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    Hey, I'm from Morecambe, Lancashire I'm not the best photographer but here are a few The beginning... Nice and clean She is mostly OEM atm, upgraded the lights, LED angel eyes, HIDs, got a nice sub in the back... Theres a couple of things that I'm wanting to do over the summer when I have more time and money like fitting the M-Sport bodykit, a lip and possibly roof spoiler, I'm also looking at upgrading my exhaust. I'll leave it at that for now Richard
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    Hello guys, I've been on this forum a couple of times but I haven't had a chance to introduce myself (At least I don't think I have). I have been a proud owner of a 2002 E39 520i for just over 2 years now. Got her when she only had 32000 miles and now she's close to 60000, and I've loved every single minute of it. It's not cheap to run or maintain but it puts a smile on my face! I would like to see more E39s around, as they're pretty rare around here. So I hope I can meet some of you good people and share my passion for cars with you guys! Richard