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    Long-Lasting Sealant Preferences?

    Chris is right Nothing stands up to the rigours of use like Ceramic Pro 9H We currently have a Volvo V50 which is a 'daily runner" It is 36 months since we first coated it. Since then we have just washed it. In that time there have been no more stone ships, no need for any polishing or detailing maintenance and in 3 minutes flat you can have it looking as fresh as a daisy again. Bird lime, acetone, brake fluid and most other chemicals just wash off . Even the occasional shopping trolley scuff just polished out not even damaging the clear coat. Ceramic Pro Permanent Coatings* give Protection against environmental falloutResistance to all chemicalsSuper Hydrophobic-self cleaning effect meaning less and easier washing9H Hardness - high abrasion resistanceHigh Gloss Finish.. as good as any waxAnti GraffitiSGS. Certified* Ceramic pro is available from Approved Applicators only They are situated in Middlesex Suffolk Inverness North wales and Northumberland. Manchester is coming soon just check out the Nanoshine Group Ltd pages or Ceramic Pro to see the videos on u-Tube
  2. Latest pic of Ceramic Pro on the M5 as it cures
  3. Hi The Key test was done in Sweden and in fact this used a version of Ceramic Pro called Ceramic Pro Strong which can only be sprayed on. It is equivalent to putting 30 coats of 9H on at once but regrettably is really only suitable on areas subject to stone chips etc as it is a bit like a second clear coat. It is however also £500 per litre !!! However applying 4 coats of 9H followed by 1 coat of CP Light will give considerable protection and will give high levels of gloss and resistance to road dirt etc for many years without losing its beading or gloss. It can not be removed chemically but can only be polished off with a machine. the video of the plastic lighter on paint is reproduce able here on out test panels which have 10 coats of CP 9H on them. I have applied CP 9H to my E34 and it will take up to 3 weeks to fully cure so I will report it's progress as it cures I also plan to put a coat of 9H plus Light on the daily runner which is a black Skoda Fabia VRS so watch out for more info on this as the car will be washed and abused more often. In particular I am looking to multi coat the era bumpers to see if it stops the scratching caused by my old labrador/dalmation cross climbing in before I can throw a towel over the area .
  4. Hello from Polishing Co HQ ! Thanks for all the interest in Ceramic Pro here is a picture or two from our latest detail. Ceramic Pro is unlike anything else on the market today with its ancestry in the world of high tech commercial coatings . The CP-9H exhibits particularly high resistance with a hardness in excess of 9H hence the title. These coatings do however require specialist application after full paint correction and primer polish so they are not cheap. We are obviously still evaluating the product and will be monitoring the first cars we do closely as the full hardness and gloss will not be apparent for up to 20 days after application. The product is however very flexible in that a variety of 'recipes' allow us to tailor the treatment to suit both vehicle and budget. Ceramic pro 24 month protection can be had for about the same cost as most dealer supplied PPS offerings from about £350 per car. For full Anti-Grafitti and hardness a 4 plus 1 system of 4 coats of CP-9H followed by 1 coat of CP-Light would appear to be the optimum but 10 coats or more can be applied if you have deep pockets and soft paint. Typically this treatment will be around £800 for the average size car rising to about £1000 for a large SUV. Please note that the time taken for this work is 2-3 days minimum as the coatings take some time to apply and layer and the car must remain indoors for at least 8hours after treatment We shall shortly be testing the sister products for Plastic and Glass so will report on those as we do them. for more information please do not hesitate to contact us Mike Milbourne mike@thepolishingcompany.com