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  1. NazE28

    E28 M20B20 2.0 engine

    It’s done 295k miles and getting tired so needs a recon or replacement if I can find all the parts might have a go at it myself with a friend who is very good with old school engines
  2. NazE28

    E28 M20B20 2.0 engine

    Hi folks looking for a replacement 2.0 engine for my 1987 E28 will consider chatting to someone who can recondition at reasonable prices - if you can recommend anyone esp in west York’s area I would be very grateful
  3. NazE28

    E28 M20B20 2.0 engine

    Any engine as long as it’s a straight swap with no messing around with changing lots of things
  4. NazE28

    Wedding car hire - advice

    i got quoted £450 per full day for 2 days for E28 so instead of hiring one I bought one myself have used it for two other weddings and had loads interest so defiantely a good venture Im now thinking of selling my white E28 and buying someting different
  5. I have an E28 520i Lux in white bodywork is straight ex showcar owned by BMW dealers in cardiff and essex i aquired vehicle to use for a family wedding earlier this year straight car high miles but driver brilliant looks superb everything is in its original cond inc original tape and am/fm stereo MOT and taxed and £100 a year insurance chrome in near perfect condition loads badges on the car perfect wheels where is the best place to sell this very rare car may not be the 535 model but still looks a million dollars would like to sell rather than keep outside in driveway over winter
  6. to be honest too many cars in the household and I think this car is so good it really needs a better home ie a place to be garaged away for a few years and then watch the value go mental as its so blumin mint and straight with heaps history inc original sales receipt and all MOTs and loads service records inc book and owners manual and wallet
  7. NazE28

    I want an e28

    ive got an E28 for sale minter not in your £300 range though! taxed and tested ready to thrill in