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  1. Rosie

    540i fault codes - P0011 & P0443

    No, just take off the seal and unscrew them with a deep 32mm socket.
  2. Rosie

    540i fault codes - P0011 & P0443

    Yes, cam covers and upper timing case covers.
  3. Rosie

    540i fault codes - P0011 & P0443

    You could try swapping the vanos solenoids. However, it's most likely that the cam timing and trigger wheel isn't set correctly.
  4. This evening I had Spotify open and playing before I unlocked the car. The car still displayed “no ipod” but the phone did connect to the car and play music. However, there was no display or control and the prev and next buttons on the steering wheel didn’t work either. I’ve reinstalled Apple music because not only do I want the controls and display to work, in Australia it’s illegal to touch your phone whilst driving (and that includes whilst stopped in traffic) and not only are the police ferocious at issuing infringements for it, there are mobile phone infringement cameras!!!!!!!
  5. It didn’t recognise an iPod, I’ll open Spotify and have it playing before I unlock the car tonight to see if it makes a difference. Otherwise, it looks like I’ll be reinstalling Apple Music.......
  6. It’s definitely less than 8 hours - if I drive to work with Spotify playing it will default back to Apple Music if I don’t open Spotify in the evening. I’ve just deleted Apple Music, iTunes and all the other music apps off my phone so I’ll see what it does in the morning.
  7. Apparently this is what happens:- https://community.spotify.com/t5/iOS-iPhone-iPad/Default-player/td-p/4749473 I’m not sure what that will mean when it auto plays from Bluetooth. Please let us know.
  8. I suppose I should have answered - yes it does the exact same thing to me so I just open Spotify before I unlock the car. I don’t know specifically why it occurs but my guess is that after a few hours of not being used and Bluetooth not being active, Spotify hibernates. Then because it’s the default player Apple Music starts up when you reconnect the Bluetooth.
  9. Open Spotify before you unlock the car.
  10. Rosie

    New to intravee

    Also make sure that the volume is turned up to 100% on your phone. Internet radio is very compressed so the SQ is never going to be as good as a CD but should be close to radio - at least it is in my car - I suppose it depends on what app you use - I mostly listen to Spotify.
  11. Easiest for you would be to activate it in the “extras” menu of your Intravee II Otherwise, same as it was when this post was created:- Scanner 1.4.0 (PA Soft Clone) with its own specific dongle is easiest . NCS Expert with NCS for Dummies is harder but is part of the INPA suite of programs and can be used with the generic K+D CAN cable. You cannot code this on an E39. Your Intravee II also has this function in the “extras” menu. Yes. Scanner 1.4.0 reads and deletes codes as does INPA.
  12. Yes, it needs to be programmed as a manual, so this could very well be your issue. SW Nr. for an ECE 1997MY manual 540i with ME 5.2 is 1430047
  13. Are you using an iPhone? Because it won’t work with Android (all it does is connect). Also the red button on the Invery has to be “out” I’ve found it connects the fastest if the car is locked and asleep (16mins), the iPhones music player is opened and playing (I use Spotify 99% of the time) and then the car is unlocked. This was the last users guide published:- Page 27 on has all the “extras”settings but there have been a few more added since this guide. It is all very straightforward once you have a play though.
  14. Rosie

    Temic ECU - 65.77 6900727 using carprog

    Deadly serious. I’m not sure what you mean by this, but O.K. Here’s some more help:- https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2355545-Airbag-Control-Module-Internal-Error-(F0-240-errors)-Finally-found-a-fix! You’ll also need a program dump - check out MHH Auto. Or upgrade to MRS4 incl. side impact sensors. HTH.
  15. Rosie

    Temic ECU - 65.77 6900727 using carprog

    You can only do it by pinning to the circuit board/eeprom itself. That’s why the instructions say “on board only’.