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  1. makeshiftuk

    It just gets better.

    Thanks gents. This was in the car park of St Anthonys Hospital in Sutton. If my Doctor had seen me on time at 11am I suspect none of this would have ever happened. Providing there's no underlying structural damage (from what I can see it needs a new bumper, wheel arch liner and under tray) what am I looking at cost-wise to get this fixed? If there's a way I can keep her on the road I'll bloody do it.
  2. makeshiftuk

    It just gets better.

    Fortunately yes - name, telephone number and photo of their driving license.
  3. makeshiftuk

    It just gets better.

    Hi all, You may have stumbled across a similar thread that I posted up 5 weeks ago where my stationary, parked car was hit by my thoughtful neighbour. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry today, because virtually the same thing has happened again - my stationary, parked E39 was hit by a woman in an XC90, pulling out of the her parking space next to mine. My front bumper is utterly mullered, and what's going to be interesting to see is what they offer to payout for the car on basis it's already been categorised a 'Cat N' from the previous ding in September. Pics below. The offending moron gets away with a flat tyre, and some superficial scratching on the leading edge of her rear wheel arch. Can't believe my luck.
  4. makeshiftuk

    Replacement for E39 530i Touring... E61 550i Touring??

    Thanks for your thoughts and experiences here, I do feel sufficiently warned and that these stories with this generation of V8's don't appear to be in isolation but rather par for the course. It was only about a year ago I was speaking to my same BMW mechanic who was working on a 645ci, saying that it had such an awful engine from a reliability standpoint. I'm not too concerned about large, frequent bills - but I already 'enjoy' this with my other car, and my ideal 5 is one that is reliable and tolerates many miles without frequent incident... in which case a 550i doesn't tick that box, and an m54B30 powered 530i does! Plus, I've only just fixed all the oil leaks on my current 530i having been chastised for gracing our fairly new driveway with small black puddles!
  5. makeshiftuk

    E39 Cat N 'Total Loss' - Advice Needed!

    Quick update here - I've decided to keep my old girl, take the settlement and get her through another MOT upon the insistence of my insurer. Had my blowing exhaust fixed today (thanks for the suggestion of Redhill Classics, @Loadmaster) and I'll fix (hopefully) the airbag warning light this weekend. As much as I'd love to upgrade to a newer 5, rust aside, the car and engine is solid so back on the road she goes!
  6. makeshiftuk

    Replacement for E39 530i Touring... E61 550i Touring??

    Spoke to my local BMW mechanic about this car today... and I quote "you will be FOREVER chasing oil leaks. They leak from every gasket imaginable." Seems to marry up with all the other feedback I've seen on here. Sigh. Let's see if it comes down in price
  7. makeshiftuk

    Replacement for E39 530i Touring... E61 550i Touring??

    You would have loved my 2002 XK8, complete with sagging A Pillar trim.
  8. makeshiftuk

    Replacement for E39 530i Touring... E61 550i Touring??

    Thanks all. So what's the best way for this to play out? 1) Tell the dealer I'm interested, but I'm only prepared to pay two thirds of his current asking price. If they're flexible, then I go ahead see/drive the car, read the codes, and pay to get the car inspected (might need some advice on this - dealer is J18 on M25), and become accustomed to sub 20 mpg. 2) Go see the car anyway, drive it, read the codes. AFTER tell the dealer I'm prepared to pay for an inspection, but only if he's prepared to drop his price in line with the above. In either scenario if the dealer says NO then I simply wait for the car to gather dust, and for them to realise a) the price is too high and b) the car is not one for mainstream appeal. Cheers
  9. Hi gents. Here's some background to my situation... which at this point, given the work required to bring my 213k miler E39 Sports Tourer back to it's former glory (and the serious amount of rust in the usual places) it seems more viable to take the money offered to me: I'm looking at a handful of other E39 530i's on eBay as a replacement. Solid, reliable straight 6, ideal for the 12-14k miles I do a year, of which 95% are on motorways. BUT, then I found this, an E61 550i Sport Touring: https://www.jasonbarker.co.uk/shop_detail.asp?product_id=412# I've always fancied a V8 tourer and the stealthy appearance is a big plus, and the spec/colour combo of the one above. A bit of searching on the forums reveals some concerns around the 4.8L - coolant leaks/seals going, secondary air system, oil leaks, the usual suspension wear from having a V8 up front, and potential electrical issues (thanks @d_a_n1979). I can't help but feel this 10 year/100k mile car has been looked after by it's previous 2 owners, and a near-perfect MOT history - albeit overpriced by around £4k according to valuations online. Gladly welcome other's thoughts on here! Cheers.
  10. makeshiftuk

    E39 Cat N 'Total Loss' - Advice Needed!

