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  1. makeshiftuk

    E39 Touring - Cloudy tail light Lenses...

    What Ray describes is virtually what I had... 4 abrasive pads of increasing grit rating, and PlastX paste to bring out the shine. Ive gone ahead and sprayed 3 coats of lacquer this evening to seal in the shiny finish - and I have to say it’s either my poor spraying, but the finish is sub optimal, it’s uneven and has dulled the shined down somewhat. Simoniz clear gloss lacquer is what I used... I’m going to do some reading online to see if I can further improve things... some articles suggests many coats of lacquer, and then some subsequent rubbing down and compound application.
  2. makeshiftuk

    E39 Touring - Cloudy tail light Lenses...

    Couple of hours from start to finish I think, including a tea break...
  3. makeshiftuk

    E39 Touring - Cloudy tail light Lenses...

    Good tip, thanks... will do this tomorrow.
  4. I've been meaning to do this for years... and must confess to buying the 'Meguiars 1 step headlight restoration Plus' a long while back, such that I can't actually see the same version of the product for sale on Amazon any longer. Whilst I'm very pleased with the initial results, other than opinions online I can't vouch for the longevity of the treatment... I'll reply back on this thread towards the end of 2020 with an update. The culprit... cloudy 'inner' tail lights, when contrasted to the outer lamps which seem to be made of better stuff. Close ups before: Masking tape on, and using the buffing pad drill attachment with the PlastX restorer... No discernible difference, so much for the one step! Onto the 'stubborn defect' process, a series of wet and dry pads of increasing grit rating. Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3: Stage 4: Final buff and shine: Masking tape off... the end result! Shiny again! It doesn't show in the pictures, but the right lens came out better than the left.. which was left slightly cloudy at the top edge, so I took more time on the right side particularly around the edges... and it paid off. Would it have been easier to buy a new set of lenses? Yes... but for the £12 or so this cost me, an electric drill and a bit of elbow grease I'm very pleased.
  5. makeshiftuk

    E39 Touring - How-To Rear Bumper Cover Replacement

    Sigh, what you're both saying makes sense. I'll check out the tailgate clearance later. But, is adjustment/re-alignment of the bumper an easy job? EDIT: This photo confirms it.
  6. Back in late 2019 I ordered a bunch of bodywork/trim parts for my 530i Sport Touring (the one that sustained 3 accidents in the space of a few months) - most of the parts were related to the front bumper replacement, but I took the opportunity to grab a few other things to replace trim parts that were looking tired. One of those parts was a rear bumper cover trim panel, part number 51128184493 - the panel had become discoloured over the years where the tailgate sits... I couldn't find a how-to guide on forum.bmw5.co.uk - but I did find a useful thread on Bimmerfest.com (credit to 'PIDL') on which this is largely based. So... 1. With the tailgate open, unscrew 2x torx screws that secure the plastic trim piece covering the tail light, and remove. 2. Remove these two rubber trim parts, just by pulling them towards you. Note: there are small metal reinforcing tabs/clips at the bottom and top of the trim pieces to help keep the rubber trim in place. On one of these rubber trims, the metal clip had virtually disintegrated... the reason why is explained in the next step. Second Note: when replacing these back into position, BE GENTLE. I pressed mine too hard.. and because the rubber was so perished it ripped slightly. 3. Take the opportunity to clear out the dirt in the drain channel. Picture below of how much I removed. Nice little trap for moisture, with some evidence of rust beneath the rubber trim parts I removed. 4. Remove the centre rubber strip... it just pulls out. 5. Remove the bumper cover - start with the outermost tabs, and gently pull the cover towards you. This exposes the bumper... and I didn't need to go any further. Refit is reverse of removal New and old part side by side: New trim cover fitted: Took about 10/15mins from start to finish. New trim cover was about £40 from Cotswolds BMW... some would argue it's a lot for a piece of plastic, but for me it's one less niggle!
  7. makeshiftuk

    Ex Japan 530 Sport Tourer

    I like a lot...sigh. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't replace your current 530i
  8. makeshiftuk

    TripleQX 5W40 oil

    Good spot Dan. I use this my 530i too and would have bought this had I not bought some from ECP recently... with the ECP discount code applied it was £1/2 more than the above.
  9. They're on eBay for 99p, but free to anyone on here - just pay for postage. BMW E39 5 Series Fog Lamp Surround Frame M SPORT Pair 51117891421 & 51112496284 Thanks
  10. makeshiftuk

    F11 550i!!

    What he said! What he said too!!
  11. makeshiftuk

    F11 550i!!

    I don’t think the 4.4 lump in them is anywhere near as bulletproof as their straight 6 lineup... have a search around on here for accounts of the F10 550i from their owners. I also understand the heavier V8 doesn’t provide the chassis and supporting components with the same level of longevity when compared to the i6 powered counterparts. For the rarity alone though, I’d buy one if I was in the market...
  12. makeshiftuk

    F11 550i!!

    https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202003198585653?atmobcid=soc3 I don't think I've actually ever seen pictures of one, let alone one up for sale. I can't remember where I read it, but I think these exist in single digit numbers in the UK.
  13. makeshiftuk

    Bangernomics - 2002 530i Sport Touring

    Just picked my girl up from Munich Power in Redhill this afternoon... IN2 service, gearbox oil (last done 12 years, 84k miles ago) and a replacement vapour seal to prevent future water ingress and a small pond from returning in my NSR footwell. Perhaps it's just me, but she felt great driving home, smoother than ever... and it did make me feel guilty for having thoughts about chopping her in for something else! I can live with the cosmetic rust (and the rear sill chassis rust, but let's not get bogged down with details), and the oil consumption, so why change?? Let's see if I can get another 6 years out of her...
  14. makeshiftuk

    Bangernomics - 2002 530i Sport Touring

    It's nice not to be the only one having these internal monologues! So on my E39, I have rust: - At the top of my windscreen (where the windscreen was changed, and the moron scratched the paintwork upon it's removal) - Rear wheel arches (right side is worse than the left!) - Front sills The 535i's are rare, currently none that I can see on Autotrader, although when I had a search notification active there were 6 examples on sale, up until recently. So it's looking more like an imported, overpriced E39 (Seymour Pope seem to get a few of these in), or an Alpina B10 of some description.
  15. makeshiftuk

    Bangernomics - 2002 530i Sport Touring

    Took the words straight out of my mouth!! E61 M5 Touring would be the exception of course, and wearing a slightly more sensible hat I'd consider the F11 535i... but I've not yet convinced myself of moving into the world of non-NA powertrains. Rust is what's killing my E39 off Looking at my history I could have skimmed out about £1000-1500 of non-essential repairs/parts, other things I'd rather not skimp on e.g. replacing my rotten rear brake pipes...