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  1. GlosBeemer

    Coffee Cup Holder

    Slightly more than i wanted to pay Was hoping someone might point me in the direction of somewhere like Halfords???
  2. GlosBeemer

    Coffee Cup Holder

    Hi All, I don't have any coffee cup holders in the front of my new E39, but am desperately missing my cup of coffee on the way to work. Any suggestions? Matt
  3. GlosBeemer

    A newbie from Edinburgh

    Welcome, she looks lovely. That's my target car in the next 5 years
  4. GlosBeemer

    Worcestershire meet

    Now we have all finished slating the various postcodes of Gloucestershire, which isn't nice, as I have a lot of friends in Tewkesbury, Bristol and the Forest, I am going to to put the date of Sunday 29th September on the table for a 1pm meeting, then those of us who want to eat can, obviously after admiring one another's vehicles ! Now for location, I have included a few around the North of Tewkesbury/South of Worcester. Here are the choices; 1) Gupshill Manor - Tewkesbury 2) Balharries Restaurant - North of Tewkesbury 3) Rose & Crown - Severn Stoke (Worcs) 4) Swan Hotel - Upton on Severn Let me know what you think and I shall speak to the landlords and see what I can arrange for us! Matt
  5. GlosBeemer

    Worcestershire meet

    Ok, so I think we need to aim for the end of September, lets give everyone enough notice. So can you all have a look at the dates below and let me know what works for you and we shall go with the date that most members can make. Friday 20th September - 7pm Meet (Drinks and a bite) Sunday 22nd September - 3pm Meet (Sunday Lunch, Drinks and a chat) Friday 27th September - 7pm Meet (Drinks and a bite) Sunday 29th September - 3pm Meet (Sunday Lunch, Drinks and a chat)
  6. GlosBeemer

    Worcestershire meet

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm would that be me then Frank???? I would be happy to arrange a meet, If I throw some dates out there, how does that sound? make it around the Tewkesbury area, then we can get Worcester and Gloucester/Chelt 5 owners together. How does all that sound? Matt
  7. GlosBeemer

    E28 M5 new member

    That is a beautiful motor you have there, I one day have aspirations of owning an M5
  8. GlosBeemer

    E39 Sport owner introducing

    Welcome from a fellow newbie
  9. GlosBeemer

    Newbie with an e39 530d (Atlantis Blue)

    The what , need all the advice i can on mechanical issues!! What do i have to do to update the breather??
  10. GlosBeemer

    So much car, so little money

    Get yourself this Merc CLK230 (Supercharged) and still get change from a grand!! With 11 months MOT and 5 months tax, used cars are defo getting cheaper http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171104416419?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  11. GlosBeemer

    Pleasantly surprised with insurance quote.

    I Pay £300 a year fully comp with a £250 excess, but i am an Insurance and do everything net rated for myself!
  12. GlosBeemer

    Worcestershire meet

    Any news on a meet? I would love to meet some of you guys and pick your brains! Matt
  13. Hello All, My name is Matt and I live in Gloucester. I have owned three beemers in the Past. A 3,5 and 7 series but have decided that now was the time time to sell my trusty CLK230 and go back to a proper car. I was looking for a few months, when I came across this 530d, which was owned by a chap in Edinburgh (member of the BMW Car Club and thoroughly nice chap). So last Saturday I hopped on a train to Edinburgh to collect my new toy. Oh my god am I impressed, all they way back from Edinburgh (395 miles) at 80mph and averaged 46.3mpg!!! However all is not good with the car, as on the way back, whilst in the services (At night), as I pulled back from my parking bay, the bumper caught on the kerbstone and managed to rip itself in two . So as we speak she is in the body shop having the bumper replaced and having the read boot debadged. She has the M Sport kit on it and several of the options. I am hoping to use this forum to meet people and glean information on my new baby. Plans for 2013 - Bilsteins and slighty lowered (30mm), Angel eye and clear indicator conversions, private plate going on, being re-mapped in September, Parrot Bluetooth and iPhone system being fitted, detailing to be done at Ti22 and windows to be given a slight tint! Look forward to meeting some of you soon, is there ever any meets?? Thanks Matt P.S What do you all think to having my wheels painted white? Or should I leave well alone? And after I damaged the front (boooooo!)