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  1. I second that, i heard the electrics on the f10 are very sensitive compared to the e60 so you will more than likely have to fit a relay to control the current, as any spike of current will trigger fault code, hence why my lights guy offered the led option instead and did say they will be brighter and more reliable than hid conversion kit. He is going to supply and fit them for me in a few weeks when he is back of holiday, i will take before and after pics and post back on here my images Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi guys, Ive had a E60 for a few years now, but decided to upgrade it to the F10. Picked it up yesterday and absolute love it, however one thing I am missing is the xenon lights, so wanting to upgrade this. Was originally looking to get a canbus error free HID kit and put it in but was speaking to the guy I bought my E60 HID kit from and he said i would need to fit a resistor/relay as well and would be a lot of messing around. He advised me to go for a LED headlight conversion kit and said they are more reliable and they are brighter than the HID conversion kits, and do really look the part. They are more reliable and a lot easier to fit also. What are your thoughts? Any one done any of these upgrades yet? Thanks P.S its a pre lci f10 on a 2012 plate Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Put a scanner on it comes up with egr valve issue, i reset it and its not come back again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi people just wondering what your input/advice on this issue would be. I was driving down M62 this evening, and my engine management light just came on saying 'increased emissions' does that mean my dpf is blocked? Car is a 520d auto on 57 plate with 87k on clock Few days ago I did have white smoke coming out of the exhaust on idle and on idle my revs were bouncing between 500-800 revs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi guys, Need some advice please, since April my E60 520d lci its a 57 plate model has had a screeching noise everytime i turned the wheel. Took it into my local indi as suspected it was a tensioner, he turns round it was the crank shaft pulley - that solved the original problem but then the car came out with a second problem. At low engine temps u cant here it, but one the engine is warmed up a high pitched bearing spinning noise can be heared now. When your driving you can't hear it, when your idle its very loud, bit embrassing when your stopped at the lighta. Anyway to cut the long story short, these are the parts I have changed so far: - Crank shaft pulley (OE spec) - Deflection pulley (OE spec) - Tensioner and tensioner arm (these - new belt (change this toba OE spec then changed to a BMW genuine one) - Water pump (as originally it felt like noise was coming from that area as u use to spray WD40 and noise would go) - Alternator as it felt like noise was coming from that area after the water pump was changed However the noise still never went and the only part above the alternstor i can see is the power steering pump Ive took the belt of the air con and noise is still there so it rules out its the air con pulley The only thing left is the power steering pump, however my indi rekons i should drain the power steering fluid and put in some fresh fluid as currently it smells pretty bad. What your suggestions guys Thanks Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  6. Azzy420

    E60 abs light

    Hi guys hoping someone can help me i have a 520d 57 plate. I tried gettibg into my car today and only the 2 rear doors unlocked, and front 2 were locked. Managed to climb into front and press unlock button and they still would not open. Tried starting the car it just would not turn over. Looked at batt and symbol on top was Black (meant to be green). Called AA down to rescue me, he plugged his power pack in to boost my battery n it didnt do anything, he then put car into N and tried starting it and it fired up but was in limp mode as i had no interior lights, revs were on zero even though car was started, let it run a few mins and everythibg started to restore. Then i noticed i had several diff warning mags appearibg on idrive: Electrical failure Abs failure Dsc failure Power steering failure Wiper failures Abs light on dash and handbrake light woukd not dissappear Transmission failure car would only drive aroubd in 2nd gear Took it for a spin, pulled up and refired it up and transmission fault dissappeared and all gears started to change again but still got ABS light on with control drive failure on idrive screen and handbrake light still shows red when driving. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  7. Azzy420

    Heater/air con fan

    Unlucky mate might have to drive back naked to keep yaself a bit 'cooler'
  8. Azzy420

    Happy Man

    Yes my 2.0d auto is noisy too, my mate has a 3 series 2.0d manual n thats more noisier tho
  9. Azzy420

    Can you play music off memory stick on cic?

    U still got my number saved? Ive got a new phone so lost all digits, drop me a txt and i will call u later on in thebdayThanks
  10. I spoke to these guys today and was pleased with the response i got from then just a little bit pricey tho.May just hang on a lil until i find someone who can give me a hand doing this
  11. Azzy420

    Can you play music off memory stick on cic?

    If not just phone in sick the next day lol [emoji12]
  12. Azzy420

    Can you play music off memory stick on cic?

    Fancy helping me source this and fit it bruv? P.s managed to fix my HID lights issue i had
  13. So were do i find the auto transmission fluid bottle then? Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  14. haha yes thats exactly what i thought it was! thanks for pointing it to me to its for the steering wheelSent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  15. Azzy420

    Correct engine oil?

    I will be servicing my 520d soon with Castrol 0w/30 (gold colour bottle) and genuine BM oil filter Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk