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  1. Matty_Westside

    Steering box servo assist and M5 gear swapping Qs

    Yes I'm sure you could, I just didn't stumble upon one when I ordered mine. Now I know it works I might look into one
  2. Matty_Westside

    Steering box servo assist and M5 gear swapping Qs

    I went back and reworked the wiring I'd done, and now have a dc-dc converter that takes an ignition live from 12v to 6v then directly to the m5 steering box and earthed to the chassis. This has lightened the steering nicely and improved the self centring without removing too much feedback felt from the road. I'm very happy with it! I'd consider trying a 9v converter just out of curiosity but I think this would make it too light for fast driving speeds. It's not the OEM way, but for someone wanting to retro fit an m5 box its a very cheap (dc converter was £3) way to achieve constant and predictable power steering at a weight that suits you, result!
  3. Matty_Westside

    Steering box servo assist and M5 gear swapping Qs

    Yeah i agree, and no doubt it works well generally. While my car is a street car i do lots of track driving, both grip and drift. Because of this I rely quite heavily on predictable steering feel and the p/s resistance would potentially be too stiff when transitioning between drifts at high speeds
  4. Matty_Westside

    Steering box servo assist and M5 gear swapping Qs

    I thought that was only on the M5, and non M5 models had it work of engine rpm. Regardless it's not ideal for me
  5. Matty_Westside

    Steering box servo assist and M5 gear swapping Qs

    I've been running mine without electrical assistance for a couple of years with no issues. But I do a lot of track driving and the slow response to self centre is really starting to bother me, when correcting oversteer. Thanks, This is a good idea. But Ideally I'd like to lighten the steering without relying on servotronic, as I think its based on engine RPM, which is crude and not ideal for track driving
  6. I have a 540i, which didn't have electric servo assistance on the steering box as standard. I've fitted an e39 M5 steering box, because I wanted the better ratios (2.9 turns lock to lock instead of 3.6). The m5 box does have servo assistance, but I don't have the appropriate wiring for it. I tried running 6v and 12v to the servo but this didn't appear to make a difference to the weight of the steering (which is current stuck at its heaviest). Has anyone had success retro fitting a servo assisted steering box? Would it be possible to strip down the m5 steering box and retro fit the gears into a non servo 540i steering box? Is there a physical restriction created by the servo assist, which I could modify or remove to permanently lighten the steering?
  7. Matty_Westside

    Switched live in engine bay?

    Can anyone help me easily find a switched live in the engine bay of my 540i, so that I can tap into it for something.
  8. Matty_Westside

    540i cuts out after hot start

    Well the waterpump temp sensor fixed the problem for just over a week and now it's doing it again! So will try cam and crank sensors while euros have a sale on!
  9. Matty_Westside

    540i cuts out after hot start

    Ok thanks guys, I've read on other forums that other people had the same issue and it was their temp sensor in the water pump, the gauge would work fine but was telling the Ecu the engine was hotter than it was and so not providing enough fuel for a luke warm start. I could unplug the MAF but it's hard to say as the engine runs spot on all the time, hot and cold. It just cuts out on starting sometimes. But you can't really predict when it'll play up! The car is on 225k miles and I drive it lots so it is tempting to replace cam and crank sensors too but I'm sure it'll all add up!
  10. Matty_Westside

    540i cuts out after hot start

    I've now replaced the inlet temp sensor in the airbox and both o2 exhaust sensors. All new from BMW and the problem is still there. I'll get the ecu checked for fault codes again, but last time it didn't point to anything helpful. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  11. Matty_Westside

    540i cuts out after hot start

    I have a manual early non vanos 540i. It starts and runs spot on, however when you go to a petrol station (often) and fill up, the car will then cut out immediately after starting. This can happen 4 or 5 times in a row. The car wont struggle to start, but immediately cuts out again. This only ever happens when the car is warm and been left for 5 minutes or so. To me it seems its clearly a temperature related sensor as the engine is capable of running fine when hot. Does anyone have any suggestions or had a similar problem!?
  12. Matty_Westside

    2001 BMW e39 525d manual £1250 - SOLD

    Very interested, I've PM'd you
  13. Matty_Westside

    e39 BRAIDED OIL LINES (Oil Filter Housing)

    I'm after the two oil lines that connect the oil filter housing to the engine block on an e39 540i. If you have them from a different model let me know and I can check part numbers.
  14. Matty_Westside

    18" RH X-Rad with wider rears £549

    Would you consider selling a set of all rears without being refurbed?
  15. Matty_Westside

    LSD Rebuild?

    Does anyone know of someone who can rebuild BMWs LSDs, preferably with increased lock. I have an e39 M5 diff I'd like rebuilt but it will be for track use and drifting so I want it to lock as best it can!