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  1. If you have INPA or Navcoder, you can check if the INFO button is recognised as being pressed.
  2. You have to have either the Nav unit or TV (Video) module (or both) plugged in to have a display on the screen. If you car didn’t have a CD Changer fitted then it’s unlikely that it ever had the cable. It’s 65128364756 and just goes directly from the CD Changer to the radio unit (Philips module you have pictured) The Philips amp thing is the radio unit which would be a BM54 in a ‘02 model on, but that’s the precursor to a BM54 which is a BM23.
  3. I believe the ULF is working but the issue you’re having is what I posted earlier - Samsung’s and BMW ULF’s don’t play nice together. Try to borrow another brand of phone to test it with.
  4. Samsung’s are the phones that the BMW ULF doesn’t really play nice with. I have never had a problem with pairing any model or sw level iPhone to any generation of ULF so if you can borrow an iPhone to use to test it I would. Old monochrome Nokia’s (mid 00’s) always worked too - but they’re pretty thin on the ground these days. Pairing instructions are on page 9 in this doc:- http://www.carnationsoftware.com/carnation/images/OwnersManualBluetooth.pdf
  5. What phone are you using? Do you have a Bluetooth aerial connected to the ULF? Are you putting the ULF into pairing mode?
  6. Don’t connect the fakra to the console - it’s not necessary - in fact the console is really only needed to enter pairing mode - and you can do that with diagnostics and that’s only necessary once. So you can them fit a full size armrest.
  7. The factory mounting position for the ULF is under the front section boot floor next to the video module. As you’ve said, in your situation it’s probably best just to mount it where the V50 module bracket is. There’s no need to connect the aerial fakra connectors as modern phones don’t have an external aerial connector so they’re redundant. You can repurpose the one that goes to the front of the car as the Bluetooth aerial by removing the outer coded casing on the ends - that way you can have the aerial under the centre console. There’s no other connectors or power supplies for the Bluetooth aerial. The ULF pairing code should be printed on the side of the module - you can retrieve it from the module with INPA, PAsoft or NAVcoder - you have to get the ULF into pairing mode to pair a phone to it.
  8. Yes. OBM = On Board Monitor (Display Screen)
  9. You need to adjust the striker on the glass (rectangular hook thingy) so that it’s long enough (unscrew) to let the catch engage into the 2nd position. Instructions are at the bottom of this document:- https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e39-540i-tou/repair-manuals/41-body/41-62-tailgate/BY7Y6yi You need to pay attention to all the measurements/clearances.
  10. Rosie

    Help please - rear disc change

    Yes, you get to it through a wheel bolt hole with a long thin screwdriver.
  11. Rosie

    Why do fan blades differ in size

    It’s to reduce noise. Back before BMW’s had fan clutches, the engine fans had asymmetrically spaced blades too.
  12. Rosie

    E39 Battery Drain - Fuse 24

    The Americans say that Tool32 can do it.