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  1. W444KYY


    Right lads just an update: Had my 530D Terracleaned by some chaps in Huddersfield. I was very hesitant at first wondering what issues it would unfold however i have to say my juddering issue has been solved. After the terraclean the car just drove like a dream!!! Felt more power, a lot smoother engine, quicker acceleration and for some reason when i took it for a blast down the M62 the car just kept going and going and going....140mph later and i am absolutely chuffed with the result...no more flat spots or nasty miss fire!!!! This was a cheap fix compared to going down the old school route of having my injectors pulled out and refurbished or compression tests done. The amount of smoke that came from the exhaust was un real. Money well spent! Hopefully will see results on MPG soon as well. Already thinking of having the EGR Terraclean treatment done as well. Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. W444KYY


    Yeah question really is if i can keep it that long...i tend to go through a car every year and half...maybe il keep this one...lol
  3. W444KYY


    Tuvoc - It's a pain i know all to well, my Imola E46 320D cost me near enough £4000 in repairs when it started going faulty, i only sold my 330D LCI Performance edition last week as i was spending alot on repayments, so thought i would rather just buy a car that will not cost me an arm and a leg...just didn't really think about the simple fact older cars require money spending on them. Alpinaman - Thanks for your feedback, i am going to get another specialist to have a look at it, just hope its not going to put a hole in my pocket, i have been told worse case i will need to get all 6 injectors refurbed and that is £90-120 each...plus the bill above and the turbo...but no definitely will get a second opinion and see how it goes. Other than the above the cars lovely, Flandy has looked after it, runs really good, pulls through the gears, guess its just wear and tear and a bit of shitty luck lol.... Interceptor1983 - Funny you mention abuse, i was mentioning to my mate .MoMo. the other day that i feel paranoid driving the car and giving it "some" compared to my 09 330D LCI performance Edition which used to take any abuse with a smile literally...with the E39 im forever paranoid of causing some sort of problem. I am very hopeful once a issues have been resolved the car will be as solid as any E39 of this age but spending that sort of money is my concern, just don't want £1000's worth of issues...
  4. W444KYY


    Afternoon Lads/Lasses I recently bought my E39 530D in Imola Red from Flandy off the forums. I gave the car to my BMW specialist to give a once over and he has pointed out the following issues, can anyone shed some light into the costs of repairs and if they are really a must to do straight away as i am a bit limited on cash flow... Inspection service due brake fluid change anti freeze change o/s/f rear bottom arm n/s/f anti roll bar link rear brake pads and discs (obviously this is a must) o/s/r rose bush and integral link (my mechanic refused to test drive the car as he said the wheel will fly off) ? handbrake shoes and handbrake is way to tight fuel pipe excessively corroded I appreciate that the car is 12 years old, so majority of the above is simply down to age, wear and tear however the major issue that i am extremely concerned about is, the engine is miss firing, randomly the car will start juddering and shaking excessively, especially at a set of traffic lights, or sometimes whilst driving, at which point i turn the engine off, start her back up and she is fine, however the fuel economy is just horrendous...literally i have spent £140 on fuel on the past 200 miles? £20 a day and i hardly drive no more than 30-40 miles if that? most of it is on the motorway as i use the car to go to work. The mechanic did say it needs a injector test, he also mentioned that at some point in her life she has been ran on red diesel as the fuel pipes have red dye remains. Has anyone had a similar problem? Oh and the turbo is loosing pressure however when i have driven the car i have noticed no lack of power as such, just a very loud wishing or whistle? Any feedback will be much appreciated, as i have only bought the car last week and already have a quote of £550 for parts plus £350 labour and that does not include diagnosed the judder/injector issue or the turbo whistle!
  5. W444KYY

    Aftermarket sat nav/radio/Tv anyuse?

    Hi, how much would a set up like this cost?
  6. W444KYY

    Hello Hello People!

    Thanks lads... Syncrofred - i love the car, been after one ever since we got my mate .Momo. his, just out of chance it popped up and he told me and here we are lol...best 5 series ever made...period.
  7. W444KYY

    Hello Hello People!

    How do all? Im new on the forums just purchased my E39 530D Sport Saloon, after owning 3 previous BMW's it just had to be done...so thought id join the rest of you BMW fans hope your all well! Just to fill you all in, I've bought this car from Flandy im sure you all know of him and the car. Heres the link; http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/85993-2001-imola-red-e39-530da-sport/ 2001 on a Y plate 119,000 miles 5 speed auto with steptronic Factory sport upgrade: -Sport front and rear bumpers -Full shadowline blacked out chrome -Electric leather sports seats -Sport steering wheel with multifunction -Lowered sport suspension (upgraded with recent weitec kit featuring original spec sachs alloy bodied shocks) Factory fitted 18" M parallel wheels Factory fitted motorola car phone (needs sim) High OBC Electric tilt slide glass sunroof Electric folding mirrors Electrically adjusted steering column Front and rear parking distance sensors Genuine brand new xenon angel eyes Recent front discs and pads using genuine parts 4 new Pirelli P-zeros De-cat downpipe (see: http://forum.bmw5.co...#entry713121� ) Swirl flap delete So yeah here we go...it all begins!!! #.MoMo.