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  1. sutts

    E28 parts

    Hi, I have a long list of parts for my E28 M5 that I would like a price for. Would it be better to email you the list and mention the forum, or do it here? Many thanks.
  2. Apologies, I'm out now as well - too much on at home.
  3. sutts

    Modern Classics needs your M5/Alpina B10/B7

    Well this finally happened today in deepest Suffolk, journalist Chris Chilton and photographer Neil Fraser were top blokes and it should make for a great article with lots of action pics. One from my phone before we got going...
  4. Below is an appeal copied from the Alpina Register forum: Hello all, Modern Classics magazine is looking to put together an E28 M5 up against an E28 B10 3.5. We've found an M5 in Kent, and we just wondered if there's anyone in the south of England who owns a B10 3.5 who'd be up for their car being featured. A trained journalist will drive the car, but it won't be Top Gear-style stupidity, just for general impressions and low speed stuff for photography; the car will be fully insured by us. Fuel will be refunded and food provided. We'd be wanting to shoot this in July/August. Interested? Drop us a line at nathan.chadwick@bauermedia.co.uk Thanks, Nathan Chadwick Acting Managing Editor, Modern Classics magazine (And if you've been reading Modern Classics, what do you make of it? Positives and negatives welcome).
  5. sutts

    Modern Classics needs your M5/Alpina B10/B7

    Quite possibly interested depending on date and location - I'll send you an email.
  6. sutts

    530i auto economy

    That all sounds good then, and the car's obviously running efficiently. I guess my main point was being pleased with the 450+ mile potential from a full tank over long distances. I was always aware of the low 20's mpg around town - my previous daily was a high-revving 4.2 V8, and compared to that the E39 is positively frugal! Doesn't sound quite so good though...
  7. sutts

    530i auto economy

    I've had my 530i Sport Touring auto a few months now, and very nice it is too but I've mostly been using it for local commuting and therefore getting very low 20's mpg (which is expected and fine). However, earlier today I filled up after getting 430 miles out of a full tank with the OBC showing an estimated 20 miles left on top of that. Of that total distance the first 90 miles was mixed driving with the OBC showing 21.5 mpg, and the remainder being four journeys of 80-100 miles of mostly steady (busy but running clear) motorway driving with a light foot at 65-75 mph. The final OBC average consumption figure when I filled up had gone up to 29.1 mpg. I suspect that if the first 90 miles hadn't been mixed driving I could have got more like 475 miles out of the tankful (which was Shell v-power). Considering it's an auto I am pretty pleased with those figures, and I think it goes to show that with current petrol prices these cars can still make very pleasant long distance cruisers with a decent range. Have other owners had the same sort of results?
  8. sutts

    E28 M5 #176 Royal Blau restoration project

    Great stuff, looking forward to hearing more about it!
  9. sutts


    Body kit
  10. sutts

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yep, Gliptone Liquid Leather cleaner, followed by conditioner.
  11. sutts

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Cleaned and treated all the leather. Smells good!