn't go the a M5 that I would prefer to own. Looked for ages for a 535D but like hens teeth in Scotland ended up settling on 530D. Another lesson learned. As its the finance company I now owe I have to get it refunded throw them. The dealer uses a local garage to his sales compound for all his work. They did fit a condensor for AC and new "clutch+flywheel." If new DPF was fitted I would have sorted all the little problems out myself. Last thing are you allowed to name company names on posts? i'm newbe
  15. kilty1

    What do you think E60 530D 2006 DPF

    Finance company had told me they will write to me within 5 days. I will then give them "The car is not fit for purpose" thanks for this advice. It was a great car getting slowly destroyed by stupid mechanics who must think most car drivers are not capable in checking there work. The dealer does not have on site garage services and keeps pretending he is the one getting stung as well every time I bring up part not fitted. Not my problem as mine is with him.