    Just called up my insurance, who advised that the statement ‘your insurance is void’ is a blanket statement applied to all drivers who find themselves in a total loss scenario - and that my insurance is still valid. Based on the ads I’m looking online nothing really helps my cause for negotiating a better valuation, in fact the opposite in some cases.
  11. makeshiftuk

    E39 Cat N 'Total Loss' - Advice Needed!

    Thanks Duncan... you saved me a lot of sifting through the forums! I suspect by that comment I'll struggle justifying the valuation, and should just take the circa £1500 figure. It doesn't seem like they're putting up resistance to me buying the car back, possibly because the damage in my case was minimal. Noted re: premium increase, I'm so glad I have my neighbour to thank for that. Did your insurance company terminate your insurance effective immediately once it was established that your car was a 'total loss'?
  12. makeshiftuk

    E39 Cat N 'Total Loss' - Advice Needed!

    I'm not sure that's an option, I received a formal email saying the following earlier: "Due to your vehicle being a total loss, in accordance with your policy terms and conditions, insurance cover for the vehicle will cease and your insurer will now make arrangements to remove the policy cover. If you have the driving other cars extension on your policy, this will also be cancelled as the cover is not valid if your insured vehicle is deemed uneconomical to repair. This does not affect insurance cover for the hire vehicle if you have been provided with one and it does not affect any other vehicles on cover, if you have a multicar policy." I have no intention of reselling this car (I'll drive it into the ground) so the devaluation by being Cat-N doesn't affect me, plus I'd get a lump of cash to undertake the repair, make it roadworthy, and have a bit left over.
  13. Long story short - 2 weeks ago my neighbour living opposite us reverses her Ford C-Max into my beloved BMW E39, which was parked up and stationary at the time... I wasn't even in the car. Muppet - her car even has bl**** parking sensors. The damage is represented on my car by a minor dent and scratches in the rear N/S quarter - still 100% drivable and since I've put a good 300 miles on her, without incident. My insurance company (Admiral) worked with a 3rd party vendor (Auxillis) to orchestrate the repair of the car and recover the cost of said repairs with the offender's insurance company (Esure). I took the car to an authorised repair garage to get an estimate of repair this week, and they replied by saying they'd be in touch shortly. Fast forward to today, I'm advised by Auxillis that the car is a total loss and uneconomical to repair. An utter farce as far as I'm concerned, because even the repairer told me they'd just remove the interior trim and 'pop' the panel out and make good the dent. The firm providing me with an estimate for the value of the car, pre-damage, has offered me £1476 for the car (not bad for a 17 year old, 213k mileage girl!!) plus £164 for a salvage company to take it away and dispose of it... I'm absolutely 100% committed to getting her back on the road. However some questions come to mind: - In my view, this is a good price - but is there anything I could do to better my offer referencing similarly aged E39 tourers? - Having not been through this before, what does the process look like of getting her back on the road and roadworthy? Another MOT? DVLA paperwork/fees? - I'm also told that my insurance, because it's a total loss, is automatically cancelled, so I have to get my car re-insured... is that correct? Can I expect to see an uplift on my insurance premium as a function of now being a Cat-N car? Cheers in advance. Dan
  14. makeshiftuk

    E39 Boot Liner - New Old Stock

    They certainly are utilitarian (German!) and @d_a_n1979 yours is much nicer to look at. For me I like the BMW logo at the end of mine, and the fact it's original Now with a bit of a clean:
  15. makeshiftuk

    E39 Boot Liner - New Old Stock

    And that one is much less than what I paid for mine! It’s further away for me also, and slightly different design which is interesting.