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  1. JoeS50

    After some E28 (m5) parts

    I have a E28 M5 boot first aid panel removed from my M5. You have a PM Joe
  2. JoeS50

    Joe's E12 M538I

    Thanks, The Boot spoiler is the original BMW Motorsport item.
  3. JoeS50

    Joe's E12 M538I

    Little update! The Engine is running great with good oil pressure. Since i last posted i managed to find a RHD M88/3 exhaust manifold which fits around the steering box.........just. Ive had my original radiator modified by aaron radiators in Croydon, the original dimensions were too long and hit the S38 thermostat housing so i have had it shortened, and i have upgraded to a 3 core instead of the original 2. Ive had to relocate the power steering fluid resovoir to make room for the M5 airbox and MAF. The Coolant resovoir was fitted to the original E12 airbox mount with a bracket i fabricated. The Heater matrix pipes i had to join the S38 pipes to E12 which works nicely. The Feed pipe to the steering box union did touch the exhaust manifold, ive managed to find a M18X1.5 banjo fitting which does the job nicely. I have almost completed the throttle setup, the problem i had was the e12 has a rod throttle setup, where as the S38 has a cable. (lots of steel fabrication which i will post pics on a later update) Ive fitted my clear front indicators which i am undecided about! There are a few loose ends which need doing but im not too far away! A few updated pics. Cheers Joe
  4. JoeS50

    Joe's E12 M538I

    Cheers, Im hanging on to the old engine for spares for my dads e12's
  5. JoeS50

    Joe's E12 M538I

    Hi e-twelvevers, Fivers, I'm Joe, I have been browsing and posting (mostly browsing) this forum for a number of years.. with my dads account ''e28fan87'' me and my dad are quite big BMW fans, especially the older models! I thought it be about time I put up some pictures of my E12, currently in progress, The engine is a S38B38 from a 1993 E34 M5 3.8 and has been refreshed and upgraded in suitable areas by me using genuine BMW parts, with a lightened 4.5kg Single Mass flywheel from David Olias at classic MD autos and a 3.6 clutch linked to the 3.07 LSD. The engine has been in dry storage for the past 20 years, and is like new. There have been many interchangeable parts from the old m90 (early m30) to make the engine fit I.e.: sump, oil pump pickup, aux brackets, PAS pump, Alternator engine mounts (N/S requires a adaptor from koala motorsport) to name a few. I shall start a proper thread in the projects section soon. Hope to get it MOT'd by the summer, well that's the plan.....! Comments and criticism welcome! Cheers Joe