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  1. Hi Mick, it was a little more than I was asking for on here. They sold quickly so perhaps could have held out for more, but they didn’t owe me anything and hopefully they‘ll soon be looking good and enjoyed in a nice E28 in Wales which is the main thing!
  2. Thanks Mick, they are lovely! Must be great not having the damp/salt trying to eat your car half the year
  3. sutts

    BMW Premium Speakers Dimensions

    Coincidentally I’ve just put some Premium speakers up for sale in the classifieds here if you are still looking for some (and like beige!)
  4. I bought these around three years ago from a California seller and they have remained in the box since then. I’ve had a change of plan of what I’m doing with speakers so no longer need them. You can tell from the condition of the stickers and bolts underneath that they came from a ‘dry’ location! It’s fair to describe them as being in mint condition, with no marks or damage anywhere. They came to me with a guarantee of them having been tested and working so I can only assume that still to be the case. These only really seem to come up regularly on eBay in the States, and from a quick look seem to be advertised at around £200 in this condition, plus postage, and then there will be customs charges to pay on top (£32 for me in 2018). I am looking for £180 collected from Maidstone (preferred) or I will post them for £200. I would also potentially travel a little way in the SE to meet up to ensure they arrive safely for a bit of petrol money!
  5. These were a limited edition (2000 units) release in 2016. It’s a lovely and very detailed resin model model of a LHD shadowline M5. Mine has lived in a cupboard and only been out of the box a handful of times as I couldn’t risk my children getting hold of it! As a result it’s in perfect as new condition, including the box. The polystyrene packaging appears to have been ‘modified’ by the manufacturers to accommodate the rear bumper and exhaust, and there is a few edges on it missing as per the pic. The only imperfection on the model is that the ‘glass’ of the offside door mirror has been stuck on ever so slightly (about 1mm) squiffy. It arrived like this and I’m sure it could be warmed up and carefully removed and reattached if desired. It’s not easy to see but thought I should point it out. Currently there appears to be only one of these on eBay, in France, at over £250 plus postage. I will post mine out for £175 or happy for it to be collected from Maidstone for £165. If it doesn’t sell on here I’m going to pop it on eBay and see what happens. Thanks.
  6. sutts

    Ottomobile E28 M5 1:18 model

    I’m just popping mine in the classifieds here if anyone’s interested before it goes on eBay. It’s a lovely model but mine has just sat in the box in a cupboard as I couldn’t risk my children getting anywhere near it! A bit like the real thing, they do seem to have appreciated in value in the last 5 years
  7. sutts

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    Ha yes that it is! Got it working a few years ago after buying the car - the well known specialist who stripped it down was aware of them but had not seen one before so I’m guessing there aren’t many about.
  8. sutts

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    There’s a guy in Poland selling similar on eBay. Here’s one I just attached - it’s good quality, apart from he’s randomly inserted an extra digit into the phone number!
  9. For sale: OEM accessory roof bars for the E39 Touring with 2 keys and Allen key tool. These are manufactured by Thule and have been NLA from BMW for a number of years. These are in near perfect condition with just a very few cosmetic marks which are probably more from storage than use, as I can find little evidence that they have ever been fitted or used (they were in my garage all the while I had my car). The rubber strips on top are unmarked as are the clamping feet. There are a few tiny chips in the anodising underneath one bar and some very small marks on one end of the plastic housing but I’m being very picky as you have to really look for them! They are ‘aero’ bars in shape and the front one has the three small aero trip strips in place. There are two keys and the correct Allen key tool with torque setting. £175 collected from Maidstone, Kent.
  10. Car is now sold pending collection, thanks for all the interest.
  11. Thanks for all the positive comments! PM replied to.
  12. Edited to add that the car also has electric folding mirrors, a concealed Parrot Bluetooth system that works via the steering wheel buttons and a perfect charcoal headlining. On the downside, in recent weeks the front passenger window has decided to only lower by about three inches. H&C investigated and tell me that it needs a replacement regulator. I haven’t got this done due to the new parts cost from BMW (£200+) and because the air con is so good, but they are looking into a second hand part price for me.